Beating Electrical Sensitivity – Part 1

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 24, 2012 under Are you ES?, Electrical sensitivity | 46 Comments to Read

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The world is filled with electromagnetic fields (EMFs). For someone like me who developed a sensitivity to these EMFs, the challenge is to live within this modern world, not run or hide from it. Here I share my story as an electrically sensitive person, I talk about the symptoms stemming from ES, and how I faced up to this challenge to beat electrical sensitivity.

If you would like to learn more about “Beating Electrical Sensitivity” click here to watch the next video.

[In this and the other videos in this series, and in my book I speak about ‘beating electrical sensitivity’. But because studies have now linked EMFs to so many diseases, the EMF approach I lay out here is also a valid means to deal with many other diseases like chemical sensitivity, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.]
  • Verasak said,

    Thank Lloyd for dedicating his time on this.

  • Walter Vohradsky said,

    Thanks LLoyd, loking forwar to the followup video(s).

  • Dave said,

    wanted to make sure you had seen two articles on ES I had recently seen–

    one about Brian Clement

    and one about Prof Belpomme in France

    A NIS practitioner, a practice that has some reported success with ES, may also be of interest

    I have contacted a NIS practitioner in my area, but have yet to have a session with him

    the suggested relationship between heavy metals and ES makes sense in my experience. There is a product called “Metal Magic” available through “Baseline Nutritionals” that may be VERY helpful

    in four years of daily searching for answers on this subject, these are some of the most helpful things I have found–along with your site–

    wishing you well

    Dave Schock

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dave
    I had not heard of the NIS practitioner but I am familiar with the work of Professor Belpomme and Brian Clement.
    I met Professor Belpomme a few years back, I have written a few articles about his work see
    I am not quite sure what to make of Brian Clement. I read the article you mentioned about a month ago and sent him a message from his Hippocrates website but got no reply. He makes some fairly spectacular claims about curing people from electrical sensitivity which I would like to believe, but the jury is still out for me on this….
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Kamele said,

    I very much appreciate all of your efforts, Lloyd, at informing the public on the problem with EMF sensitivity and dangers. One of the hardest things for me to deal with is convincing those who do not suffer from (or are not “feeling” the effects of) EMF that it is REAL and it is painful. I guess that most people will not really believe until it happens to them. I’m sure that everyone has their overload point. I just hate to see folks have to get there just because it’s more convenient to ignore the truth. But keep up the good work. I’m glad we have you to back up those of us who are suffering in this way. Are you familiar with the MEMON devices, and are they really effective? I look forward to Part 2.
    I wish you blessings and continual DE-FUZZING,
    Kamele, Georgia, USA

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kamele
    I have not tried the particular brand of device you are talking about so it’s unfair to criticize but I have tried all sorts of pendants and neutralizers…many of them are quite expensive and none of them have worked, for me. I believe the solution lies elsewhere…
    As far as convincing the non-believers is concerned, if somebody asks my opinion on this subject then I give it to them if I see a baby or small child using a cell phone then I might say something, but that’s as far as it goes. I gave up a long time ago trying to convince people about the dangers of EMFs and I live better for it. The people that know you, your loved ones, they know about the dangers they can see what it does to you. For the others, unless you see yourself as some sort of EMF crusader, I think you are better leaving it alone and focusing your energies elsewhere.

  • Paul Von said,

    Here is a comment from the Brian Clement web site.

    “I do not particularly like jewelry, but I wear a pendant around my neck that acts as an EMF shield. Many of these devices work. I use a Gia computer chip on all our computers and our cell phones.”

    I was with him all the way up to the totally unrealistic, and scientifically invalid statements above.
    I have a thirty-eight year history in electronics design and applications, and it is obvious this man doesn’t know higher math, physics, cellular biology, or how to tell a personal fiction from a scientific fact.

    People like Mr. Clement make a mockery out of science, a practice that makes it all that much easier for governments to pound more nails into the coffins of people like myself.

    Thank you Mr. Clement, you ass.

