Does EMF Shielded Clothing Work?

Stop what you're doing a minute. Now just concentrate and feel what’s going on.

Can you feel anything?

No? Don’t worry most people can’t feel anything.

But some people can.

They can feel EMFs.

Some of them, not only can they feel it, it’s a great source of pain.

I know because I once felt this pain.

The name given to these people is electrically sensitive or electromagnetic hypersensitive.

All that means is that they can feel EMFs.

Maybe you are one of these people.

Whether you can feel EMFs or not, know this: you are being bombarded 24/7 with these invisible, man-made energies.

EMFs can penetrate deeply into your body and cause untold damage.

Some examples of the many devices that expose our bodies to EMFs:

  • Your mains power supplyEMF Shielded Clothing
  • Mobile phones
  • Cordless DECT phones
  • Wifi & bluetooth
  • Microwave ovens
  • Switched mode power supplies, inverters in many modern devices
  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • AM radio broadcasts
  • CB radio
  • FM radio broadcasts
  • TETRA digital radio
  • 2-way radios
  • Television broadcasts

These devices work over a huge frequency range. Some operate at less than a hundred cycles per second others at many billions of cycles per second (Ghz).
It makes sense to protect yourself. But EMF protection takes many shapes and forms. The first form of protection many people think of, which was the first form of EMF protection I thought of, was shielded clothing. But there are some misconceptions on this subject, which I‘d like to clear up.

EMF Shielded Clothing

There are so many EMF shielding products on the market:

  • Caps
  • Hats
  • Headnets
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hoodies
  • Jeans
  • Sleeveless blouses
  • Pants
  • Boxer shorts
  • Aprons
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Body Nets

The question is do they work?

Do They Work?

Yes and no. There are people that swear by the use of EMF protective clothing. I’m not one of them and I’ve tried various garments.

At one time my situation was that really I couldn’t go outside without feeling seriously unwell. So I wanted to shield my body by wearing clothing that would stop me getting zapped.

My experience: I didn’t feel any better when I was wearing this clothing.

What Is Protective Clothing Supposed To Do?

It usually tells you on the packaging, all shielded fabrics are not created equal. The packaging should talk about things like attenuation and decibels (dB). Attenuation means the shielding performance. Most personal shielding fabrics shield radio frequency (RF) radiation. Some also shield power frequency electric fields (what’s in your electrical wiring). For instance it might say something like “shielding Effect: 20dB at 1-10 GHz”. That means in the frequency range of 1 to 10 GHz, which covers cell phones and WiFi, the product has a shielding performance of 99%. So only 1% of the power penetrates.

That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Yes, BUT it’s misleading. Read on.

Why Is Personal Shielding Not Always A Good Idea?

Firstly, let’s look at how this shielding works. RF shielding, which is why most people buy shielding, works very simply. It works by creating a conductive enclosure where there is very little leakage. In physics this set up is called a Faraday Cage.

This can be very effective where you are shielding a room, but it needs to be done properly. Let me remind you of the correct procedure when shielding.

Before you shield you take readings with your EMF meter, then you shield, then you take readings again. Then you ground. Then you take readings again. And so on and so forth, until exposures are reduced to a satisfactory level.

And herein lies the problem – how can you create a conductive, grounded enclosure with boxer shorts or pants or a hooded sweatshirt? You can’t.

How can you ground? How can you take readings with an EMF meter?

To be fair, I'm told that testing with an EMF meter for some articles of clothing is possible. But I'm not aware of any independent peer reviewed research on this.

My second point concerns the fabrics used in these shielding products. If you look on the labels you'll see words like Naturell, Staticot, Silverell, Radiashield written on them.

These are brand names of different products which offer different textures but what these products all have in common is that they provide shielding performance via a highly conductive fabric. That’s how they shield. They bounce off the EMFs or 99% of EMFs or whatever their performance specification is.

There are different ways this can be achieved but it’s generally achieved by using metal filaments (fine wires). Stainless steel, copper and silver are popular choices. Do you see the problem? I don’t want to have to wear metallic/synthetic clothes all day like some EMF version of Robocop. This doesn’t fit my conception of living a healthy normal life.

Surely some EMF protection is better than no EMF protection? That’s true except where it’s dangerous.

The Danger

Remember EMFs are capable of seeping through the tiniest of gaps. When you wear a shielded sleeveless blouse there isn’t just a tiny gap where the RF radiation can seep through, there are gaping holes. Remember this radiation can penetrate glass, wood, concrete and in this case the top and bottom of your torso and arm sockets.

