The World’s Most Authoritative Source On EMF Health Risks

“A literature review on the [potential health risks to children from mobile phones] by Luc Martens of Belgium’s Ghent University was posted on the Bioelectromagnetics Web site a few days ago.

Anyone who doubts how little we know about all this should check it out.

Not counting the abstract, references and acknowledgments, the review runs just three pages —that’s it.

There’s not much to say because we don’t know much.

Even the relatively long-running controversy over whether children absorb more radiation than adults due to their thinner skulls and whether the radiation penetrates deeper into their heads —sometimes referred to as Salt Lake City vs. Zurich or Gandhi vs. Kuster— remains unresolved. Or as Martens puts it, “There is still an inconsistency in the literature.”

The fact is that most of the literature on cell phone health risks is inconsistent.

cell phone radiation and kidsNot only don’t we know whether the unlimited use of mobile phones is riskier for children than for adults, we don’t know how great the risk is for adults.

Regardless of all this uncertainty, U.S. mobile companies, ever hungry for more profits, are now targeting children as young as six.

The health issue is so far off the radar screen that in the last week, Time, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal have all run major stories on the selling of kiddie phones.

Not one of them even mentioned health concerns.

Youri Grigoriev of the Institute of Biophysics in Moscow predicted this would happen after Eric van Rongen and the Health Council of the Netherlands’ finding that there is no scientific rationale to limit children’s use of cell phones.

To be fair, van Rongen is hardly alone.

As we have made clear in earlier postings, the World Health Organization (led by Mike Repacholi) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (led by Paolo Vecchia) are similarly more concerned with maintaining scientific integrity than with addressing uncertain health impacts.

Here’s how Grigoriev closed his response to van Rongen and the other members of the council: “The resolution of the Health Council of the Netherlands that it ‘sees no reason for recommending limiting the use of mobile phones by children,’ opens the way for aggressive advertisement of a ‘cellular phone for each child’ and the possibility of using cellular phones by children without limit or control.”

A couple of things might surprise you about the above.

Firstly, these words weren’t written by me.

Secondly, these words were written nearly 10 years ago.

Thirdly, an observation: how little things have changed since then. Could we ever have imagined 10 years ago the extent to which cell phones would take over our kids lives?

These words were written by someone who's been following the EMFs issue for over 30 years.

Someone who’s well versed on EMFs. Very well versed.

He’s got a degree in Chemistry from John Hopkins University, an MA in Chemical Physics from Columbia and a Ph.D in Environmental Policy from M.I.T., Cambridge.

He’s won a string of honors and awards. Notably he’s a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

That someone is Louis Slesin.

Never heard of him?

For the last 30 years he’s been best known as the editor and publisher of Microwave News “ reporting on the health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other types of non-ionizing radiation.”

Microwave News is something of an institution.

It started as a bimonthly newsletter in 1981 and went onto a web-based format in 2003.

What’s so admired about Microwave News is its fair and objective stance.

Here's what the Washington Journalism Review (now American Journalism Review) has to say about Microwave News:

“[ It's] the world's most authoritative source on EMF health risks.”

High praise indeed.

As far as we know Louis Slesin is the sole driving force behind Microwave News.

You see he’s not someone who courts the limelight.

He doesn’t give many interviews.

But he’s agreed to give me one.

Its quite a scoop.

Next Thursday May 29th at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) Louis Slesin is my interview guest.

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here or here.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.
The idea is that you get to ask your questions. You can do this in 2 ways:

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This interview has now been broadcast. You can access the MP3 download and transcript of this interview here


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  • donna said,

    we know there are health problems. we need solutions.

  • Susan Burke said,

    The ONLY solutions are to stop buying phones for children and let teens pay for them by themselves. This way it is their burden and not ours to allow them to use them. I myself have EMS sensitivity; no phones are allowed on in our home, along with NO gaming stations, routers or wifi. We have one old TV and we play board games, read and talk over dinner. The kids cook, have friends over and play with our dog. They play sports, read books and write. They are healthy and happy and well-adjusted. We, as parents, need to stop giving into all this crap and pull back the reins on what we will and will not permit as far as our children’s health is concerned. We don’t feed them radiation for dinner, why let them sleep with it at night? Gain some control back and “Just Say No” to iphones and all the wireless devices. You will sleep better and they will behave better.

  • christine said,

    I do not agree on one paragraph: The World Health Organization (led by Mike Repacholi) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (led by Paolo Vecchia) are NOT concerned with maintaining scientific integrity since there is a lot of scientific evidence about the dangers of EMF which they know and want to hide !The profits are that big and the pressure that high that exclusive and reproducible evidence is needed before taking any measures.

