Light That Heals – Energy Medicine Today And Beyond: My Review

The local utility company, Energex, wanted to put a power station 120 feet from her home.

It so happened that the lady next door to Donna grew up next to an electrical sub-station. Her father developed a brain tumor as did two of her other neighbors.

The people living across the road from Donna, the men, had developed kidney cancer and the lady was later to develop breast cancer. These people had power lines running very close to their bedroom window previously.

Intrigued, Donna researched the issue. She was shocked and alarmed by what she found.

Donna Fisher EMFs
Donna Fisher

Donna and her neighbors decided to take the utility company to court, which created a world first because as she says, “we were armed with a lot of information and a lot of passion”.

But this experience led her to an even more shocking revelation, that the wiring in your home, your work place and schools may be more of a problem than exposures from power lines and electrical substations.

Appalled by what she had learned Donna went on to write a book about her discovery, several books in fact; Silent Fields, More Silent Fields, Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation.

The latest book by Donna Fisher is called “LIGHT that HEALS: Energy medicine today and beyond“.

Here are a couple of extracts taken from the back cover:

Light therapies, in all their potent forms, are set to become the treatments of choice in the 21st century.
Roger Coghill – The Healing Energies of Light

The big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine… the future it will not be about the chemistry –it will be about the energy!
Dr. Mehmet Oz – The Oprah Show

The book is split into two parts; light that harms and light that heals.

Light That Harms

In the first of her book Donna Fisher talks about the “underlying menace”, this “new plague, silent and invisible”, that is electricity and dirty electricity.

She traces the beginning of the dirty electricity phenomena back to the oil crisis of 1973 when because of the sudden increase in the price of oil and oil products and the realization that came with it that oil was going to get more and more expensive manufacturers began to produce electrical devices that would save energy. One way this was achieved was through the creation of electrical equipment that drew current intermittently instead of continuously as was previously the case.

Energy saving is good but not when it’s at the cost of your health.

Although Donna has already wrote at length about the dangers of dirty electricity in her previous books here she gives a good overview of the science and she details important case studies which show the many different ways it’s affected peoples lives. She reviews the work of Dr Sam Milham, Dr. Magda Havas and Dave Stetzer and also that of lesser known specialists.

Other chapters deal with the link between EMFs and aging, diabetes, EHS, CFS, MS and breast cancer.

We’ve long been led to believe that non-ionizing radiation as emitted by devices like cell phones, electrical wiring and other household devices are perfectly safe. Yet there are some striking and alarming parallels when you compare the diseases that the survivors of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bombs developed with certain types of cancer and other serious diseases linked to cell phone radiation exposures.

Donna also reviews the scientific literature on radio frequency and microwave radiation. One very valid point she makes, which she credits to author Robert C Kane, is in comparing EMFs with other toxins. She says “irritants such as asbestos and cigarette smoke residue produce a result after a long continual exposure……RF radiation is known to cause destruction and damage to tissue even with a single exposure”. She rightly concludes that non-ionizing radiation, treated as harmless by many, is even more of a threat because it’s been woven into our whole way of life.

Light That Heals

LIGHT that HEALS: Energy medicine today and beyondThis is the second section of the book and it's the part that most interested me. Donna shares information on a host of non-invasive and non-toxic EMF treatments.

My preference is for natural treatments. One of the most natural treatments is exposure to natural light. She says, “natural light is a non-invasive powerful tool, the basic component from which life originates, develops, heals and evolves”. All too often we are reminded of the dangers of sunlight in an attempt to get us to buy sun creams, sun glasses and other screening products. But when our skin is exposed to sunlight our bodies create vitamin D. And not just any vitamin D, but vitamin D3 which study after study has shown to have a highly beneficial effect on our health and well-being. Vitamin D production is just one of the many benefits of exposing yourself to natural light.

