Urgent Need for Biologically-based EMF Public Exposure Standards

I don't really consider myself an EMF activist. I don't stand in the street with a banner protesting against the onslaught of wireless technologies in our lives. I have no political motivations…..

And for many people that know me…unless it came up in conversation or they pushed a cell phone in my face, I don't really talk about EMFs.

Because once I do start talking about it, I tend to go on a bit. And I do so dislike it when people ram their opinions down their throats at me.

Also because I have a place where I can talk about EMFs and health; ElectricSense, that's very much what my website is about for me.

But then out of curiosity I looked at the dictionary definition of “activist”, it says the following:

“An activist is a person who is passionate about what they believe in and helps educate other people about the subject at hand.”

So in this light, I suppose I am an activist. What started me off on this today was a comment on my website from Kellie saying:

“Have you all signed on for this petition?

Spread far and wide – numbers are very low at the minute.

Target of 2500 – low 600′s presently.


In fact not just one comment, Kellie entered her comment on five different pages on my blog! I get people doing this quite often, they are usually trying to market some miraculous EMF gadget….so I promptly delete the remarks.

But with this one I thought, what do I do? The “problem” is I support the cause. The cause being to get the current EMF (electromagnetic field) Public Exposure Standards revised which are thought in some cases to be 10000 times too lenient (I already talked about how ridiculously lenient they are here).

I actually signed the petition some months ago. But then I thought if I really support it I need to get the message out about this. It is really my duty.

So in full activist mode I ask you if you are really serious about EMFs and health please sign this petition, for your sake, that of your children and your childrens children.

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  • Linda Bruce said,

    Electrosensitivity is a leading-edge condition that we should all learn more about. It can be cured – I am proof, but people must make many changes to prevent widespread occurence. We must all be advocates for big change.

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Yes, the EMF issue is quite challenging, to say the least. Particularly in terms of finding one’s own level of commitment to reducing the impact of this environmental health hazard.
    In my own case, I find that my commitments to research and public dissemination of information, often expose me to the very EMF hazard I’m attempting to reduce. While this is somewhat ironic, I simply cannot allow this destruction of human health to continue. I’ve signed similar petitions in the past several months, and will certainly sign this one as well.
    Thanks for all you’re doing,
    Paul Von

  • Fleur said,

    Thanks Lloyd awesome post !! I am now a passionate activist about EMFs art of that is owed to this website and your excellent information. You have always answered my questions via email too, thank you !!. Your work is awesome !!

  • Darryl Ross said,

    A very special member of my life has just found out that she is
    electro sensitive THANKS TO THE ‘SMART’ METER that was forced into our lives by HYDRO. This electrically DIRTY device has caused her untold misery. If anyone gets a chanceto avoid the installation, do your families a huge favor by rejectingthe lies from the power companies and the danger of buying into this nightmare. Reseached and Proven Technology is usually good, this dirty and poorly designed technology should never have seen the light of day!!!

  • Kim Finley said,

    Thank you Lloyd for putting yourself out there for all of us who support you, your work and enduring commitment to helping us in spite of all of the denial that surrounds this growing issue, particularly in the US. It’s time that we all wake up and smell the coffee. I know how hard it is to convince people when no one else is talking about it. I try but don’t get very far. They are all asleep. I think it might take something huge for them to acknowledge the truth, I’m afraid.

  • Leo said,

    I agree with what has been written reference the negative effects of EMF on the human body.I feel sorry for all those people that are really sensitive to the electro effects and wish them well. One can only hope that some day soon the wake up call will bring favourable results.

  • Art Rose said,

    I’m from the US and agree that “WE THE PEOPLE” are asleep. Over the decades we have complacently allowed financial interests and power to take the place of interest in the well being of people. Thus we find ourselves in this EMF mess, feeling like we’re shouting into a forest wondering if anybody hears us. I was glad to sign the petition as a step toward continuing the shout from which, prayerfully, people will begin and continue to emerge from the forest of ignorance of what is happening to us. We are the frog who started in cold water and are now getting cooked, literally. Or maybe better, our families and friends are the frogs, set for dissection in the jars of Elliot’s (the movie “ET”)science classroom. In the movie, Elliot runs through the classroom freeing and encouraging others to free the frogs. I think we are Elliot.

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