A New Model For Disease, Electrical Sensitivity And A Natural Treatment Protocol

What if fibromyalgia (FM), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME/CFS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Gulf War syndrome (GWS) and electrical sensitivity (ES) all had a common cause?

Let me try and keep this simple.

You've heard about free radicals right?

It's a word that gets bandied around a lot but perhaps you're not sure what it means?

All matter is composed of atoms.

A free radical is an atom, or it can be a group of atoms, that has at least one unpaired electron. This makes it unstable and highly reactive.

When you've got a free radical on the loose it just runs round trying to capture an electron so it can be stable again. So it attacks the nearest stable molecule, stealing its electron. When the attacked molecule loses its electron it becomes a free radical. This pilfering and looting of electrons just goes on and on in a kind of self-perpetuating loop. It usually ends in cell damage which usually ends in disease.

This, in an over simplified nut-shell, depicts a new theory of disease.

What's even more interesting is the treatment protocol, based on entirely oral nutritional supplements that can be bought over the counter, which has been born out of this theory. A treatment protocol, that according to those that have been implementing it, has lead to some impressive results.

The Theory

Martin Pall electrical sensitivityThe theory is that these free radicals in your body are created by short-term stressors, things like:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Physical traumas
  • Pesticide exposures
  • Carbon monoxide exposures
  • Toxoplasmosis infections (like under cooked meat)
  • Volatile organic solvent exposures
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Severe psychological stress
  • Ciguatoxin exposure (from seafood)


The free radical that is created in your body is nitric oxide (NO).
So the theory boils down to this: these short-term stressors cause a build up of NO which starts a vicious cycle of long term illness. This vicious cycle is called the NO/ONOO cycle (pronounced “no, oh no”).
This theory explains:
– how CFS, MCS, FM, PTSD, GWS and ES have a common biochemical link
– why is there such a variety of symptoms
– Why symptoms vary among sufferers of the same condition
– How short-term stressors initiate chronic illness
– what the common symptoms and signs are
– how EMFs produce voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) activation

More importantly this theory brings with it an apparently effective treatment.

The Treatment

It's a treatment that corrects the root cause of the ‘disease’ rather than just treating the symptoms. A treatment that consists of slowing down and breaking the vicious cycle by eliminating things that trigger it. This is where it gets interesting. Theory becomes reality.

The treatment protocol has already been used to treat chemically injured, chemically sensitive patients, CFS patients and FM patients as well. And there are people who say they’ve tried the protocol and say it's worked for them.

Impressive Results

The results are quite impressive. It's reported that “clinical observations from medical care providers and also anecdotal reports that [ the protocols] provide substantial improvements in something like 80 to 85% of people with these multisystem illnesses”.

One notable proponent of this protocol is Sue Patera. In the book “Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity” written by her husband, she claims she was suffering from severe MCS and ES and had been housebound for 4 months to prevent exposure to chemicals and EMF. After adopting the protocol, within 6 months she was able to resume going to public places and within 9 months she was completely healed of all symptoms of MCS and ES. She did also undertake some rigorous EMF protection in her home and some alternative health therapies but she claims the protocol was the basis of her treatment.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because next Thursday I am interviewing the man behind the theory and the treatment protocols.

The reason he became interested in this sphere was because he was diagnosed with ME/CFS.

Hi name is Dr. Martin Pall he is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University.

He is a member of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and he’s received seven international honors for his work in environmental medicine and on the impact of chemical exposures on human health.

He’s the author of a book entitled “Explaining ‘Unexplained Illnesses': Disease Paradigm for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Gulf War Syndrome”.

Last year he published an important paper on how electromagnetic fields (EMFs) impact the cells of our bodies. The study was honored by inclusion at the “Global Medical Discovery” as one of the top medical publications of 2013.

He is also Research Director at The Tenth Paradigm Research Group.

Why ‘Tenth Paradigm’?

Dr. Pall describes his NO/ONOO- cycle model as the tenth paradigm of human disease. He lists the previous disease paradigms as:
1. Infectious diseases.
2. Genetic diseases.
3. Nutritional deficiency diseases.
4. Hormone dysfunction diseases.
5. Allergies.
6. Autoimmune diseases.
7. Somatic mutation/selection (cancer).
8. Ischemic cardiovascular diseases.
9. Amyloid (including prion) diseases.

These paradigms were developed over the last 140 years. You can see his is a big theory and one well worth exploring.

To learn more about the research, diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity click here.


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  • Eileen McInerney said,

    What is ‘ME?’
    I have a persistent bacterial infection along with 2 species of protozoans. Others have viruses that are not readily cured. So is this treatment just for infections that are truly Short-Term Stressors? Only if one is cured from initial insult(s)?