  • Christian said,

    I think we all know that it’s not just about profit! The corporation manipulation machine is running at full speed on this one and there is no sign of a slow down. Until this world reigns back it’s obsession with technology we will be manipulated more and more. My oldest child is 9 and is asking for a phone, he knows that I’m terribly ill because of my own over use. We all need to stay strong and educate our children and peers. Thanks Lloyd for a glimmer of hope.

  • ellie said,

    Thank you Susan, I appreciate hearing from informed and concerned parents — that take action. I feel much frustration that my adult children still don’t get it, even with my electro-sensitivity, and continue to expose themselves and my 4 year old grand-daughter incessantly to cell phone and wifi frequencies. I send them links to this site and all the articles and videos, to no avail. What else can I do?

  • Eileen said,

    Microwave Sickness and Chemtrail Related Illness

    Chemtrails and electromagnetic fields are synergistically linked.

    To date, no agency or organization is examining the effects of electrically conductive chemtrails over towns and cities already saturated with electromagnetic transmissions.

    It is illegal to introduce stray electrical fields that use human beings to complete the circuit. Alert lawyers to this new “Illegally Conductive Barium” approach to initiating class action lawsuits.

  • Harsha Vardhana R said,

    Thanks Lloyd, doctors may give their ‘expert opinions’ based on commercial interests of medical industry. But we need to be more alert and safeguard our own lives.

  • Susan Burke said,

    My passion now is to bring some peace and harmony into the lives of others based on my personal experience, information I have received and knowledge I have obtained. Here is one item that I purchased at the onset of my symptoms to EMR sensitivity. And it has saved my sanity and probably my life. It came from a book by an author who saved his wife by finding therapies and cures that worked for her. Get this immediately. It is called a “still point inducer”. I use it once or twice a day to relieve symptoms of stress disorder and neurological problems due to the EMF disorder. There are other things I do as well that help, but this device is singularly most important. Children today are driven to rage by several different factors. One is EMF’s in their atmosphere and doctors labeling them and putting them on medications. I suggest having children use this device to assimilate and relieve anxiety and stress, along with breathing exercises and yoga, along with meditation. As parent we must be more plugged in and do what is necessary to save our children. Big business is out to capture them through us, and we cannot be to easy going and too lenient about getting and buying them everything society dictates they should have. Enough is enough already. Get them back to nature, cooking in the kitchen, outdoor walks, parks and museums. Stop paying the bill tell them you love them enough to keep them safe from a very, very disturbing and deadly disorder. I saw a show on OWN today by a marvelous and insightful mother, she was interviewed by Oprah about a new way of raising children through “Conscious Parenting” get her book and start thinking differently about life and the children we are responsible for. Big business would rather see us all suffering and dead, while they get rich and richer. Don’t buy the next 5G phone, or any phone for that matter. Unplug the gaming stations, the routers, the wifi, the cordless phones. My two teen girls are not allowed to have their phones on in our house. “Airplane Mode” only. They have adjusted and are calmer and sleep better. Yeah! My disorder is their blessing.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Eileen Balint: Thank you for successfully introducing the geoengineering topic on this page.

    Barium nitrate poisoning is well documented and evidenced on such web sites as “GeoengineeringWatch . com” – “stopgeoengineering . com” – “Arizona sky watch” and many others. Twenty million metric tons of aluminum oxide are also being dumped into the atmosphere each year to enhance military radars and surveillance systems. These projects have absolutely nothing to do with rainmaking or cloud seeding modalities, and are in fact designed to cause drought conditions in selected areas such as California, Oregon, and New Mexico.

    Geoengineering practices are a crime against humanity and a desecration of our planet. It is pointless to concern ourselves with electromagnetic emissions issues when these kinds of activity are being intentionally used as weapons of “collateral control”. There are numerous documents specifying the intended parameters and political objectives behind this assult on humanity.

    Barium nitrates are lethal toxins (particularly in the developing fetus) and are being dispersed daily above major cities all over the planet. Barium nitrates enhance electromagnetic densities and make the EM emissions even more lethal. What more can be said?

  • Valerie said,

    I found the comment and the site about electromagnetic fields and chemtrails being synegistically linked very interesting. I live in The Netherlands but when I go home to the UK, a penisula on the Atlantic side, I feel much better, also I can breathe better. Chemtrails don’t stand much of a chance there because the wind and the tides change the weather so quickly and maybe the salt and iodine filled air makes a difference too. So even though there are lots of masts everywhere, I feel like I have a solid body and when I am back in The Netherlands, I feel like a bag of air with palpitations, unable to sleep and gasping for air. I also hear electromagnetic fields in my head, which has become much louder since 4G was introduced !

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