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Does Indirect EMF Protection Work?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 10, 2013 under Electromagnetic protection, Protection tips | 29 Comments to Read

Indirect EMF protection – does it really work?

What sparked me off on this was a question put to me by one of my readers, Louay, a few days ago:

“Where would you say is the best place to start in tackling my toxic environment? Should I start with checking for EMFs and then move onto dirty electricity, or start cleansing my body first with liver detoxes etc and then the rest?

The reason I ask is that all these meters, filters and detox protocols are really expensive and so it would be helpful if you could guide us on the one thing to do first which would yield immediate results and then we can focus on the other things later.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.”

The interesting question Louay asks is “what is the one thing to do first which would yield immediate results?”

I want to answer this important question because it addresses a fundamental misunderstanding about EMF protection. You see there are two distinct forms of EMF protection, direct EMF protection and indirect EMF protection.

What Is Direct EMF Protection?

It’s the obvious stuff. It’s what most people ask me about. It’s dealing with EMF sources directly. Classic EMF protection and avoidance.  Most people go about this in a common sense way. They read up on it, maybe they download my free report or similar resource, they eliminate / reduce their exposure to EMF sources like cordless phones, cell phones, wifi, clock radio etc. Ultimately it usually ends in the realization that they need an EMF meter to identify the EMF hotspots in their environment. They invest in a meter…..

What Is Indirect EMF Protection?

indirect emf protectionIt’s all the other stuff. It’s what most of us overlook. We overlook it because it doesn’t seem relevant. But if it doesn’t seem relevant that’s because you haven’t understood the all encompassing nature of EMFs.

And in a way I don’t blame you because for a long time I didn’t understand it either. When I became electrically sensitive (in fact hypersensitive) back in 2002 I knew EMFs were affecting me. I could feel it. So I bought EMF meters, I did the shielding and so on. But I soon realized my health wasn’t improving. It seemed I was getting worse.

When I realized that EMF exposures were only part of the problem, that’s when I began to make progress with my recovery. This realization came when I did my first cleanse.

I actually did two cleanses. I did a parasite cleanse and then a liver cleanse over a period of a couple of weeks. The first time I cleansed the results were remarkable. Overnight I felt a SIGNIFICANTLY better.

I thought I’d cracked it.  Cleansing was the solution. So I did more and more cleanses but despite all this my sensitivity came back.

How Can You Get Indirect EMF Protection?

So what really is the solution? Classic EMF protection and avoidance, yes. But cleansing also and a panoply of other forms of indirect EMF protection. That’s to say:

  • nutrition – eat an essentially whole, natural and organic diet. Eat local. Eat less meat. Meat tends to be a big source of toxins and it tips you into an acid rather than an alkaline balance
  • exercise – no need to be an exercise freak, start slowly and build up to something that over the course of a week incorporates aerobic, anaerobic exercises and stretching
  • earthing – direct contact with the earth simultaneously replenishes the body with natural direct current electrons, and facilitates evacuation or discharge of accumulated harmful man-made EMFs
  • mind/body techniques – acknowledging your body as the subtle energy system it is, bringing into play visualization, meditation and other energy techniques

It’s about looking at the big picture.

Because EMF exposures are only part of the problem. They are an important toxin but they also act like a trigger. In a gun the trigger releases the hammer which detonates the explosives. For the trigger to have any impact it has to hit the explosives. In our case the explosives aren’t gunpowder they are the toxic conditions you create in your body. How are these toxic conditions created? Very easily. They are in the food we eat (think pesticides, GMOs etc), the air we breathe (think particle pollution and ozone), the creams and lotions (think chemicals) we put on our skins….

EMF Protection – Immediate Results

You need to deal with all the things that introduce toxins into your body. All? Yes. But not all at once. One step at a time.

What should you do first to yield immediate results? I can’t guarantee you immediate results. But when was the last time you popped a pill and were guaranteed immediate results. And the big difference with pill popping is that here there aren’t a multitude of undesirable side effects.

So where should you start to get the most bang for your buck? It depends where you are at the moment on the EMF issue. If you know little about your current EMF exposures, haven’t measured the EMFs in your environment haven’t taken measures to mitigate these exposures, then classic, direct EMF protection is where you must start.

