Beating Electrical Sensitivity – Part 1


The world is filled with electromagnetic fields (EMFs). For someone like me who developed a sensitivity to these EMFs, the challenge is to live within this modern world, not run or hide from it. Here I share my story as an electrically sensitive person, I talk about the symptoms stemming from ES, and how I faced up to this challenge.

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[In this and the other videos in this series, and in my book I speak about ‘beating electrical sensitivity’. But because studies have now linked EMFs to so many diseases, the EMF approach I lay out here is also a valid means to deal with many other diseases like chemical sensitivity, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.]

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  • Verasak said,

    Thank Lloyd for dedicating his time on this.

  • Walter Vohradsky said,

    Thanks LLoyd, loking forwar to the followup video(s).

  • Dave said,

    wanted to make sure you had seen two articles on ES I had recently seen–

    one about Brian Clement

    and one about Prof Belpomme in France

    A NIS practitioner, a practice that has some reported success with ES, may also be of interest

    I have contacted a NIS practitioner in my area, but have yet to have a session with him

    the suggested relationship between heavy metals and ES makes sense in my experience. There is a product called “Metal Magic” available through “Baseline Nutritionals” that may be VERY helpful

    in four years of daily searching for answers on this subject, these are some of the most helpful things I have found–along with your site–

    wishing you well

    Dave Schock

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dave
    I had not heard of the NIS practitioner but I am familiar with the work of Professor Belpomme and Brian Clement.
    I met Professor Belpomme a few years back, I have written a few articles about his work see
    I am not quite sure what to make of Brian Clement. I read the article you mentioned about a month ago and sent him a message from his Hippocrates website but got no reply. He makes some fairly spectacular claims about curing people from electrical sensitivity which I would like to believe, but the jury is still out for me on this….
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Kamele said,

    I very much appreciate all of your efforts, Lloyd, at informing the public on the problem with EMF sensitivity and dangers. One of the hardest things for me to deal with is convincing those who do not suffer from (or are not “feeling” the effects of) EMF that it is REAL and it is painful. I guess that most people will not really believe until it happens to them. I’m sure that everyone has their overload point. I just hate to see folks have to get there just because it’s more convenient to ignore the truth. But keep up the good work. I’m glad we have you to back up those of us who are suffering in this way. Are you familiar with the MEMON devices, and are they really effective? I look forward to Part 2.
    I wish you blessings and continual DE-FUZZING,
    Kamele, Georgia, USA

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kamele
    I have not tried the particular brand of device you are talking about so it’s unfair to criticize but I have tried all sorts of pendants and neutralizers…many of them are quite expensive and none of them have worked, for me. I believe the solution lies elsewhere…
    As far as convincing the non-believers is concerned, if somebody asks my opinion on this subject then I give it to them if I see a baby or small child using a cell phone then I might say something, but that’s as far as it goes. I gave up a long time ago trying to convince people about the dangers of EMFs and I live better for it. The people that know you, your loved ones, they know about the dangers they can see what it does to you. For the others, unless you see yourself as some sort of EMF crusader, I think you are better leaving it alone and focusing your energies elsewhere.

  • Paul Von said,

    Here is a comment from the Brian Clement web site.

    “I do not particularly like jewelry, but I wear a pendant around my neck that acts as an EMF shield. Many of these devices work. I use a Gia computer chip on all our computers and our cell phones.”

    I was with him all the way up to the totally unrealistic, and scientifically invalid statements above.
    I have a thirty-eight year history in electronics design and applications, and it is obvious this man doesn’t know higher math, physics, cellular biology, or how to tell a personal fiction from a scientific fact.

    People like Mr. Clement make a mockery out of science, a practice that makes it all that much easier for governments to pound more nails into the coffins of people like myself.

    Thank you Mr. Clement, you ass.

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Hoping to be able to buy your book soon…would prefer a hard copy over E-book, if possible. I am on a slow dial-up type service right now and can not get the video to play at all (sigh) so would like info to buy the book.
    Also, quick comment on one thing that I know otheres are using (see Planet Thrive website) and that is the Gupta and Annie Hopper Brain Retraining techniques… there are many testimonies from folks on there who have had success ridding themselves of MCS AND EHS, since the two often coexist (as they do with me)and these folks are credible and returning to normal lives again after using these techniques. Please comment on this if you will.
    Right now my EHS symptoms seem to be all centered in one area for me…tinnitus and hearing blockage…I can be a few feet from a person and not hear their words!
    The ringing is so loud and hearing gets blocked incredibly much…otherwise I do not have the symptoms that so many talk about: headaches, pain, etc.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ruth
    For some people ES means tinnitus and hearing problems for others it means headaches and fatigue for others it means something different again. One of the peculiarities of this condition is that no two people have exactly the same symptoms but what everyone who has it does share is a reaction to EMFs.
    Initially my book will be in a downloadable form that you can print out and in audio (mp3) format. But there will be a hard copy version soon to follow. As for the website you mention, I can’t make any specific comments because until you mentioned it I had never heard of them. I did notice what they were selling went with a fairly hefty price tag (several hundred $) my book will not cost anything like this. Not that that makes it better or worse, what matters is what works and for me it has worked.

  • rere said,

    Thank Lloyd for this .

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