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Hoping to be able to buy your book soon…would prefer a hard copy over E-book, if possible. I am on a slow dial-up type service right now and can not get the video to play at all (sigh) so would like info to buy the book.
    Also, quick comment on one thing that I know otheres are using (see Planet Thrive website) and that is the Gupta and Annie Hopper Brain Retraining techniques… there are many testimonies from folks on there who have had success ridding themselves of MCS AND EHS, since the two often coexist (as they do with me)and these folks are credible and returning to normal lives again after using these techniques. Please comment on this if you will.
    Right now my EHS symptoms seem to be all centered in one area for me…tinnitus and hearing blockage…I can be a few feet from a person and not hear their words!
    The ringing is so loud and hearing gets blocked incredibly much…otherwise I do not have the symptoms that so many talk about: headaches, pain, etc.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ruth
    For some people ES means tinnitus and hearing problems for others it means headaches and fatigue for others it means something different again. One of the peculiarities of this condition is that no two people have exactly the same symptoms but what everyone who has it does share is a reaction to EMFs.
    Initially my book will be in a downloadable form that you can print out and in audio (mp3) format. But there will be a hard copy version soon to follow. As for the website you mention, I can’t make any specific comments because until you mentioned it I had never heard of them. I did notice what they were selling went with a fairly hefty price tag (several hundred $) my book will not cost anything like this. Not that that makes it better or worse, what matters is what works and for me it has worked.

  • rere said,

    Thank Lloyd for this .

  • Virginia Houck said,


    When will your book be available for purchase?

  • Lloyd said,

    I hope to have it out within 7 to 10 days – maximum. It will only be available for purchase through my website initially.

  • Virginia Houck said,

    Wonderful! I want 5 copies and look forward to the announcement that we can order. Thank you so much for such a contribution to our health!

  • Cassandra said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    Thank you so much for the most helpful information you are sending me since a couple of months. On this last day of the year I would like to wish you all the best for 2013; I do hope that the coming year more and more people will become aware of the poisoning health effects of EMF’s and will take actions.

    I am a Belgian (Flemish) woman of 64 years old and started making the link between my ever increasing health problems and over-exposure to EMF’s about 3-4 years ago. At that time I was still living in the centre of the historic city of Mechelen, after having organised and guided garden tours for 15 years (mainly to the UK, but also to Ireland, France, Italy, Azores,… ) In 2010 I decided to sell my house and went on search for a radiation free zone (!?) in Wallonie (the French speaking part of Belgium). I bought a plot of land in Cens (Tenneville), a tiny village in the Province of Luxemburg, the greenest and less populated region of Belgium. I will soon start with building a new house. In the meantime I am renting the first floor of a barn transformed into two apartments in 2005; I knew from the beginning that it was not what one would call a healthy place to live (electrical heating, poor insulation, a lot of synthetic material, ..) but it was affordable and only 2 km from my new land. In summertime when I can garden most of the day I am quite OK. But living here in wintertime is very hard for me. The last 5 years I spent 3/4 weeks in January/February on La Gomera, one of the least touristic Canary Islands. Unfortunately I saw the number of masts in the mountains increasing every year, the beach restaurants having Free WIFI, … But last year I discovered a tiny hamlet in an idyllic valley well protected from masts and no WIFI around and I could there for 3 weeks after explaining my EHS problem to a German man who lives there. I have the opportunity to go back there from January 17 until February 12. The only problem is getting there without harming my health too much; there is the Ryan Air flight to Tenerife and than the ferry (Wifi !) to La Gomera. I bought already a protective hat and shirt, but my osteopath who tested them on my body (with kinesiology) says they are even weakening me. I know staying at home would be the safest, but I desperately need the sun !

    Do you have any travelling suggestions for people with EHS ?

    Do you know if there exists a list with radiation free accomodation in other countries ?

    Thank you so much for your efforts to help EHS people.

    Best regards and have a nice new year’s eve and day.

    PS : I have a particular reason for choosing Cassandra as a nickname.
    Why I will tell you another time.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi (Cassandra)
    I still like to travel by plane, I recount my story of a recent flight I made and give travel tips in this article
    What I didn’t talk about in this article was the accommodation side of things. The main thing I look out for is WiFi. I research on the Internet first, but then I always telephone to the hotel because WiFi may have been installed since the website was last updated. I ask for a room away from lift shafts and electricity power boxes, again this I do by telephone…I explain my ‘problem’ and people are generally very taken aback by my request but they are usually very accommodating. Sometimes they don’t have the answers to my questions in which case it boils down to making a decision. Its usually a family decision to go somewhere so if that place really fits for everyone else but not quite for me, I usually end up by taking a risk and then asking to change on arrival if the room is not suitable.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a list of accommodation suitable for people with ES, but if anyone else knows of such accommodation I will be happy to post it on this website.
    Happy New Year to you!