Shielded clothing can reduce your EMF exposures since it reduces the surface area of your skin which is exposed. But don't expect total protection when wearing shielded clothing, not unless you are wearing a full body suit with no holes or gaps.

Another very important consideration is shielding performance.  All EMF shielding products are not created equal.  Watch out for scams.

If you're wearing a shielding product that offers poor shielding performance then you're wearing a synthetic product which may be teeming with chemicals and dyes that cannot be washed out, making it a potential health hazard with no upside.

Always check the shielding performance characteristics shown on the packaging or website before you buy and buy from a reputable company.

What Do Experts Say?

There are those that are for and those that are against shielded clothing.

Dr. Andrew Michrowski president of The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, and author of numerous reports and publications on the subject of EMFs has this to say about shielded clothing:

It is better not to shield when you are electro-sensitive. Avoidance is the key, when there is electromagnetic pollution. (Accessed March 2019: during an email exchange)

Alasdair Philips engineer, scientist and researcher, and founder of Powerwatch has been a member of a number of UK government and E.C. working groups on electromagnetic fields and health on this question, says:

Shielding clothing tends to be expensive and needs careful washing and care. Appropriate garments can reduce microwave exposures in genital organs and breasts, but do not necessarily reduce EHS symptoms as the pulsing signals are still getting into your body’s nervous system via arms, legs and head. I suggest that if you want to try screening clothing then you try just one or two items and see if you find them helpful. (Taken from Comment thread, see comments section below this article)

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt founder of the Klinghardt Institute and the American Academy of Neural Therapy comments:

Protective clothing works, we have proof, and the people that do it, I would like to say here that people with ALS or MS or Parkinson’s, with these serious neurological diseases tremendously benefit from this. (Extracted 2018 when interviewed for the EMF Health Summit)

Bill Cadwallader, MBA, EMRS, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist comments:

People who are EMR sensitive have gotten relief of their symptoms and there can be a measurable verification by reputable EMR specialists using top-of -the-line meters. (Extract from: Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices. Stop Dirty Electricity; 1 edition (June 18, 2018)

Should You Use EMF Shielded Clothing?

We live in a quick fix world so it seems the right thing to do is to just go out and buy some expensive clothing to solve the EMF problem. Personally I’ve never been reliant on EMF protective clothing. I’ve bought shielded caps and head nets and body nets in the past but I soon realized these were not the answer. I’d take them with me to give me piece of mind when I traveled but I rarely used them.

Am I saying you should not use shielded clothing? Absolutely not. I'm sharing my own experience and laying out the facts as I see them. There are plenty of people who claim that shielded clothing works, and I believe them. Maybe shielded clothing works for you. You won't know until you try.

What I can say is that if you do decide to invest in EMF shielded clothing it should only be a stopgap temporary measure. Because there are down-sides to wearing EMF shielded clothing (as I've outlined above). Because the most important thing here is dealing with the root cause of your symptoms. If EMF shielded clothing is a stepping stone towards that, and part of a bigger strategy, then I applaud it.

The Bigger Strategy

A rounded holistic approach to EMF protection is the only approach that works. One that embraces the undeniable fact that we are multi-level subtle energy beings. Given that we function on a multi-level basis healing will invariably involve engaging in practices and therapies that address issues at different levels.

Short term that may mean that you wear EMF shielded garments from time to time but what you really need to focus on is the other stuff. Firstly, basic EMF protection in your environment, taking readings of the different types of EMFs and eliminate, and then mitigate as far as possible. Secondly working on the bigger picture, that means reconnecting with nature and the natural energies of the planet through techniques like nutrition, cleansing and energy medicine.

Where To Buy EMF Protective Clothing

If you do decide to try shielded clothing, make sure you buy quality shielded clothing from a reputable company but, above all, keeping working on the other stuff.



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  • Alasdair Philips said,

    Shielding clothing tends to be expensive and needs careful washing and care. Appropriate garments can reduce microwave exposures in genital organs and breasts, but do not necessarily reduce EHS symptoms as the pulsing signals are still getting into your body’s nervous system via arms, legs and head. I suggest that if you want to try screening clothing then you try just one or two items and see if you find them helpful.

    I believe that low-level modulated microwaves (data carrying signals) act as a systemic poison (like glyphosate) and the signals get in at the peripheries of our body and then debilitate the person in various ways. The only thing that I have found personally helpful is a silver-mesh headnet when I am in cities and other places with lots of signals. Even though I look a bit odd, it does seem to help keep my head clearer.