If you’ve already done all this, then a little more finesse is required. You’ve probably heard the expression “the healer is within”. Read again my list above, nutrition, exercise, cleansing etc.  What aspect of your health are you neglecting? Is it the exercise? Do you take any exercise? Is it the mind/body techniques? To what degree is your mental and emotional state contributing to your health problems? Think about these questions and other questions like these. This’ll tell you what to focus on first.

Act in a state of non-expectancy of immediate results. If you act in the expectation of spectacular immediate results, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Keep a neutral mindset. Welcome every small progress you make with gratitude.

Rigorous direct and indirect EMF protection is how I got my health back on track. It’s not easy. It’ll take time and effort but its the ONLY long term effective solution to dealing with your EMF exposures. Start today. Baby steps.

  • Annie said,

    Hi Lloyd.

    I just want to say how very helpful this take on the whole picture of health protection is. Thank you so much for all of this, your answers and the new Forum. : )

  • Charla said,

    So glad to see you included Earthing in your list of indirect EMF protection strategies. I’ve just begun to add that element into my protocols.

    I found the book online:
    Epub format:
    Pdf format:


  • Harold Wilson said,

    First I got a grounding pad. I already have a AC DC meter.
    I measured the voltage in my body, stood in the grass, plugged in the grounding to the AC plug all with no change.
    Then I got a Trifield meter model 100XE. I have 12 power meters on the other side of my bedroom wall. I live in a condo and the fuse box is in the hallway in the center of the living area which extends to the next unit, through the center of my living area. Using the meter on a towel on the floor I measured the guass (over 100guass) through the area. so, apparently the cables for the electric are right under my floor. The front room is the safest area in the whole house. I moved the bed away from the wall and to the other side of the room and sleep much better.
    Then I bought a cornet meter ED85. I measured the WIfi and removed it, it was on my desk. I went about a 1,000 yards to a cell tower and got no readings.
    I put my condo up for sale because I have idopathic neuropathy and feel like it is caused by walking on the electric cables under my floor.
    Could this be?
    Why do I not get a reading from the cornet at the cell tower?

  • Teresa said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Brilliant addition. Yes, I think one thing leads to another, and if we use emf sensitivity as a springboard to getting well and addrressing other things that are stressing our bodies, then it becomes a positive experience and we go on to help other people realise what is making them feel ill, rather than feeling like victims or just feeling angry.


  • Karen said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    I want to thank you too. I have learned sooooo much from you. Two more things to look into. Wearing pure linen and sleeping on a non spring mattress
    with either wool or linen sheets. Studies on the springs in the mattress have been suspected of adding to cancer risks. Dr. Mercola has the article. Shalom, ~__/>
    // \\

  • Alice Whaley said,

    I am concerned with earthing using the ground because I feel the electric company uses the ground to send back the spent electric. I got a jolt using the pad using the outlet in my home. I use a brass washer (be careful because some that come from China use brass paint on the outside of steel). I put the brass washer in my shoe and it brings up the earthing just fine. Also, very inexpensive.

  • Monnie said,

    Thank you Lloyd, I do have a question regarding earthing. I recently heard an interview with Sam Milham about dirty electricity. They talked about earthing products usually use the ground outlet of the house. However Sam had discovered “polluted” current in some of those outlets and the return currents are not being grounded properly. Plugging into such outlet may do more harm than good.

    Any comment on that and how do we test them?

  • Mike Guy said,

    Well balanced and earthed !

  • Mike Pellegatti said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Since I spend a fair amount of time in my home office when not traveling for my work, is there a way to put some sort of mat down that is grounded to the earth outside that I can place my bare feet on when I am at the computer and the desk so I can earth while sitting there?
    Does a concrete/ceramic tile floor negate the positive effects of earthing or will walking barefoot on that have any benefit?
    I truly believe in earthing as when I am camping, hunting, or photographing scenery and wildlife in the outdoors, I have always just laid on the ground for a nap to recharge. Those are always the best naps and for good reason. Always wake up refreshed, no matter what length of nap I get.
    Thanks, Mike

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mike
    Proceed with caution when grounding yourself in an office environment (where there EMFs), see
    yes, you can still expect to earth through concrete and ceramic flooring but to a lesser degree.

  • Simon said,

    Thank. I really enjoyed this holistic approach. But how about technology which are suppose to protect us against EMF, radar etcetera? Have there been conducted any serious test of for example some of the chips you may put on your cell phone for example? And how about wifi protection other than using a copper cover or turning down the effect. I have heard of a board called “Transformer 22-30”. Does this work? And eventually how?

