Beating Electrical Sensitivity – Part 2


In this video I talk about the myths surrounding electrical sensitivity and what really causes this “condition”. Your comments are welcome. Thank you.

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  • Linda Bruce said,

    It excites me to no end to hear your words in the video! My discovery process toward healing went along the same lines. At first I believed that with enough mitigation of the EMFs in my environment I could find relief from EHS symptoms. But then I wondered: the EMFs were no different for me than for others — so why were others not feeling what I was feeling. And then also I asked — Why now did I feel the electricity and never before? What had changed? Something within me maybe? Antibiotics? Food/water-borne illness? Toxic exposure? I was led to have tests done on my nutrition and toxic load and gut health, and what I found shocked me: major issues on those fronts: gut infection stemming at least partially from antibiotics having stripped my gut of needed flora; toxic molds (stachybotrus) from my basement; some nutritional deficiencies; and a soup of toxic chemicals. So I went about learning how to heal my gut and restore my nutrition get the toxins out of my body. All were significant in my healing. Slowly, steadily I felt the relief of my body getting well. My symptoms abated and abated. I feel joy now to not feel what I was feeling in those difficult days, although I still feel a few symptoms now and then. “Detox for life” is a phrase my naturopathic health practitioners shared with me. It’s important to continue detoxing because toxins are somewhat ubiquitious. Thank you, Lloyd, from the bottom of my heart, for the info you share. Your website is invaluable on every level. It’s the best I’ve found.

  • Lloyd said,

    Thanks for sharing your story Linda, and for sharing in such detail. You, like me, know there is a solution and this is the really important message here. Too many people are suffering needlessly..

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    Thanks for sharing your story Linda, and for sharing in such detail. You, like me, know there is a solution and this is the really important message here. Too many people are suffering needlessly..

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Harold
    Apologies for the format. I have had one or two other people who have similar issues to you. I chose video because its the next best thing to actually being able to tell somebody something by looking them in the eye. The book itself you will be able to print, and later on there will be lots of other printable information.

  • Bobbi said,

    Brilliant set of videos, Lloyd. So far you are right on the money in terms of what I observed and experienced. I’m looking forward to the next video.

  • Guy Hudson said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Nice video!
    Have you heard of the leaky barrel? When you have enough allergic load you get symptoms – the barrel overflows. Retained toxins, EMR&DE, airbourne moulds etc. all contribute. So I don’t think any one factor is more important than the other – but you can reduce your symptoms be working on any and all of them.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Guy
    “Leaky barrel” is a good metaphor. I believe “good health” is about being in a state of “equilibrium”, that’s to say the toxins are there but it’s not a problem because your body can deal with them. Ill health arises when either there is a significant increase in toxins (EMFs and others) and/or our immune system, the body’s defenses, are diminished.

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    Good points: Toxins in the body, particularly metals I suspect, increase susceptibility to EM sensitivity. Keep in mind that one factor in this is that EM fields shut down cell membranes, so nutrients can’t get into cells and wastes can’t get out of cells. Therefore recovery requires:
    Minimize EM exposures to allow those cell membranes to open up again.
    Minimize toxic intake.
    Reduce existing toxins and infections as much as possible.
    EM will always need to be limited so as to keep the cell membranes functioning properly.

    As a muscle tester, I am seeing that cell membranes are calcifying in response to EM and ionizing radiation exposure. Clearly, this is a defense mechanism, but one with long term adverse consequences. Because of this, some people probably will not feel the initial harm from EM exposure, but the damage will be accumulating none the less. Their disability will appear as sclerosing diseases like scleroderma, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, kidney disease, dementia, tinnitus, malabsorption, fatigue, or cataracts, etc.

    Safely and effectively decalcifying these membranes is trickier than simple detox. I appears to me that, often toxins/infections are caught up in the actual calcium deposits. When this is the case, use of common decalcifying agents like Omega 3 fats, iodine, magnesium, chloride, vitamin D or certain herbs don’t work very well. One must treat the toxic/infectious aspects simultaneously with use of the appropriate decalcifier.

    For this to be done effectively, people will need access to some kind of subtle energy measurements to determine what to treat, when to treat, how to treat, and how long to treat. I doubt there is anything in conventional medicine that can address these problems.

    I suspect that other substances like uric acid, or oxalic acid, that can crystalize in the body may also be deposited in tissues in response to EM exposure.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kathleen
    It’s very interesting to hear that your muscle testing work confirms what the cellular biologists have been saying about cell membrane disfunctionments. Clearly we are subtle energy beings and the more we embrace this notion, and all that this implies, the better equipped we are to deal with electrical sensitivity and the other manifestations of disease. Thanks for sharing

  • Andrwe Maxwell said,

    Simply, thank you. I look forward to your next video.

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