It’s refreshing to see a book like this talk about the role of energy healers, colors, crystals and chakras. Mesmer first suggested that the healing effect that occurs when a healer lays hands on a patient was due to a form of magnetic field. Donna offers a good review of the science which backs up these types of natural healing methods.

There are many people who still won’t accept that we are electrical, energy beings. And yet these same people quite happily go for an EEG when they have a headache, or they go for an ECG when they’re suffering from heart palpitations or they go for an EMG when they experience muscular problems. Don’t they realize that these machines work by virtue of our bodies subtle electrical pulses?

There’s a panoply of technologies that are already in existence that use these very same non-ionizing EMFs to treat and heal people. Treatments such as electrical diathermy have existed since the 1930s. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units have existed since the 1970s. More evolved versions of these devices are now in use. The PowerTube is used for pain therapy but the Institute of Functional Neuroscience in Australia uses a version of TENS to treat patients suffering from migraines, epilepsy and other neurological complaints.

Donna reviews dozens of these treatments. Some I’m familiar with like SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) based on Russian technology which acts on the nervous system, others I’d never heard of like Next Generation PDT (NGPDT), a form of whole body cancer treatment.

In fairness I can’t say that I’m drawn to these treatments but are they really any worse than dealing with illness by popping pills made from chemicals? If these technologies can help people then we can’t discount them just because they’re electrical/EMF based.

Perhaps it’s through the adoption of these kinds of treatments that the world will wake up to the realization that blanket, 24/7, virtually uncontrolled exposure to all manner of EMFs is not healthy or acceptable.

Click here to buy your copy of “LIGHT that HEALS: Energy medicine today and beyond”.


I’m interviewing Donna Fisher next Thursday, January 22nd, 3:00 p.m. EST (12 Midday PST or 8 PM GMT). The interview will last approximately one hour.

Besides being a best selling author Donna also lectures in Australia and internationally and is an advocate for standards to be introduced that protect the people.

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– Donna’s story, how she became involved in this subject
– her experience with dirty electricity
– what light that heals protocols she’s tried
– healers energy

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  • Jennifer C said,

    I bought a tripod with two lamps that I can turn and point any way I like….and use red filters in front of incandescent bulbs in each lamp.
    I shine these lamps on myself every night before I go to bed…for varying lengths of time.
    I can tell my body soaks it up….and even my dogs stretch out on the bed to get closer to the light.
    Light does heal.

  • Holland Franklin said,

    Thank you for the review, this looks like an interesting book. I have one cautionary note about the use of various devices that you might like to know about if you don’t already. Did you know that Lou Gherig regularly used a TENS machine, and that this was later associated with his development of ALS? See an overview of Dr. Sam Milham’s on this topic here: I’m not grouping all the devices you mentioned into this effect because I’m not familiar with how they work. I do think that Lou Gherig’s experience may be indicative that long term use especially, of any electrical or energetic device, is something deserving of a lot of caution and care, just to be on the safe side. More attention to how we get out of balance in the first place, and addressing that would be using a truly balancing approach for remediation, and would be safer. Thank you.

  • Rosemarie said,

    I would be careful about TENS treatments. I’ve been reading that this is what may have led to Lou Gehrig developing ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  • Dan said,

    According to Eric Edney (ALS book Eric Is Winning) ALS is the intolerance for even the mildest of toxins, likely due to having suffered an (accumulated?) overdose of toxins. Eric attributed his ALS to having been treated for an intestinal ‘bug’ acquired in Mexico, in which case doctors treat with a particular poison as a cure, in his case thrice misapplied by the first physician. Perhaps Gherig’s continual use of the TENS machine had a similar overdose of toxins effect?

  • Charles said,

    I wonder whether the Johns Hopkins researchers who pronounce that some cancers are caused by “bad luck” have ever measured the EM fields in the environments in which they do their research?

    Btw The past participle of the verb to lead is led;))

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks everyone that participated in the interview and thanks for your comments above. The interview recording will be sent out in 24 hours to everyone that signed up.