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Electrical Sensitivity Time Magazine Film – Searching For A Golden Cage

Dafna Tachover trained as a lawyer.

She used to have a high flying position as a senior executive for an investment company in Manhattan.

Then in 2009 all that changed.

She started to react to EMFs.

She became electrically sensitive.

Since then she’s lost her job, her home and is now divorced from her husband.

But Dafna is determined to raise the profile about her situation and electrical sensitivity. And she seems to be succeeding.

She’s behind a film that has been made by TIME magazine.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’d like you to watch the film.

The more people that watch the film the more TIME magazine will realize that this is an important story and the more they’ll be inclined to cover other similar stories.

The film lasts 12 minutes, here’s the film:

Here’s the link to Dafna’s blog http://ehsfighback.blogspot.fr/2014/05/time-magazing-movie-on-ehs-search-for.html [1]

Well done Dafna, and thank you for doing this.