How to Minimize Your Radiation Exposure During Sleep

Being able to enjoy, deep, peaceful, restorative sleep is one of the pillars of optimum health. In this guest post, Sarah Jones shares some useful tips for minimizing radiation exposure during sleep:

You're a conscientious person.

You're aware of the dangers caused by all this modern technology we surround ourselves with.

You're doing what you can to fight it, and taking steps to minimize your exposure to anything that might cause long term damage.

But there's something that I bet you do that has a huge effect on your radiation exposure and your health.

And I bet you even do it without thinking.

Sleeping In The Same Room As Your Mobile Phone

It's not news that most people are addicted to their smartphones, with as many as two thirds of us sleeping with our cell phone in the same room, and one in ten sleeping with it in their bed beside them! That number is even higher for younger generations.

Well over 90% of under 30s having their phone within easy reach.

Thing is, even if your mobile phone is switched off, it may still be emitting damaging radiation.

That's why it’s so important to make sure that you're protecting yourself from this harmful radiation, and all of the debilitating effects it can cause. Effects like:

Interrupted Sleep Cycles

minimize radiation exposure during sleepIn research performed by the cell phone companies themselves, adults exposed to radiation identical to that emitted by mobile devices took far longer to enter the first stage of sleep, and spent much less time in the deepest stages of sleep.

Of course, the companies who paid for the research tried to deny the results, obviously worried about their bottom line, but the scientist who led the study came back, saying that the results were absolutely conclusive. His exact quote being,

‘We did find an effect from mobile phones from exposure scenarios that were realistic. This suggests that they have a measurable effect on the brain.'

An interrupted sleep cycle has multiple damaging effects, which tend to compound and result in broad negative issues in life, including:

  • Impeded hormone production, with less positive hormone production, and more cortisol in the brain and bloodstream, increasing stress levels.
  • Slower, less efficient immune system, leading to more illnesses.
  • More negative emotions and less resistance to bad circumstances, including a higher level of stress from common daily problems
  • Weight fluctuations, from hormone deficiencies
  • Heart and blood vessel problems, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower levels of testosterone for men

Electromagnetic Radiation Can Cause Pain, Allergic Reactions And Other Problems

If you read this site, I'm sure you're familiar with electrical sensitivity or electromagnetic hypersensitivity'.

There's whole piles of evidence mounting up that electromagnetic radiation can cause severe effects in people, including ear and eye problems, mind fuzz and problems thinking and remembering simple things, dizziness and nausea, heart problems and more.

The problem is that someone can go most of their life with no issues, then suddenly one day react badly to an electromagnetic field, and from that day on, they're electrically sensitive.

If you're prone to electrical sensitivity, it's probable that the more you're exposed to EMFs, the higher your chance of developing some form of electrical sensitivity in the future, so reducing your exposure is definitely the smart choice.

It's even more important to protect your children, because all of the research says that children are far more susceptible to EM radiation than adults, probably because their bodies still aren't fully developed. So exposing their growing cells to radiation leaves them at far greater risk of damage.

But how do we minimize our exposure to EMFs?

Don't Keep Any Mobile Devices In The Bedroom

This is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself from radiation as you're sleeping. Just move anything that produces radiation out of your bedroom.

If you're in an area where reception is weak or intermittent, it's doubly important to make sure you don't sleep anywhere near your phone. Cell phone emissions can be boosted to anything up to 1000 times their normal strength when your phone is struggling to find a signal.

Now imagine you put your phone under your pillow, where it's struggling to find a signal all night long.

Right. Under. Your. Head.

I suggest having a specific place in the house where everyone's phones and things are kept. If possible, find a secure place in your house that's as far away from your bedrooms as possible.

I also recommend turning everything off. Some devices continue to monitor their surrounding and emit radiation, even when they are supposedly asleep! This leads nicely to our next point.

Switch Off Everything That Emits Radiation Whilst You Sleep

Quite a lot of people might not think about this one, but things like wireless routers and mobile phones can broadcast through multiple walls without the signal being stopped. So if it's broadcasting all night whilst you sleep, you're absorbing more potentially harmful radiation, that's not even being used for anything useful.

After all, why would you even need your wireless on whilst you sleep? You're asleep!

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is automate all of this. Timer outlets are cheap, easy to set up and available everywhere, and make protecting yourself and your family as easy as spending a few hours one weekend setting it all up. Then, once it's done, you can relax, because your smart thinking has made the entire process completely automatic.

For more tips on dealing with WiFi radiation read this article.

Don't Just Minimize Your Exposure At Night

Once you've taken the important step of minimizing radiation exposure at night, then start looking at the rest of your life. It's eye opening to realise just how often we are exposed to EMFs like this. Often needlessly.

I recommend checking out the rest of this site to learn more ways to deal with your EMFs.

Have you got any tips to keep yourself safe from EMFs whilst you're sleeping? Feel free to join the conversation and share what you know!

Sarah Jones is the Editor of Sleepy Deep.

For more tips on dealing with nighttime EMF exposures read this article.

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  • Kathleen said,

    Useful thanks. But you say they may still radiation even when switched off. This seems odd, can you elaborate please?

  • Frank said,

    thanks for the information. I do have the same question as Kathleen. How can a mobile device emit radiation when switched off?

  • claire said,

    I keep mine by my bed, but shut it off.
    I keep it by my bed because I feel I need a phone close by in case I am ill enough in the night to need help, since I am dealing with chronic illness and sometimes have severe symptoms at night.
    I did not thin the phone would be searching for a signal if it was off, or emitting radiation if it was off.
    Would love to see the science or info behind this.

  • Margaret Allen said,

    How safe is fibre optic cables? I am electro-sensitive.I can’t use mobile phones and have a corded phone. Can I still use a corded phone if I go onto fibre optic cables for faster broad band?

  • Berger said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Sorry to tell you, you’ve lost your bet!
    We no longer have any cell phone in our entire home with two flats. Neither do we have any wireless device. The electrical installation is shielded and I’ve got my health back so.

    And to answer Kathleen and Frank, yes these phones still get connected while in the “Off” mode because when you turn it back “On” again, you do want to have access to ALL your messages and account at once, right now. So, the phone has to connect while in the “Off” mode in order to update your accounts. The only mode which is bio-compatible is the “Flight” mode.

  • girflush said,

    I try and put my cell phone in airplane mode as much as I can. When in airplane mode it emits little to no emfs as indicated by my cornet edt88 meter.

  • ZACK said,

    I live in a home that has wifi that I’m not aloud to touch. I’m wondering if those emf sleeping bags or those nets that drape over your bed, or a combination of both would be affective in keeping the wifi of your body when you sleep?

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