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How To Create An Environment Which Promotes True Restful Sleep

“[In our natural health clinic] we identified a long time ago that we can do wonderful things with natural therapies. But if we kept sending people back to the home environment, more specifically a bedroom environment, where there were health burdens that prevented them from having a true restful and regenerative sleep then we were fighting an uphill battle you just can’t win. You prop them up, they feel better, go home, and 6 months later they come back with the same problems.

We investigated and experimented, and using our patient’s health recoveries as the benchmark, we identified there were two major issues wrong in many bedrooms:

When these two issues were addressed, in our experience, the body got a much better opportunity to restore health.

Having our patients as the benchmark we developed many solutions ourselves and also methods of investigating. And this is what makes us so different…..

Our products are often much better thought out, taking things in account like ‘intolerance reactions’ to ingredients in a mattress, or shielding paint for that matter.

Shielding performance that shouldn’t ignore the higher frequencies, whilst still not justifying all ingredients in the efforts to get high shielding effectiveness, because the product itself should be healthy and not become a potential health burden in itself. We are going the long way round.

If we wanted to make ‘sales’ easy we would run with products that were cheaper, we would use glues in our mattress that don’t take 3 days to dry. But we don’t, because it is the patient and their health recovery or protection we care about and that is the guiding principle in what we do. An approach that has served us well for over 30 years now.

We don’t see ourselves as paint manufacturers, neither are we mattress manufacturers. Instead, we create healthy bedrooms for regenerative sleep. That we have to stick to our guns and make our products ‘the right way’, and that costs money or time. But a length we have to go to, because of that guiding principle. The patient.

These are the words of Patrick van der Burght, director of Geovital [1] Academy Australia, New Zealand and recently North America. Patrick came to this work through personal brushes with serious health issues in his family.

He is a Geobiology course director for Geovital Akademie and teaches doctors, therapists, building professionals and other people how to assess homes for radiation and incorporate the Geovital approach in the homes of their clients. Patrick assists new Geovital offices globally by providing consultant training and setting up new schools.


Monday, 28th November at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Patrick van der Burght.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

We are going to discuss:

Patrick says:

“There are simple and more elaborate tests people should do in relation to the mattress they own already and ones they consider purchasing. People should know about these.”

This interview has now been broadcast.