How To Create An Environment Which Promotes True Restful Sleep

“[In our natural health clinic] we identified a long time ago that we can do wonderful things with natural therapies. But if we kept sending people back to the home environment, more specifically a bedroom environment, where there were health burdens that prevented them from having a true restful and regenerative sleep then we were fighting an uphill battle you just can’t win. You prop them up, they feel better, go home, and 6 months later they come back with the same problems.

We investigated and experimented, and using our patient’s health recoveries as the benchmark, we identified there were two major issues wrong in many bedrooms:

  • Radiation exposure from both natural and man-made sources
  • The mattresses patients slept on

When these two issues were addressed, in our experience, the body got a much better opportunity to restore health.

Having our patients as the benchmark we developed many solutions ourselves and also methods of investigating. And this is what makes us so different…..

Our products are often much better thought out, taking things in account like ‘intolerance reactions’ to ingredients in a mattress, or shielding paint for that matter.

Shielding performance that shouldn’t ignore the higher frequencies, whilst still not justifying all ingredients in the efforts to get high shielding effectiveness, because the product itself should be healthy and not become a potential health burden in itself. We are going the long way round.

If we wanted to make ‘sales’ easy we would run with products that were cheaper, we would use glues in our mattress that don’t take 3 days to dry. But we don’t, because it is the patient and their health recovery or protection we care about and that is the guiding principle in what we do. An approach that has served us well for over 30 years now.

We don’t see ourselves as paint manufacturers, neither are we mattress manufacturers. Instead, we create healthy bedrooms for regenerative sleep. That we have to stick to our guns and make our products ‘the right way’, and that costs money or time. But a length we have to go to, because of that guiding principle. The patient.

These are the words of Patrick van der Burght, director of Geovital Academy Australia, New Zealand and recently North America. Patrick came to this work through personal brushes with serious health issues in his family.

He is a Geobiology course director for Geovital Akademie and teaches doctors, therapists, building professionals and other people how to assess homes for radiation and incorporate the Geovital approach in the homes of their clients. Patrick assists new Geovital offices globally by providing consultant training and setting up new schools.


Monday, 28th November at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Patrick van der Burght.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

We are going to discuss:

  • the 3 environmental factors that show the greatest promise for health recoveries
  • Patrick's research/findings for ‘whole house' EMF shielding
  • why having the right mattress is so important
  • what features to look for in a mattress
  • and much more

Patrick says:

“There are simple and more elaborate tests people should do in relation to the mattress they own already and ones they consider purchasing. People should know about these.”

This interview has now been broadcast.

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  • leigh said,

    Submitted a question through your website and want to make sure I am signed up for this.I have received you newsletters for over a year.
    One more question, does sheilding smart meters work or cut down on microwave transmission in the house? I’d like to use aluminum or stainless steel screening and the natural rock shungite. What does you guest think about this remedy?
    Thank you so much for all your work and newsletters

  • Heidi Arturo said,

    Hello! I am trying to listen to the Patrick van der Burght
    podcast now THursday March 31, 2016.
    I cannot access, please help.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Heidi
    Depending on the software you have installed on your computer there can be playback issues. This page has some troubleshooting tips

  • Steve said,

    I emailed them to find out what exactly is in their mattress. The website doesn’t mention it and from the picture it looks like synthetic latex which is definitely toxic and not good for people with MCS
    I have researched 100% latex beds made with all natural materials, including wool for a fire retardant and organic cotton cover.
    Why would synthetic latex wrapped with tencel be better?

  • Zara said,

    Steve. Would you please kindly share the outcome of research, in regards to the 100% latex bed made with all natural materials, please? I’d be interested.

  • steve said,

    Zenhaven is one of the brands I’m most interested in since they have full set up and will come pick it up for their return policy. It looks like a nice safe mattress and a reasonable price for all latex.
    Plushbeds is another one but they charge $300 for set up and you have to pack the mattress for UPS pickup, which is almost impossible since it’s difficult to get back in the box and it is very heavy.
    I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but right now Zenhaven is my first choice.
    I’m also waiting for Gerovital to get back to me about the materials used (and the price) and whether they have as good a return policy as Zenhaven.
    I’ll report back after Gerovital gets back to me.

    I wish this site had a way to receive email notices to replies

  • Steve said,

    I still haven’t received a reply from Geovital about their mattress components or prices but I did listen to the podcast.
    They said it contains synthetic latex but made in a way that is not toxic and they use a safe adhesive. Still not sure exactly what the mattress contains completely but they did say the tencel cover is made from wood pulp and is safe.
    There is supposed to be a discount for those who listened to the podcast but none was mentioned, maybe Lloyd can fill us in here or in an email?
    In the podcast he said many people can react to even natural latex so I’m holding off on buying anything until I get more info on the Geovital product. If they don’t reply to my email ,though, that would be a red flag for me

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Steve, I know Patrick was catching a plane right after the broadcast of the interview so this could explain why you have not received a reply (also check your spam). This page explains what the composition of the mattresses are it also has a link to the replay of my interview under the first video and their contact email at the bottom of the page.

  • Patrick van der Burght said,

    Hi all, Hi Steve
    Just landed in LA waiting for connecting flight.
    Please bare with me a little longer before I can attend to the emails and questions. Just quickly; The mattresses ARE NOT latex. We found latex to be one of the worst materials due to frequent intolerance issues.
    We can’t reveal exactly how we make our unique mattresses as this would give our competition all they need. (Bit like asking CocaCola for their make up and ingredients)
    The foam is made from oils as all foams are but instead of using chemical propellants we use carbonated water instead. Painfully to us, this still makes our mattress foam fall in the ‘catagory or family’ of Polyurethane even though it is totally different and many people have problems with normal Polyurethane. On the label on the mattress we have had to put it is Polyurethane as well but rest assured is very different from all the other stuff out there.
    The adhesive is ateable. (you could eat it)
    The Tencel cover is cellulose fiber (from trees) with a little bit of polyester for elasticity and padding. With the quality we buy from Tencel we have found no problems with out patients in the clinic, that’s why we have been using it for years.
    If i doubt, or you have sensitivities to many materials, the purchase of a massage pillow which has all the components of the big mattress within it, would be a good test.
    Hope this answers your questions for the moment. I’ll work to get back to emails soon.

  • steve said,

    Thank you for the response.
    I wonder if there is outgassing or VOCs in the mattress?
    Many of us also have MCS so that is a huge issue.
    Can a mattress casing be used or would it create possible mold issues?
    On the podcast it was mentioned to get a doctor’s note so no flame retardants need to be used. Many of the natural latex companies add wool which acts as a natural fire retardant and eliminates the need for a note, not sure if you would be interested in adding wool or not.
    I’ve been hesitating about buying a new mattress because of my chemical allergies and ES, and the only non metal coil mattresses are the latex ones or futons.Leery of the latex because of the possible smell (Zenhaven has a great return policy though so I was going to give them a try if I make a decision) and futons can be a pain to maintain.
    Your website doesn’t mention pricing at all, which would be very helpful, as well as what to put the mattress on. Should it go on a wood platform bed, does it need a foundation, can it be placed on a metal frame (possibly bad for ES but maybe not an issue since there is no metal in the mattress?
    More info would be great, thanks.

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