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Cell Tower Installations Can Be Prevented – Be Part Of The Change

“If you do nothing, nothing will happen”.

How true this is.

And yet many of us overlook this simple but important fact.

Important because it applies to everything in life, how much you earn, whether you have a family, whether you’re happy in life.

It even applies to cell tower installations.

A few days ago one of my readers, Allan, sent me this message:


Just want to thank you for all that you do. It is people like you have taught me everything I know. People who have specialized in something and for whatever reason chose to share and educate others. I have now become educated in many areas as a result and now share with others in trying to pass all this info on.

cell tower radiation [1]Anyways the reason I am posting is because I wanted to share my story with everyone.

Just recently we surprisingly got Bell Canada to back down from erecting a 100′ tall cell town in our neighborhood. It was going to be erected 50′ away from my daughters back yard and just down the street from my place. There was a recent change which allows people to voice their objections at a local committee hearing before it went to industry Canada, who had the final say on the matter. When I went to the first meeting last spring, everyone was concerned about the appearance and the effects to property value. I was the only one who brought up the health issue, even bring a study proving that cell towers caused cancer.

I was promptly told by my councillor not to bring it up as it would only hinder our chances. I have to say I left feeling very upset.

Anyways I left my email and eventually he sent out information in regards to the next meeting. Once I got peoples emails I put together a package of information regarding cell towers and all wifi health issues and sent it out to everyone. When we met for the last time prior to going to committee it became a topic of discussion. Prior to going to committee I did send the same info to all those on the committee. When people presented in front of the committee several mentioned the health issues as well as the councillor who said not to mention it, which surprised me. When the time for the committee to concur or not with us, it seemed like an easy win, because they all seemed to be anxious to concur with us. “Not in anyone’s back yard” our new campaign slogan. However we felt like we won the battle, but not the war. Bell was still able to go to Industry Canada to get the final approval.

Surprisingly a week later we got news that Bell had back down and had choose another location away from residential areas. Here is the news story http://www.thesudburystar.com/2013/10/21/bell-nixes-cell-tower-plan [1]. Our councillor and local MP have a petition going, to give control to local municipalities as to where cell towers can be erected, which they don’t have at the moment. I would ask everyone in Canada to sign this petition. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cell-towers/ [2]

The point here is for people to realize that we do have power and can make things happen if they stand up. “Alone we have the power of none, but together we have the power of one”. “If you do nothing, nothing will happen”. It is time for people to realize that if we want change, then we must be part of the change that we want to see. If we all chose a cause to fight, we could change the world overnight. Kill the tv, get educated about what is really going on in this world and together we can make it a better place to live for all our children.

Thanks Allan.

http://helpsaveourkidsfuture.wordpress.com/ [3]

I am now working on the removal of fluoride in our water and then smart meters and Agenda 21″

Thanks Allan for sharing this.

Let this story be an inspiration to you whether you’re threatened by a cell tower installation in your neighborhood or you’re suffering from the effects of EMF sensitivity – do something!

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