  • Jana said,

    Hallo Lloyd,
    I would like to ask you about static electricity – my partner is having serious pain in the body because of that. As soon as he would touch something what is producing statics his hands turn red. When he grounded himself for first time, he could literally feel how that static electricity is going out. But he has to repeat this grounding. Have you got any experience with this static electricity problem? My partner is saying that he can feel that static electricity in him, no just on the skin.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jana
    Static electricity is an electric charge generally caused by friction….some people seem to be more affected by it than others. Things your partner can do; try going barefoot more often (in safe environments-), wearing shoes with leather soles, raising the air humidity in rooms where he spends time – plants can help with this or even just standing a dish of water in the room.

  • Kelly Miller said,

    Hi Lloyd
    I started posting earlier and got to a point, I couldn’t function at all. When I tried, everything seemed to be scrambled and confused. I had an electrical stim pain blocker implant taken out, and the following day, with 60 staples in my back and in pain, my thoughts became clearer, sensations, food cravings I thought were lost, returned overnight and continue to. A judge ruled me 100% permanent total disabled. I’d expected an appeal from insurance, after all they’ve put me thru, but it never happened. I’m still regaining my composure, but I think I have to thank you. The meter I have and use stays fairly steady, in safe areas and nothing like before. What I learned on your site may have saved my life.
    Thank You very much Lloyd Burrel!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kelly
    Thank you! for your support, and good luck.

  • Elaine said,

    Hi Lloyd

    Do you know anything about scalar technology for EMF protection?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Elaine
    There’s a company selling EMF protection gadgets which claims to use scalar technology, I’ve bought and tried these gadgets…they didn’t work. Gadgets are not the solution.

  • Lynn said,

    Hi – I subscribed to your newsletter & wanted to print off the EMF report – thing is, I wasn’t able to. I got one front sheet printed off with half the page showing & the other way I tried was a pile of wingding symbols & only 2 pages long, not the 26 page report. Is there a place online where I can go to print off the report? It could be my computer set up so I would appreciate knowing another option to enable me to print off this report – thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lynn
    If you’re subscribed to my newsletter you should have already received a message (“magic bullet” in the title line) with a link to download my free report directly – if you haven’t received this let me know and I will send it to you directly.

  • Dave Schock said,

    to all at the ES site–and with great respect and gratitude for the work being done here–I have found that in 5 severe years of ES experience that the recent book by Greg Patera [called Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity] is the most helpful and powerfully hopeful material yet in print on the subject–David Schock

  • Lynn said,

    Thank you – I have it & was able to print it off. Appreciate all the energy & effort you’re putting into helping people be aware & giving them information that they’ll need in this ever increasing toxic technological world we’re forced to live in. Good job!

  • Kamele said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    My husband and I have just moved to a new place and are encountering new problems to challenge my hypersensitivity to EMFs. I have purchased meters for trying to determine where the problems lie (Trifield 100XE and a Body Voltage Meter). I have also purchased and am using an Earthing sheet for my bed and Earthing mat at my computer. Our electric outlets ARE grounded (I’ve tested them with 2 different receptacle testers), but we have some walls that register very high on the Trifield meter. And when I checked the monitor we use in our living room for watching DVDs it only registered around 4 volts on the electric scale, but the surge protector “wire” (not casing) hat it is plugged into went off the chart !!! It bounced past the 1000 volt mark. What kind should we get that will not put out such a high reading from the wire? Is there a specially insulated type surge protector on the market? I am feeling fuzzzzzzzed most the time and don’t know what else to do. It is now affecting my husband as well. And what do we do about the high electric readings from the walls (80-100 volts)? When we first moved here we removed hundreds of feet of cable from under the house which had been connected to a DirectTV satellite by the previous owner. It’s all gone now and it DID help some once it was cleared out. We have Internet through wired ethernet cables via the local phone company’s land line. We have NO WIRELESS anything – can’t tolerate it. There are no towers near us. We have shielded our electric meter, which is not called a SMART METER, but operates the same way with sending the pulses out to the station. If you can give us any advice it would be much appreciated. We’re frying here and our health is going downhill fast. – Kamele, Georgia – USA

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kamele
    The starting point to dealing with your symptoms is rigorous EMF protection and that means first analyzing all the EMFs in your environment…I sensitive RF meter and GS meter (dirty electricity) is the first thing that comes to mind here and then you can shield and/or introduce DE filters as necessary – see my article on this. A word about grounding…you can’t always assume that its beneficial….grounding in an environment where there are EMFs may be counter productive…..Dealing with this issue is a long slow process, be methodical. My free report is another good resource for you.

