The Tragic Role That EMFs Played in 7 Year Olds Kyanna’s Life

Our story starts four years ago.

Joe and his family were just coming off Thanksgiving.

They came back home and they noticed that their 7 year old daughter, Kyanna, wasn’t her usual self.

“She started showing signs that something wasn’t kind of right.”

At first Joe and his wife thought it was a minor illness maybe.

Perhaps, vertigo because that kind of runs in the family.

As the days progressed, things got worse.

And looking back there were other signs leading up to this in the prior months.

So they took her into the doctors to run some tests.

That’s when they did the first M.R.I.

Sadly that’s when they found the tumor.

It was a large tumor in the pons (a major structure in the upper part of the brainstem) of her brain.

Kyanna was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, D.I.P.G.

Never heard of it?

It’s the second most common type of primary, high grade brain tumor in children.

This was a massive shock to Joe and his wife.

And left them asking, “What did we do wrong?”

Because they were doing all the right things.

Walking to school, being careful about diet, trying to be a good parent….

And it was so unexpected.

“She was sick once. She had whooping cough and she was only on one antibiotic her entire life.”

Because of where the tumor was located, surgery was not an option.

They were left with two choices chemo or radiation treatment.

At the time chemo was not proving effective and radiation treatment, with all the downsides that came with it didn’t seem right some how.

They went home and discussed things and decided they would try something different that would actually maybe heal Kyanna.

Through family they knew of another child that had had a similar diagnosis that had followed an alternative treatment and it had been successful.

They jumped on a flight and saw a Dr. Hilu, an oncologist in Spain.

He said, “she has an issue with electromagnetic fields.”

That’s the first time that Joe had heard about the health effects of EMFs.

In truth there were a lot of issues.

Kyanna was suffering from cell permeability abnormalities, her white blood cells weren’t as big as they should have been.

Her blood was also showing high levels of heavy metals.

Joe and his wife tried to do what they could, like right off the bat, getting dirty electricity filters installed into their home.

Also trying to reduce the use of certain items, especially cell phones, WiFi, and also making changes in Kyanna’s diet following the oncologists recommendations.

Other things took longer.

Getting the medical equipment up and running, hardwiring the Internet connection, dealing with all these things that were harmful to her.

Joe admits, ‘the EMFs were one issue in many. But that’s where the seed get’s planted…. it’s kind of the catalyst that gets everything else going and creates a lot of these other issues.’

Normally children that get diagnosed with D.I.P.G.,, their life expectancy after getting diagnosed is about eight months.

“We made it two months”.

Sadly, tragically Kyanna died February 3rd, 2015 less than two months after being diagnosed.

Six months after Kyanna passed away, Joe’s dad got diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer.

His dad was a master electrician and lived opposite a cell tower.

Again, the finger of suspicion pointed to EMFs.

And again the doctors were saying, “sorry, there’s not much we can do.”

They wanted someone to measure the EMFs from the cell tower and that’s when power expert Dave Stetzer got called in.

Joe ended up talking to Dave.

He wanted to figure out how much of a role EMFs could had played in his daughter’s cancer and ultimate death.

Dave started suggesting things to read, research papers and books, and started showing him things.

Everything started clicking into place.

Joe was amazed by how many different illnesses and diseases were linked to EMFs.

He realized that this was the work he must do – help people reduce their EMF exposures and create healthy environments.


Thursday, 10th January at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing EMF consultant Joe Darnell.

Joe has been doing EMF consultations for the last 3 years, both locally in the Chicago area and further afield by virtue of virtual home inspections.

Joe say's, “it’s a lot cheaper for me to send equipment than to fly out there personally and we can go over all the things. I show you how to use the stuff, and then I show you what you’re looking for. We figure out what problems you have and which ones are the biggest problems and try to rate them on what’s the best course of action to go from there“.

Joe has faced the loss of his daughter with such dignity. I feel blessed that he's decided to share this very personal matter with Electricsense and the world, so that perhaps, others don't have to go through what Joe and his family have had to go through.

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  • Zell said,

    I have been following ElectricSense for many years now. And this one hits a little too close to home.
    Also in 2015, when my son turned 8, he was diagnosed with a high grade glioma and was dead before he turned 9.

    I had been aware of EMF’s and had been actively reducing exposure in my house for about 3 years prior to him being diagnosed with brain cancer. So he would have lived in a house the greatly reduced EMF’s in comparison to the average home. So it is really hard to say exactly what caused my son’s illness.

    But one thing is for sure, from my experience, oncologists have zero clue about EMF exposure. I would bring my meter into the hospital and the readings were not good.

    When my son was really sick, I could tell when he was exposed to higher EMF’s than usual because he got more tired faster.

    Before my son got brain cancer, I rarely if ever, heard of anyone with brain cancer. After my son was sick, I am amazed and frightened of just how many others are dying from brain cancer. Especially children. Something in our environment has changed and this problem seems to only be getting worse.

  • Marene Mayer said,

    Children with Cancer – a Heartbreak. Anyone with Cancer is a Heartbreak. I believe EMF’s has a Great Impact. But in Children I think there is more: Vaccines(mandatory in large amounts in babies) That’s a whole neither battle. I’ve been a Alternative Practitioner for 35 yrs. and have studied under some of the best. I work on Animals & Humans. Been studying EMF’s since 1990. But recently because of the increase in all Wireless, I am too very sensitive to them. I use and teach my clients to do Adjustments to the Central Nervous System (Brain Stem) to keep Balanced. I personally have only a Cell phone I use for emergency – that is all – and still effected by all – with increases at the huge Apt. across the street from my house. Can’t move again, had to move from last house – due to same problems when phone & Electric Co. increase Power after years living there. Consulted with Experts here in Calif. about my readings. It’s very complicated – with increase in Pathogens: Bacteria’s, Parasites, Viruses, & Funguses is also a contributor. I teach Preventative-but too many want an Instant fix now, so different from all years past. I’m able to use Kinesiology to know exactly what I and my clients need. We (men, women, children, animals are different) we don’t all need the same Supplements. I would love to teach more – but no one wants to take the time to do what I do with my clients. Even though I write out Instructions for my clients – they can’t take the time anymore to follow- can’t even find the Papers I wrote out for them. I will not just sell Supplements without knowing what my clients actually need through Kinesiology testing. I’ll keep teaching and explaining it takes understanding –it takes work to stay well in this Age of EMF’s, etc., and with the Threat of 5G in California. Blessings to all. Marene