Electrical Sensitivity Time Magazine Film – Searching For A Golden Cage

Dafna Tachover trained as a lawyer.

She used to have a high flying position as a senior executive for an investment company in Manhattan.

Then in 2009 all that changed.

She started to react to EMFs.

She became electrically sensitive.

Since then she's lost her job, her home and is now divorced from her husband.

But Dafna is determined to raise the profile about her situation and electrical sensitivity. And she seems to be succeeding.

She’s behind a film that has been made by TIME magazine.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’d like you to watch the film.

The more people that watch the film the more TIME magazine will realize that this is an important story and the more they'll be inclined to cover other similar stories.

The film lasts 12 minutes, here’s the film:

Here's the link to Dafna's blog http://ehsfighback.blogspot.fr/2014/05/time-magazing-movie-on-ehs-search-for.html

Well done Dafna, and thank you for doing this.

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  • Tiffany said,

    Wow, truly eye-opening. I wonder if a lot of what is currently diagnosed as severe migraines isn’t some part EMF sensitivity too?
    Although I am nowhere near hypersensitive, I do feel sooo much better after moving away from my old house which was 15 meters or so from a massive cell tower. Explains why all my neighbors there seemed a little “off!”

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Lloyd and interested readers: I’ve been posting this film all over the world the last few days, as it introduces viewers to the stark reality of having no where to go and no where to hide. For most EM debilitated persons, there is no refuge available within their financial means. This means they will slowly deteriorate toward total debilitation and most likely end up worse off than dead. In my own case, if I hadn’t found inexpensive ways to shield my existing apartment, I would have seizured to death last year.

    I was in contact with both Dafna Tachover and Ms. Wood early last year, and found them to be very articulate and interesting persons. However; moving to Greenbank West Virginia is not in the cards for millions of EMS sufferers. Like these millions, I can no longer travel on American highways due to cellular tower emissions. Hundreds of millions of persons just like me are trapped in hopeless situations and dying from corporate sanctioned electromagnetic torture.

    Nice planet you folks have financed. Are your “mandatory” retirement accounts and cell phone service plans worth planetary extinction?

    Please take a long look at Katie Singer’s book, An Electronic Silent Spring. Her website is dedicated to encouraging the obvious recognition that EMR harms wildlife as well as people. Mankind needs to implement immediate and dramatic protective solutions for the public health and our ecosystem before it is indeed too late…

  • Rosemarie said,

    This film is redeeming!I moved to my “golden cage” 14 years ago. Fortunately my husband and I could still work together as he practices law. A cell tower was placed next to my home followed by a AMR meter. I am working everyday on the issues and without you I would be so isolated. I have done much to shield, protect myself and fight through government and I feel now more than ever I will make this fight, for myself, my loved ones as long as I can. Joyfully, I received so many comments this week and made new friends old and young that share our concerns. I would like to form a network of those in the legal profession to support the issues which are now approaching critical mass. Any recommendations you have would help.

  • Kethleen bodine said,

    This film is misleading because it addresses the problem as if a small percentage of people have a rare disease and the rest of us do not. It is not a disease, in my view, but pollution of our lives that can be more or less severe. I think most people suffer from this. But only some of us know it. Getting information out is important, but getting the facts straight is more important.

  • Giselle said,

    Good to see lawyers and other professionals have condition. Maybe they can start a movement to get something done or a class action.

  • Glenyss said,

    Hi Dafna, Thankyou for making your film. I wouldnt be surprised if the percentage of people who are sick out there, from cronic fatigue right across the board covering many sickness are not directly or indirectly affected by EMF sensitivity and would go a long way to better health if they were able to live without EMF exposure.
    Having fatigue problems myself for over 20years I have gone down the naturopath trail and they hav kept me going. I have a life but its been challengeing physically & I have not been able to have a job while I look after my family. There are so many causes to disease that the general populas dont know. Like fungus & mold in the body for example.
    Stress on your body & of course emf exposure is a subtle but big player in pulling down of the immune system & disease invasion.
    Bless you Dafna, never give up.
    All the very best with your film
    kind regards Glenyss

  • Bonnie Twiss said,

    Good job! Well done. Much needed info. for so many people.

  • janrugg said,

    I also suffer bad headaches from emfs and have so many around the area ….I have cut off my microwave, my cellphone.just for emergencies and have a land line phone.

  • Tony said,

    That sounds exactly like me a year ago, trying to find a “safe” place to stay. Always on the run, running to find that safe place. My family, on whom I was totally dependent during my illness, didn’t believe me. That hurt more than the illness sometimes. They forced me to see a shrink, who, of course, simply prescribed me drugs. That’s medically sound, prescribing chemicals to someone who also has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!
    Thanks God I found the right doctors, eventually, who understood the whole issue of toxicity and detoxification. My sensitivity was caused by toxic mold exposure and Lyme disease.

  • ellie said,

    Thanks Dafna & Nadav & Lloyd, Nice work. Thank you for creating it & sharing it. I was surprised to read in Dafna’s blog that Dr Devra Davis would not appear in the film. She was one of the first doctors to publicly speak out about cell phone dangers. I listened to her book, Disconnect on CD a couple of years ago. Excellent info about physiological affects of ER. It is extremely frustrating to experience EHS. It is very sad when friends and family dont believe you. My brother-in-law is negotiating right now to have a cell tower on his office building! One of his employees ALREADY has brain cancer, most likely from a bluetooth earpiece she wears all day and her cell phone! Education is the solution for ignorance. We’ve got to keep speaking our truth. The truth will set us free. More & more people will get EHS, and industry & govt will not be able to stand behind their lies & deceit any longer.

    The Environmental Health Center in Dallas has a residential treatment program that has helped some get relief of symptoms. http://www.ehcd.com/

    Dr Rae from EHCD speaking at Building Biology Conf 2011.

    I know EHS is real from personal experience. I also know, as Lloyd does, that staying positive, detoxing, and bringing body into balance is essential, and can reduce and eliminate symptoms. Spiritually, I trust ‘evolution’. Technology is advancing so quickly. I trust that our bodies will adapt eventually, and/or industry will discover the next technology to counteract EMF and ER. Keep sharing. Stay educated and educate others.

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