  • Sosthene said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for answering my questions above which I’ve sent you on your e-mails previously. This is referring to the following book :

    “Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation”
    WHO International Symposium Research Agreement No. 05-609-04
    Which results from a symposium held in Warsaw from 15th to 18th
    October 1973.

    Section E of this document is roughly telling that an EHS condition is the Rule when a living body is exposed for a long enough period to micro-waves radiation, but it also strongly suggests that recovery from EHS would only be 3%, Stabilization 35% and Progression 62%.

    I guess I’m lucky enough to be in the 35%…
    Might it be that youbelong to the 3% ?

    Considering all the EHS persons I’ve had contact with, or heard of, I only know of two who seem to have recovered, including you.

    So my question is (are, actually) :
    – Do you really think it is possible to recover for all EHS persons (given they follow your book) ?
    – If so within what time frame?
    – Do you know of several persons who have recovered, if so would you please forward me their e-mails addresses ?

    I’m pretty much following your path -which I started upon my own reflections pretty much the same as you 18 month before I even knew about you-, and my health has recovered up to 98%. However, I still have to wear integral shielding (including goggles and balaclava) when I go out, otherwise migraine and sleepless night plus tinnitus are back if I got exposed even for a few seconds.

    I’m dreaming of the day I could go back down-town without the balaclava and goggles, but frankly I’m not sure this will be possible for me…

    Thanks for your help and your time.

    Note 1
    I just received the whole 350 pages document No. 05-609-04 and am currentlx scanning it. Please let me know if you would be interested to have a copy of the Pdf.

    Note 2
    When I try to post questions or comments on the blog of yours, they do not appear on-line. Wander what happens…

    Kind regards,

    Sosthène BERGER

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sosthène
    “Do you really think it is possible to recover for all EHS persons (given they follow your book) ?” — Everybody has a potential to recover….can everyone recover just by reading my book?…..I’d like to think so but if I’m honest no I don’t think that’s realistic. Some people can read a book they can get a lot out of it….it can be completely transformational….others will get very little out of it. I guess this depends on a lot of things but rock solid determination and ability to follow instructions are probably at the top of the list of qualities needed.
    “If so within what time frame?” — Its impossible to give a precise time frame…..its more a question of months than weeks….
    “Do you know of several persons who have recovered, if so would you please forward me their e-mails addresses ?” — I’ve had some very positive feedback some of which I’ve been able to share on the website….unfortunately I can’t give people’s email addresses without their authorization.
    “When I try to post questions or comments on the blog of yours, they do not appear on-line.” — As far as I’m aware there are no problems but I have a growing backlog of comments and questions from readers….I answer them as fast as I can in the time I have available.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Kamele: I could only conclude from your post that you may have a serious ground plane issue in your house wiring. One way to check this out is to buy a long copper grounding post (you can also use a length of 1/2 inch copper pipe) and pound it at least 36 inches into the ground outside your home. Run a 14 gauge copper wire from this to inside your home, and check the voltage between your outlet neutral and outside ground. I’ve seen readings as high as 3.8 volts floating above the outlet pin “ground” and true ground outside. Be sure to check this in AC volts on your meter, as this floating voltage is in AC volts, and typically contains allot of high frequency RF noise and chaff.
    If you are using a grounding sheet on your bed, you are exposing yourselves to this line noise and RF chaff. It is biologically lethal, even though it’s at low voltage. Never ground into wiring that has high floating ground or neutral line RF chaff. Gramm/Stetzer filtering may help reduce the RF in your interior wiring. Lloyd has a page on filters.
    To fully understand the issue, please read this report by Dr. Donald Hillman, Ph.D. He is speaking mainly to dairy farm issues, yet his report details perfectly what the utility companies fail to address and commonly lie about. Their grid design is trash. The world wide electrical grid is an engineering mistake, and is (in fact) a biological hazard. It needs to be scraped.

  • Sosthene said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for your answer!