  • Rosemarie said,

    Thank you Lloyd. I have done many things to reduce my exposure.I have had EHS for decades due to being exposed as an infant where a fuse box was above my crib and as an adult working in a laboratory with high levels of EMF and other toxins. I have received great advice from you and other sources. I maintain an exercise schedule, take appropriate supplements, eat an organic, low sugar diet, avoid any equipment that has WiFi, RF or EMF. I have shielded my home with Y-Sheild Paint because I live next to a cell tower. I use grounding pads and straps and I have a tester that you should use for checking outlets to test the ground. I have EMI filters on most of my outlets as I found very high levels of EMI in my home due to equipment like the television and computers just to name two of the many sources. The biggest improvement in my health and my husbands health came when we installed enough filters and the change was dramatic!For those of you using current like the US or Canada Greenwave makes a great meter and excellent filters including a filter that works to remove broadband and smart meter EMI. I have meters for checking the EMI of outlets, RF and EMF. All of this takes time and money so I continue to make changes as I can. Additionally I have changed my halogen bulbs to incandescent.I have a problem with my pupils becoming tonic (not responding to changes in light) when exposed to lighting other than incandescent or RF andespecially WiFi. The cell tower next to my house has no reading with either the Coronet or the other RF meter (tri axis)I use. The tower is not turned on which I can see from the electrical box. Please let me know if there are any other issues with the Coronet 85.

  • Carol Ferguson said,

    I had severe insomnia for 1 1/2 yrs, Felt at times like i was going to die. I sometimes went 4-5 days in a row with no sleep. I read an article written by Stephen Sinatra on Electro-pollution. I unhooked the wireless internet got rid of the cordless phones etc. Bought an
    Earthing recovery sac. I was able to sleep the 1st night.
    I can’t be around wireless internet to this day in
    cafe’s, friends homes etc. AMEN!

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Lloyd, please address how the brain retraining programs may help people eliminate the symptoms or reactions from being around WiFi, cell phones, etc. I have written to you about this in the past but so far no reply from you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ruth
    I’ve no information to share on brain retraining and EMFs- I know there are companies selling brain retraining programs claiming outstanding results I suggest you contact them.

  • Holland said,

    Your comments are so practical and so true. I’ve dealt with electrosensitivity for six years and talked to a number of others who are also working with it, and my conclusion is that, first, it’s a very individual journey, and second, people who are willing to keep at it, get educated and work on all fronts seem to have the best outcome. Sometimes baby steps are all that are possible, but keep taking them, and have a winning attitude regardless what the situation looks like. This journey will make you stronger for sure. At this point there is a lot of helpful information out there. I have to say, there is plenty of confusion when it comes to products which claim to protect one from EMF or RF. Many do work, many do not. Even when one finds the good ones, it’s still very important to eliminate as many of the EMF/RF offenders in your environment as possible. Also, removing metal from right around you (lamp poles, mattresses with metal springs, metal office furniture, jewelry, etc.) is very helpful as the metal can act like an antenna and conduct to your body. Some people get fatalistic and say that it makes no sense to turn off your own router (for instance) if there are still more signals coming in from outside… but, it’s very often the devices we own which are having a big effect because they are physically closer to us. So much to say about this, but a big thank you to Lloyd for his generosity with information and general goodness!!

  • chet collins said,

    My wife and twin girls CLAIM no I’ll effects from WiFi in our home andan auto read water meter above our front door on the outside, yet I have seen them looking peaked and tired after hours on the computer. I am the only believer, and admitted sufferer in the house but every day I come close to ripping it all out. This will make me a very bad guy in my household as there are no girls around my house of similar age for my daughters to play with and to my deep regret I have watched them become dependent on the internet. I feel a lot of guilt over this and my wife needs internet for nursing school. I suffer with head fog EVERY DAY and dizziness. My small intestines (at least the area where the diagrams say they should be) feel constantly troubled and achy. I have suffered 2 incidences of “dizziness from hell” attacks as i call them and had to be hospitalized both times. Has anyone ever heard of severe vertigo/long term dizziness from emf, or anything for that matter. It feels like you are in a centrifuge for a weekand nobody will turn it off and you just keep spinning until you pray for death. Yes it was that bad the first time it happened. I thought that I was having a seizure or some kind of blood vessel clot in my head. Any info appreciate! Thanks my friends.

