EMF Exposure – Should I Be Concerned?

Lloyd Burrell loves gadgets but he feels people need to know the truth about EMF exposures and cell phone radiation. When cell phone use compromised his health, he decided to share his story with the public.

In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss EMFs and what you should know about these new, and not so new, technologies. EMFs have become Lloyd’s specialty and you will not want to miss hearing his definition of them and where EMFs are most likely to be found in your everyday life.

EMFs Are Everywhere!

Are EMFs limited to cell phone use? Can they be transmitted by WiFi? Could they linger in the pockets of your clothes? Tune in to hear Lloyd explain how he found out the answers to these questions and more in 2002. You will hear him explain things like:

  • What set off his symptoms
  • His doctor’s reaction to his news
  • What medical testing showed

Kimberly asks if we should be concerned – and it is a great question! Practically everyone uses a cell phone or other wireless device these days. But as Lloyd explains, the first step to fighting EMF damage is being aware of what causes the damage and how to protect yourself from it.

Protecting Yourself from EMFs

You will not want to miss hearing Lloyd explain how you can protect yourself from these potentially hazardous electromagnetic fields. Even if you are not suffering from electrical sensitivity such as the type that plagues Lloyd, you will want to tune in to hear the entire episode, especially if you are hooked on technology.

If at the end of the episode you have more questions, check out Lloyd’s Facebook page or electricsenseinterviews101.com/emf-protection-ebook-36-10p for more information on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.

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  • Tom said,

    Lloyd thank you so much for your service. Have you written on whether to ground to the ground in outlets vs. grounding to the ground itself. My grounding pad has a meter to check outlet and grounding pad and they both look good but some sources say you need to run the cord into the ground. Any thought?

  • Lloyd said,

    Its always better (though not always practical) to ground directly using a wire and a grounding pole (most hardware stores sell these) which you plant in the ground outside – short of getting an electrician in to measure your homes ground this is the surest way of grounding effectively.

  • Ken Kozminski said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I just came across this brief article which I thought would probably be of great interest to the ElectricSense community. I certainly was upset with the implications and narrow minded nonchalance that seems evident concerning EMFs. I took this away from the article: “We’re living with them, mind as well harness their little energies.”
    Scary stuff, real scary.
    The following are Excerpts from the MIT Technology Review August 19 2013 Weekly Energy Newsletter:

    “Devices Connect with Borrowed TV Signals, and Need No Power Source
    Devices that can make wireless connections even without an onboard battery could spread computing power into everything you own.”

    “A novel type of wireless device sends and receives data without a battery or other conventional power source. Instead, the devices harvest the energy they need from the radio waves that are all around us from TV, radio, and Wi-Fi broadcasts.

    These seemingly impossible devices could lead to a slew of new uses of computing, from better contactless payments to the spread of small, cheap sensors just about everywhere.”

    “Traditionally wireless communication has been about devices that generate radio frequency signals,” says Shyam Gollakota, one of the University of Washington researchers who led the project. “But you have so many radio signals around you from TV, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. Why not use them?”

  • Kathryn Arnold said,

    I share your website every chance I get…and I get lots of chances on the facebook groups I interact with. The info you provide fills in so many blanks in the puzzle of recovering from mysterious illness.

    BTW, please make the link to your Amazon store easier to find…I only stumbled upon it and have to search for it when I want to send it to friends.

    And thank you for keeping your prices so comparatively reasonable.

  • Marianne McMillan said,

    Thanks Lloyd, you are a fund of useful information and one of the few who seem to get the picture. I’m fighting an uphill battle here trying to get the Alternative Technology Association in Australia not to advocate for smart meters across the nation. They are ‘mandatory’ in the state of Victoria, due to be rolled out everywhere, but all the authorities, including the above, only use the old thermal indicators and quote the advantages that are promoted by the electricity companies. Soooo short sighted and biased, it’s a worry. But with all the information you send I’m working on the ATA and at least I know how to protect myself. Thanks again. You don’t need to reply, just keep posting your knowledge for us all. Marianne in Sydney;

  • Pat Zentara said,

    Lloyd! I recently began doing things at home to protect myself .
    Nothing major, just simple things like no cell phones near sleeping area
    nor portable cell phones near me,. I now want a landline only.
    And no microwave cooking…none!
    I was a great skeptic but my results were within a few days.
    Thank you for helping me wake free of pain and stay free of it all day.
    And the miracle of being able to sleep, bless you.
    I have further steps to take,of course and much to learn.
    You are a great teacher and a contributor to the health of mankind.
    Thank you is not enough.

  • Virginia Baker said,

    What is your opinion of dental x-rays, CT scans and other medical tests? Went through some papers and came across “Brain tumor linked to dental X-rays.”

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    In some cases these technologies can provide vital information for effectively treating certain severe dental problems BUT in many cases patients are systematically made to undergo these tests when much safer diagnostic tools would be much more appropriate.

  • Paul Von said,

    To Ken Kozminski above: From the cited article “These seemingly impossible devices could lead to a slew of new uses of computing, from better contactless payments to the spread of small, cheap sensors just about everywhere.”

    Very scary indeed, as these engineering types are completely unaware that DNA stands in biological cells are actually fractal antenna, and EM destroys the inherent RNA/DNA repair mechanisms therein.

    Sorry Lloyd, I know this is a bit off topic, but these MIT types are extremely dangerous to our survival as a specie, and simply don’t know it. Nicola Tesla may have been an adequate inventor, but he led the world into an electronic hell we may not recover from.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    Just to add he above comments and compliments. In my opinion, your web site is one of the very best on the web, in that it offers solutions and sound advice regarding EM issues. As Kathryn suggests above, it would be good if you could make your Amazon store link more prominent, as this would help compensate you for your kind and considerate efforts.
    Best regards,
    Paul Von

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