How To Build A Healthy Home

Daniel worked as an aerospace engineer

But after 11 years he was tired of working in the big city for a big company.

So he saved some money and quit his job.

He moved to a small town in the mountains.

Just a nice place to live, without really knowing what he was going to do.

He was just hanging out, enjoying life.

And he was enjoying fixing up his apartment, fixing the door, the windows, fixing the roof leak.

His landlord, seeing what he’d done, soon came knocking on his.

You’re handy. Do you want a job as a contractor, a handy-person fixing buildings?

So that’s what Daniel started to do.

But he began to feel sick.

The joke is that I worked as an engineer in a chemical factory for 11 years and was as healthy as a horse. I was a mountain climber, a strong mountain climber. Within a year of being a handyman, building houses and repairing them, I was fatigued and tired all the time.

At first he blamed it on all the work because he was working at all times.

But despite taking time off he didn’t get better.

His symptoms, mostly fatigue and anaemia.

He say’s, “it’s hard to pin the tail to the donkey and say this symptom is from an exposure to EMFs, this symptom is from exposure to mold.

His doctor explained to him that when your immune system gets overloaded then whatever you’re susceptible to, normally, allergies, cold, flu, you get sick.

But being an engineer, he wanted to know what was causing it.

So he started to test.

He started to test his own house and then he set about mitigating the toxins and the results were really good.

So he got more and more interested.

He started to test other people’s houses.

He’d be in their doing some handywork and if there was mold, he’d say, “Hey, can I test your house for mold? I’ll pay for it. I’m just curious. If I do this test, I can see there’s mold. I can see you’re sick, it made me sick.

He did this for a year or two before he had so much work testing people’s homes and offices and schools that that’s all he does now.

Daniel say’s, “this is really important for everybody. I don’t play doctor. I don’t go, ‘do this. Take vitamins.’ I just say, ‘You’ve got to get away from this stuff. You have to shield the electromagnetic fields. Cut out the mold….”

Daniel admits to being hesitant to take on the EMF work at first because he thought ‘people were crazy’ and he didn’t think it was a productive use of his time.

How his opinion has changed.

He’s been in numerous houses where the owner or the renter is in another room and with the help of an electrician he fixes an electrical/EMF problem. He watches as the electrician corrects the wires and he sees on the EMF meter the field go down and in the other room the person will yell, “that’s it! You did it!”


Thursday, 3rd January at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing environmental consultant Daniel Stih.

Daniel Stih EMF expertDaniel Stih is a Board-Awarded, Council-Certified, Indoor Environmental Consultant, a Microbial Consultant and a certified environmental consultant with the Institute for Building Biology. He worked as an aerospace engineer at Motorola for eleven years. Before setting up his own environmental consulting company.

He is the author of several books including ‘ How To Build A Healthy Home’ and is a regular guest on television and radio shows.

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  • Dr. Patricia Jordan said,

    Hello Lloyd; I thank you for your work and the EMF Summit. I wanted to pass along a speaker for your next one Dr. Robin Murphy who is a Naturopath and homeopathAND HS TALKS ON THE vITAL fORCE hOMEOPATHY AND eLECTROMAGNETISM so an expert in knowing how to treat the body and he yes is fully into the diet herbs and supplements but remediation is key, stop the exposure. Also, I would like to see a better representative for the veterinary profession one who knows what the EMF is doing to both the people and the animals.
    D.r Jordan

  • ellie said,

    Thank YOU, Lloyd for another excellent interview! Daniel presented life-saving and money-saving information, especially about mold!