  • Sarah Faa said,

    Hi Chet Collins, My partner is suffering from severe vertigo/dizziness as well as abdominal pains like yours, but like your wife he does not believe that it is being caused by the EMF’s, so just like your wife he would throw a fit if i tried to get rid of the offending machinery. I was like you, daily Head fog, aching all over, nausea, extreme tiredness, i felt like my head was going to explode. I made a compromise with my partner, he could keep his internet but he had to change to cable instead of wifi, it has made a huge difference. Hope that helps.

  • Carol Ferguson said,

    Hi Chet, You are hyper sensitive to EMF as am I.
    Even thought your wife and daughters do not feel the
    Wi Fi they are being harmed tremendously. Go to cable
    internet immediately for the sake of your family!

    I tell everyone to read the Book Dirty electricity by
    Sam Milham it will open your eyes to why cancer,lymphoma,leukemia rates are skyrocketing in the developed world, EMF,RF exposure.Good luck,Carol

  • Carol Ferguson said,

    Smart meters are another HUGE threat for EMF and non EMF sensitive individuals. Imagine being blasted all day long with RF emitted by the smart meter into the home! I won’t be able to live in my home unless i can block the signals . They are trying to make it manditory for everyone in the US to have a smart meter on their home.
    This thought is terrifying!We need to fight it.

  • Charla said,

    Chet…. Yes!!! Extreme vertigo and hospitalization was my tip-off that I was electro-sensitive and you might say the “last straw” that prompted me to act to remedy the situation.

    I can really feel for you. It’s a most miserable state.

    I searched online to find how to login to my router and turn the wireless signal off. My computers are now connected to the router with cables. I also found out how to actually turn off the wifi capability on my laptop so that it was no longer active on that end. I also got rid of my cordless DECT phones (which were a major EMF offender).

    Much improved health for me already and no more vertigo.

  • Rosemarie said,

    To Chet: Go wired and check for dirty electricity. My husband said he did not feel it until I got rid of the dirty electricity and then he was amazed at how much better he felt! The EHS is cumulative and you may have had more than your family but they will be better off for the changes. Also, I turned off the wireless Lan (RF) on my printer. Recently I purchased a new HP printer (Officejet Pro 8600) and I was delighted to find that when connected by wire the wireless is off and can be turned on from the front panel. I also found that I can turn off the printer until needed which has eliminated the EMF (yes all printers have it) until required. I also keep the high EMF side away from my work place. The high levels vary on each printer. Keep eliminating problems and don’t give up!I am dizzy no more.

  • Rosemarie said,

    To Harold Wilson,

    I have friend who is an expert at measuring EMF and RF and he trained me on how to take measurements. There are many reasons you may not have picked up any readings from the tower. There may not have been any transmissions at the time you measured, the tower may have been off. How you point to the antennae is critical. Hold the antennae at arms length from your body and point to each antennae. Different types of antennae have different patterns such as a straight line or a circular pattern like WiFi. I will at some point check the Coronet85 against my other tri axis meter readings on other towers to see how it compares and I will report back. Also consider the height of the antennae and angle to the point where the signal will hit the ground. The signal on a straight line transmission will be at its highest at the point where it hits the ground. In the case of the tower next to my home none of the antennae can be directed towards the mountain behind my home so my house which is way below the tower is in a shadow with no RF from tower when it was on. Now the tower it is turned off off. I hope this helps. Taking readings is a complex science.

  • David said,

    This is a little of the topic. There is talk of using a Faraday Cage to isolate the EMFs from smart meters. Have you any comments on that or practical detaild.

  • Marie Boyd said,


    How do you protect yourself from Emr when it’s being pointed
    Directly at you.

  • Janette said,

    Chet – have you looked into food allergies as well? I used to have something similar and gave up wheat for a different purpose and found out by accident that no wheat means no dizziness. I think it’s something to do with the ears. Also – you might already know this – but you might be able to stop an immediate attack of vertigo by focusing on a fixed point, such as a mark on the wall, until the spinning stops. I wish I could think of a solution to the problem of people we live amongst just not getting the danger of mobiles, wi-fi etc. Often it is ignorance, but once people have been exposed to the information it seems to be denial, on account of addiction.

  • Kenny said,

    I found your website a few years ago and found the information here very very valuable. I couldn’t agree more with this article. Thanks Lloyd If there’s any thing I can do for you let me know.

