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Does Indirect EMF Protection Work?

Indirect EMF protection – does it really work?

What sparked me off on this was a question put to me by one of my readers, Louay, a few days ago:

“Where would you say is the best place to start in tackling my toxic environment? Should I start with checking for EMFs and then move onto dirty electricity, or start cleansing my body first with liver detoxes etc and then the rest?

The reason I ask is that all these meters, filters and detox protocols are really expensive and so it would be helpful if you could guide us on the one thing to do first which would yield immediate results and then we can focus on the other things later.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.”

The interesting question Louay asks is “what is the one thing to do first which would yield immediate results?”

I want to answer this important question because it addresses a fundamental misunderstanding about EMF protection. You see there are two distinct forms of EMF protection, direct EMF protection and indirect EMF protection.

What Is Direct EMF Protection?

It’s the obvious stuff. It’s what most people ask me about. It’s dealing with EMF sources directly. Classic EMF protection and avoidance. Most people go about this in a common sense way. They read up on it, maybe they download my free report or similar resource, they eliminate / reduce their exposure to EMF sources like cordless phones, cell phones, wifi, clock radio etc. Ultimately it usually ends in the realization that they need an EMF meter to identify the EMF hotspots in their environment. They invest in a meter…..

What Is Indirect EMF Protection?

indirect emf protection [1]It’s all the other stuff. It’s what most of us overlook. We overlook it because it doesn’t seem relevant. But if it doesn’t seem relevant that’s because you haven’t understood the all encompassing nature of EMFs.

And in a way I don’t blame you because for a long time I didn’t understand it either. When I became electrically sensitive (in fact hypersensitive) back in 2002 I knew EMFs were affecting me. I could feel it. So I bought EMF meters, I did the shielding and so on. But I soon realized my health wasn’t improving. It seemed I was getting worse.

When I realized that EMF exposures were only part of the problem, that’s when I began to make progress with my recovery. This realization came when I did my first cleanse.

I actually did two cleanses. I did a parasite cleanse and then a liver cleanse over a period of a couple of weeks. The first time I cleansed the results were remarkable. Overnight I felt a SIGNIFICANTLY better.

I thought I’d cracked it. Cleansing was the solution. So I did more and more cleanses but despite all this my sensitivity came back.

How Can You Get Indirect EMF Protection?

So what really is the solution? Classic EMF protection and avoidance, yes. But cleansing also and a panoply of other forms of indirect EMF protection. That’s to say:

It’s about looking at the big picture.

Because EMF exposures are only part of the problem. They are an important toxin but they also act like a trigger. In a gun the trigger releases the hammer which detonates the explosives. For the trigger to have any impact it has to hit the explosives. In our case the explosives aren’t gunpowder they are the toxic conditions you create in your body. How are these toxic conditions created? Very easily. They are in the food we eat (think pesticides, GMOs etc), the air we breathe (think particle pollution and ozone), the creams and lotions (think chemicals) we put on our skins….

EMF Protection – Immediate Results

You need to deal with all the things that introduce toxins into your body. All? Yes. But not all at once. One step at a time.

What should you do first to yield immediate results? I can’t guarantee you immediate results. But when was the last time you popped a pill and were guaranteed immediate results. And the big difference with pill popping is that here there aren’t a multitude of undesirable side effects.

So where should you start to get the most bang for your buck? It depends where you are at the moment on the EMF issue. If you know little about your current EMF exposures, haven’t measured the EMFs in your environment haven’t taken measures to mitigate these exposures, then classic, direct EMF protection is where you must start.

If you’ve already done all this, then a little more finesse is required. You’ve probably heard the expression “the healer is within”. Read again my list above, nutrition, exercise, cleansing etc. What aspect of your health are you neglecting? Is it the exercise? Do you take any exercise? Is it the mind/body techniques? To what degree is your mental and emotional state contributing to your health problems? Think about these questions and other questions like these. This’ll tell you what to focus on first.

Act in a state of non-expectancy of immediate results. If you act in the expectation of spectacular immediate results, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Keep a neutral mindset. Welcome every small progress you make with gratitude.

Rigorous direct and indirect EMF protection is how I got my health back on track. It’s not easy. It’ll take time and effort but its the ONLY long term effective solution to dealing with your EMF exposures. Start today. Baby steps.