  • lisa said,

    Look forward to this. The last interview was quite interesting and informative. thanx for doing these.

  • Lee in San Francisco said,

    To Eileen,
    I didn’t know what ME stood for either, so I did a quick search for “the disease ME.” A number of sites pulled up, but this one seems to be quite thorough:

    As for the definition, it says: “M.E. is a neurological disease(1) and stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.”

    Lloyd, this sounds like a terrific interview! It’s always refreshing to look at the core causes of health concerns.

  • Roy L. Jackson said,

    The readily available nutritional extracts available over the counter,would they be available in South Africa?

  • keini said,

    Hi Lloyd. I am confused. I was able to listen to your seminars on 13.03.14.; on 3.04.14. and some of the replays. I thought I was registered for all the replays. Then on 1.05.14. I registered again. On 1.05.14. you replied:- “Hi Keini,
    You are now subscribed to receive updates on future replays of my ‘interviews with experts’ teleseminar series.Thanks for your interest!”
    I was not able to listen to the one on 1.05.14.However, I thought I would be able to listen to the replay. But I never received the email with the replay link after the seminar. So do I need to sign up each time there is a seminar? Thanks.

  • Mickey said,

    I have been suffering for the past 4 years from all of the above symptoms. I’ve researched many subjects, some of them very scientific, some very controversial and tried many different things without much success. I’ve seen a few different doctors and they all say i’m very healthy overall other then vitamin D defficiency, testosteron slightly lower and cholesterol slightly higher then normal.
    After 4 years I finally came across dr. Weston Price’s research of Rooth Canal Therapy and all kinds of problems associated with them. He proved that 100% of them are infected. The problem is that infection doesn’t show up on x-rays. Finally after mentioning this to my Ent doctor he new what to look for. He gave my a sinus cat scan and discovered a huge infection that came from one of these teeth. I was feeling better while taking antibiotics but after i stopped i’m feeling bad again.

    What is your opinion on Root Canals and possible infections from them? Should i have these removed?

    Thank You!

  • Laura said,

    You mention PTSD which challenges my thinking a lot.
    But I’m open minded and going to sign up.
    I would love to know also if it would work for what’s known as C-PTSD which generally means (in circles of the abused)trauma from childhood abuse.

    Also a couple questions about the webinar…
    Will there be a replay?
    And how long will you be speaking with him?


  • C Zehfus said,

    Well, anti-oxidents are a part of treatment by the Australian Medical Association for electro-sensitivity. However, it does not solve the condition for many, since impacts include interference with normal cellular communications and healing and hormone production and cardiac and other electrical signaling. To offer anti-oxidents as a solution is too simple, but is one tool to include!

    One thing that would really help me is to get allowed opt outs from 2 smart meters on my house. But I am not allowed this. Lloyd, this is not right. 4G wireless has also created burning nerves and skin burns when outside jogging as an entirely new biological impact. WE MUST HAVE AREAS WITHOUT WIRELESS. Society is evil to ignore this fact.
    One thing to remember is that societies are crazy about wireless and there have to be new places without so much wireless for some people to truly be able to recover and remain well.
    Another thing to understand is that people without symptoms are still being biologically harmed and a few extra anti-oxidents do not remove the biological damaging impacts.
    Again, anti-oxidents are one tool, but the solution MUST include wireless free areas, and public awareness and actually biologically protective exposure limits. This is involuntary tissue stimulation, and in the medical field, using RF for healing is very controlled.

    Until wireless free areas are available some cannot heal. Anti-oxidents help me some but do NOT stop acute exposures.
    Thanks, much.

  • Jana said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for organising those interviews. If only, scientists vehemently advocated removal of environmental causes of serious long-term adverse health effects, which should be their and our prerogative. When they start telling the public how to soften or treat effects then those who violate our freedoms by forcing highly dangerous technologies on us find more fuel for moving forward with more violations. Worse, those who orchestrate the global control via grids and the Brain Project will have their spin doctors play on “ways to combat risks and consequences” and offer their own “better” ways of treating new illnesses. The philosophy deeply rooted at the advancement of wi-fi and grids is quite sinister when one does proper research. So, while it’s good to know there are some new and effective oral supplements – what medical professionals know is that our body adjusts and unless you remove the cause of your ill health no amount of supplements, protective paint or clothing, exercise and what not, will help in the long run. It may slow down the onset of cancer but it will not prevent it. Some of us have medical background.

  • Eileen McInerney said,

    To Lee, thanks for the reference for ME.
    And to Jana, thanks for answering my 2nd question.

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