    The good surprise is that you are talking of months where I would have thought it would take years to kind of “heal”…

    Almost every other weeks I receive calls or e-mails from new EHS persons in Switzerland. Mostly they not only agree to get in touch with other EHS people, but request this, in order to feel less lonely and to exchange tips and treatments or addresses.

    Could you please point us on some of the “very positive feedback” you’re referring to in your previous answer to me ?

    I would be pleased to be contacted by someone who has “healed” from EHS.
    Kind regards,

    Sosthène BERGER

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Some of the positive feedback I’ve had is on this page, other feedback is spread around the site on different pages and others are in emails people send to me, which I’d like to share, I encourage people to share their experience but not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal details. I don’t publish peoples emails on the website.

  • Sosthene said,

    Thank you Lloyd!
    This is all I wanted to know for now.
    In two words I would like to share my experience with others. Personally, I recovered up to more than 95% while using protection cloths and having completely rewired our house with shielded wires, and this is a great success to me. However, despite many cares to my lifestyle and food, I cannot see much improvement in my health if I get exposed again by “accident”.
    Still hope I will, but not quite sure about that.
    Anyway, it is possible to go a long way following your guidance.
    I think we, EHS persons, should crate a EMF-free village… which eventually would become a town 😉

    Thank you Lloyd!

    Sosthène BERGER

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    I completely agree with Sosthene…every state in the United States should have a center with special housing for EHS folks, and special help there to recover as to be able to reenter society. I would think that eventually this would have to come about, since more people will be having EHS eventually. I realize that not everyone is going to have symptoms, but they will have poor health from it eventually, I would guess.

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    I’m sorry, I meant there should be a center or village for EHS folks in every state and country in the world!
    We are the ones that can make it happen, I think.
    Ruth/Wisconsin USA

  • Kamele said,

    I would love to see services where there are experienced personnel available to evaluate the homes of people with sensitivities to EMFs and let them know what is faulty and how to fix it. We cannot find anyone in our area who even KNOWS about the problems. And when I asked at the electric company if they could recommend someone to come to our home, they say that it would be a “conflict of interests” to involved others in electrical work, and of course they won’t do it themselves either. When I asked them about changing our digital meter to an analog type, they said it wasn’t necessary and that they didn’t know if they even had any of those old analog meters anymore. When I asked if they could check and see, they said, “Well, if we do, it would cost you at least an extra $10 per month to have someone come out and read the meter. But we don’t have any left anyway.” There is no help to be found. If people aren’t suffering from the effects of oversensitivity, they are not sympathetic in the least. Can anyone point me to someone in the North Georgia area who can evaluate and trouble shoot our EMF problems? – Kamele, Georgia, USA

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There’s a lack of trained professionals in this area….all the EMF consultants I know of I have listed here, maybe there’s one near you, or maybe someone can recommend one in your area…..

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Ruth: Our government has already created plenty of safe affordable housing for EM sensitives. They’re called FEMA camps, and one is coming to a theater near you. Our government has no intention of helping anyone with this malady, as the infrastructure that creates this illness was put there for population (thought)control and reduction. Every cell phone purchase, and indeed every purchase of wireless equipment is an act of aiding and abetting genocide. There will be no winners in the final analysis.

  • Marcey said,

    Hi Llyod,

    As a teacher I have to use an FM transmitter microphone headset on my head, and another microphone necklace on my body for a child with a hearing aid. I work in a WiFi environment in school, though I’ve done my darnedest to highlight the hazards repeatedly. I have noticed increasing symptoms of EMF reported to my doctor and feel very unwell most of the time lately. My work has told me that I do not have an option to reduce my use of these devices, even with a doctors note. WiFi is in use the entire school day. I have been relentless in trying to change this to no avail.

    I plan to buy protective clothing to shield the radiation from my torso(the FM transmitter read levels 4X the cell tower outside and the microphone for the hearing aid up to 20X the cell tower EMF levels) but the headset microphone is in front of my mouth. Is there any way I could wrap something (netting or fabric) around the microphone attached to the headset that would work? Otherwise, unless I wear a veil, I will still be exposed the a large dose of radiation around my face and neck. I know my work will have a problem with this, and I will feel very uncomfortable with this as well.

    Can you please email me about this as soon as you are able? What options do I have?

    In addition to pressure in the head, my ear getting all red, nausea and heart palpitations, memory issues, and a host of others, I have lost my appetite, am losing weight and feel like something more serious is going on. I love my job but am very concerned about my health.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Marcey: You said: “I love my job but am very concerned about my health.”

