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The Benefits Of Low EMF Living

I don’t live like most people I know. And most people I know, as far as I know, live like most people.

How do most people live?

Most people live in a state of total EMF ignorance.

They know nothing about RF radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity. Wireless is their thing.Their cell phone, their computer, their fridge, their burglar alarm, their central heating system, at home, in the office, the more wireless there is in their world the better.

Their homes and lives are engulfed by this electrosmog and it seems they’re quite happy that way. If they’re not connected all the time, they’re unhappy and they don’t know or want to know any of the benefits of low EMF living.

The Idle Observer

Most people think these technologies are great. And to the idle observer they are. But to the informed observer they’re dangerous, potentially lethal.

low emf livingThe facts are undeniable. But most people don’t take the time to understand the facts, to understand the science and all the ramifications on our health. At the same time society makes such a good job of making the facts hard to accept.

The truth hurts. In the case of EMFs it can hurt literally, in which case it’s much easier to ignore whats being said about the dangers and just do like everybody else.

So what are the benefits of low EMF living? Are there any benefits?

The Benefits of Low EMF Living

There are benefits to living low EMF, few people talk about them and yet the benefits are huge. They fall into two categories:

The ‘Won’t Get’ Benefit

What does the science tell us about EMFs? These exposures are linked to a long list of adverse biological health effects and diseases. Including:

Studies also link EMFs to premature aging. Imagine if people could comprehend just this one small thing; that reducing their EMF exposure would make them look younger. Just on this one argument alone, how many people would sit up and take notice?

These benefits are absolutely huge but there’s a problem. It’s not a 100% guaranteed ‘won’t get’ benefit. A better description is ‘significantly reduced risk’. How significant, we don’t know and unfortunately the Telecoms and utility companies use this to their advantage because just like the tobacco industry that went before them, ‘doubt is their product [2]’.

Immediate Quality of Life Health Benefits

Benefits that I derive from living a low EMF life:

If you’re a skeptic you might be thinking, ‘ why do I need to go low EMF to get these benefits?’. The ‘won’t get’ argument is a big one, but besides that it’s about living life to the full. Living more the way that nature intended us to live. It’s also a question of balance.

Low EMF vs No EMF

When I started to react to my cell phone in 2002 I remember hearing about electrical sensitivity [3], people living under nets, in caves and such like. I decided I didn’t want to be one of those people. I didn’t want to live in fear of EMFs. I wanted to stay living in the real world, with real people, with my people, my family and friends.

Nobody said I could do it or how I could do it. I just decided to believe that that was the way I would live my life. And bit by bit, the puzzle unraveled itself.

You can either carry on as most people and run the risk of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health being marred by untold levels of EMF exposures. Or you can take action!

Are you taking action? Are you achieving balance?