  • Brian said,

    Unfortunately, I concur. I spent $150 on a Silverell hoodie to wear when I was on the train. On the commuter train everyone uses their cell phones. The train car is metal. I will say that I felt worse with the clothing on than without. I made a small test of putting my cell phone on and putting it under the fabric as it was on my body. So I peaked down under my chin to wear the cell phone was resting on my chest. It had plenty of bars and could receive texts and calls just fine. Which mean that unless the clothing can cover 100% of the body, it’s a wasted effort. Which makes me sad because the exposure on the train is massive and very little of the commuters who ride care about EMF smog.

  • Carol Ferguson said,

    I made a hood out of emf blocking fabric and wore it under my hats and when i slept. It made my insomnia worse,not better! The best solution for me is to avoid places where there is known wi fi cordelss phones etc.
    I have found that most people are not willing to turn off their wi-fi for me. I have been asked to come to dinner many times but NO ONE has offered to flip the switch to turn off the wi-fi while i am a guest in their home.I find this very unusual that someone could not live for a few hours without electronic entertainment. So, i don’t go to peoples homes very often.that is fine with me, i just accept it. Great article Lloyd!

  • PseudoGeek said,

    I would think that if a person were struck by lightning while wearing clothing that is full of little wires, that the outcome might be unfortunate. Could it even make the person become a human lightning rod, attracting lightning more than usual?

    Side note: My e-mail program (Thunderbird) keeps telling me your website is a scam. Although I know better, I bet a lot of people are dissuaded from clicking through to your site by the warnings that come up. You might want to see if you can make some changes behind the scenes to see if that can be rectified. I’m pretty sure that the issue is the link – it goes to instead of going straight to your web page. Thunderbird flags that because it thinks you are hijacking a legitimate site’s link. Should be a real easy fix.

  • Rosemarie said,

    Thanks, Lloyd — This is what I’ve suspected all along re: shielded clothing. It’s what I’m also wondering about shielded spaces. If I use a protective paint on the walls of my room, put protective film on the windows and hang protective-fabric drapes, then turn on the television, doesn’t it trap the fields given off by the television even more strongly?? Also, what is energy medicine? Can you direct me to any articles you may have done on this topic?

  • Kathleen said,

    EXCELLENT article, Lloyd. The only thing I can think to add is that you can take limited readings with a meter.
    1. Turn your meter on, with the sound feature on.
    2. Put it inside your shielding clothing mimicking the
    way your body would be inside the clothing.
    3. Listen to the sound change.

    If you are using an Acoustimeter AM-10 or other meter with flashing lights, you can see the lights through a layer of the shielding fabric. If you are really interested in the actual reading other than green, yellow or red, you can put your finger tip on the fabric where the light shows, fold the fabric back, and read where your finger is located.
    Of course, it your meter has no lights or sound, you will need to crawl into the shielded area yourself with your meter and possibly a flashlight to get an estimate of how much protection you are getting.
    Doing this, I learned that my Silverell hoodie and pants were not providing adequate shielding for my needs. I still wear them to get what protection is possible, but it is not enough.
    When I encased myself in my piece of Staticot fabric. it nearly silenced my meter. Hooray! But sitting on the Staticot increases my body voltage. Boo.
    I bought some Daylite fabric, hoping to make something I could see through to put over my head while wearing the Silverelle. It helps, but it takes several layers to equal the performance of the Staticot, which negates the see though capacity.

    So, Lloyd is right: you NEED to reduce the ambient EM levels to get closer to a healthy environment. And you NEED the right meters.

  • Lienke said,

    Thanks Lloyd, My experience with a quality silver hooded shirt was that it did not protect me at all I actually think it made it worse. I had bought the shirt last year for a trans Atlantic flight to Europe in the hope that it would help. Oh well another lesson learned. Maybe being in a plane is E-smog central and asking this shirt to help magic thinking.
    Thanks again for your article!

  • Tiffany said,

    Could you shed some light on using Pong cell phone cases? Are they beneficial or more dangerous than conventional cases?

  • Valerie said,

    Thank you Lloyd for this info. I haven’t gone down this road yet and I think now it will be low on my list of priorities.

  • Beth Sturdivant said,

    I have not had good fortune with EMF clothing. I have tried several pieces including hat, shirt, socks etc. I will stick to my nutrition ibeimg one of the main keys to heal. EMF Clothing is only a BandAid!

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