  • Ashley said,

    Hi I have a 2 year old son and I’m living in a house with what I can feel to have a great deal of emf. My sons room is right next to the power pole that supplies our houses electricity. although it is not high voltage line it is super low to ground, Is it worst than living near high voltage line? What kind of tests can be done to determine if it is affecting my sons health or not??

  • Pat B. said,

    Ashley – I would move this precious little one to another room ASAP until you can know what the readings are for your home, especially his room. For me, I would assume it is causing him damage unless proven otherwise.
    His age to age 5, at the least, is the most vulnerable.
    You will find much help on this site and also the folks at lessemf. It can be confusing. A small radio tuned to no station, no static was a start for me.
    You will hear a definite increase in sound but no reading.

    Recently Southern California Edison Representatives came to my home at my request to meter the EMF, especially the magnetic fields from the power lines about 1/4 mile/1800′ away from my home. The electric fields decrease over distance, but the magnetic fields can go through a cast iron tub for a distance.

    There was no charge for this service from SCE nor should there be from any utility. I’ve used my small radio turned on but to no station to hear the change in the sound that comes from wall sockets, appliances, TV, computer. I purchased a Trifeld meter from It was sold as new but it was off calibration and had a beat up 9V battery in it so I sent it back the next day.

    Both SCE reps were very knowledgeable on all the current data, including the “Bioinitiative Report”. I gave each of them packets of more information including letters from the Karolinska Institute and much more.

    All utilities seem to look to what I consider to be the worthless, politically correct World Health Organization for their position on EHS. I asked the SCE reps pointed, direct questions and they answered them directly.

    With a gaussmeter the representative thoroughly went all around, inside and outside, front and back gardens. He mapped wall and room areas, appliances, ground lines, and the readings from the very high power lines at my home.

    I asked them about “stray electricity” in my soil as I’ve tried walking barefoot – “earthing”. He said “stray electricity” was in all areas of the soil in the city. You can’t get away from it. I’ve stopped going barefoot.

    Surprisingly most readings were 0.1 mG except for one 3 light wall switch that had a very high reading from faulty wiring. Will call an electrician. He offered suggestions on this wiring.

    Also a high reading from the digital clock on the stove. However, as I had also preciously tested it with my little cheapie radio, the emissions decreased significantly as the meter was pulled back at within the standing/cooking range.

    I felt these 2 reps did a very thorough job. Their meters were calibrated and I was shown the stamp for
    re-calibration due in Nov. 2014. However, that does not stop the EHS symptoms.

    Over time and living on a small budget, little by little, the symptoms are becoming less and less.

    Shielding my bed using Argen-Mesh as a bottom sheet (costly), moving my bed to the center of the room, physical exercise has helped.

    I’ve learned that taking larger doses of vitamin D3 along with calcium, magnesium and zinc, vitamin C and the B vitamins and bone and Immune Support vitamins have helped significantly. With vitamins, especially taking them sublingually – or liquid under the tongue for better absorption in the body – is the best. We are a low/no fat eating society. But without some fat in our diets our bodies cannot use or absorb the vitamins.

    All should be done carefully, well researched and under a medical or naturopathic doctors supervision.

    The lack of Vitamin D is significant everywhere and has major health implications. Most people also have a very weakened immune system so become susceptible to many diseases including and especially EMI/RFI radiation.

    Increasing my vitamin intake has helped me greatly reduce some of the symptoms of EHS along with drinking more water, and gardening as my best exercise. It is a lifetime work in progress. Copper mesh shielding works best. The Argen-Mesh shielding works OK along replacing the coil spring/metal frame bed with foam mattress/wooden bed.

    And keeping alert to what our bodies are telling us before too much damage occurs is important. Each step is closer to mitigating these health issues.

    The electrical pollution will only increase as more and more people become addicted to electrical gadgets that demand more and more electricity and emit more and more electrical pollution. We are a massively addicted nation in the U.S.

    Getting rid of all these techno-gadgets is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our family. In reality most are not needed.

    Unplugging things at night, using strip plugs (surge protectors) and flipping off the main switch helps. Discarding the numerous electrical appliances can be done.

    Do we really need all the latest whiz-bang cell phone every time a new model comes out or we go from 3G to the higher radiation emitting 4G?? We are doing it to ourselves.

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