    I am sorry that you are faced with this impossible decision. I was an electronics engineer and also loved my work. I had no idea I was being damaged by EM radiation, and stopped way too late. I am now permanently disabled and unemployable in any normal occupation. I’ve become landless, dirt poor, in constant pain, and most likely dying from radiation damage. It’s grim.
    You need to consider the first hand witnessing of the destruction of your students as well. They may not have noticeable symptoms yet, but cumulative damage is always occurring. Is your job worth watching these students die for an education? This is part of the larger truth.

    Please show this video to as many parents of students as possible. You need friends and allies who will join you in stopping this insanity. The collective populace needs to actively put these communications companies out of business. Cell phone communications and wireless device technology is highly destructive, and must be called down. Best regards.

    “Another presentation by Dr. Magda Havas describing the indiscriminate and criminal irradiation of students in our classrooms.”

    Wi-Fi health hazard for students – YouTube –

  • Sosthene said,

    Hi Marcey,

    Been there too… with constant migraine, short nights and faintings in addition! Now that I protect myself from EMR, back to very healthy condition. Some have even said lately that I look much younger than 3 years ago!

    These radiations are cumulative and toxic, so I would very quickly take all the measures to reduce my irradiation level as close to zero as possible. This would include a veil or balaclava (as in my case). I also wear home-made protection glasses and a face shield in EM polluted environments.

    I also teach in a technical school and have found an agreement with the board so that I can do my job without balaclava or goggles on. All MW devices being put aside or Off. This is possible!

    In my experience, your condition is going to worsen unless you protect yourself and reform your lifestyle for example as per Lloyd’s book. But this all takes much efforts and time.


    Sosthène Berger
    EHS since 2011

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Marcey
    There’s no quick fix solution available here that should be your first realization….a recovery is possible…..drastically reducing your EMF exposures is the first step, but only the first step… Free Report & follow ups will set you on the right path.

  • Sally Carrer said,

    Dear Lloyd
    I have just yesterday come across your site.
    The reason being I was doing some research online on the pros and cons of induction hobs as we are planning a new kitchen.
    Here’s the deal…I believe I am sensitive to EMF. I have had a number of troubles healthwise in the past few years and now the puzzle is starting to come together. I am quite sure that EMF sensitivity has at least an important part to play.
    We had the house tested earlier this summer, something I though my husband would not be happy about. However, he amazed me and the guy that took the measurements was probably the reason…truly fabulous!
    We had some horrendously high readings (I can send them if you were to be interested, the main problem it seemed was the metal chimney carrying the current up to 1st and 2nd floors…our children, particularily my daughter sleeps under a wooden roof and on a wooden platform…and her readings were seriously scarey.
    By simply grounding the chimney we reduced the readings radically but there is still more to be done…but realise they won’t happen over night.
    In the meantime we are looking about installing a new kitchen.
    When we had the house analysed this summer the guy said big no no to induction…or at least Im sure he did…Now we are just about to order and the guy selling us the kitchen has all but convinced us that unless we put ourselves extremely close we are at no risk…however I am not convinced!
    Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated! The kitchen guy is coming to take measurements tomorrow so we will have to make decision this weekend, I imagine.
    Oh forgot to mention we are in Switzerland (Im from UK) but living in central Switz…
    Hope you can help
    thanks so much
    Sally Carrer

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The biggest concern with induction hobs is high magnetic fields….given your apparent EMF sensitivity this is to be avoided….a gas hob is a much safer choice but I urge you to address the issue of your sensitivity more fully because using a gas hob instead of an induction hob will have little overall impact on your health…. my Free Report and newsletters are a good source of information.

  • cheryl sutton said,

    I am a senior living in British Columbia.Sounds like you live in England & I cannot speak to you by phone.
    My friends here are all from Britain but do not believe
    me when I talk about my EMS.
    Do you know of anyone here that can assist me in continuing to make my home EMP free. I have already removed wifi, deck phone, cell phone etc. I need help to to get a faraday bed.
    I say I need help because I am pushing 70 and have already had years of sensitivity before it became well known and I have several health issues as a result.

    (love your name, my cousin has the same name.)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I do consultations via telephone and Skype but if you’re looking for someone to visit your home you need someone who’s local. I have a listing of EMF consultants on this page – let me know how you go on.

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