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Dirty Electricity – What Are The Dangers? How To Use Stetzerizer Filters To Render Your Home Safe

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on March 15, 2011 under Dirty electricity, Electromagnetic protection | 70 Comments to Read

About three years ago I attended a presentation on electrosensitivity organized in the UK.  I was already pretty savvy as to the dangers and consequences of cell phone radiation, having lived it firsthand.

After the presentation there were several people holding stands selling various EMF meters, detectors and shielding materials. It was here that I had my first encounter with the notion of dirty electricity (or dirty power).

Here are what some experts say about electromagnetic pollution:

“The greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. “

Robert O. Becker, M. D., -Author of The Body Electric(1985)

The harmful biological effects of exposure to electrical pollution have been established in numerous studies conducted during the past 50 years.”

Dr. Martin Graham, -Emeritus Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of California.

All Electricity Is Not Equal

I was once like most people, I thought that electricity was homogeneous. I thought that you paid for your electricity supply (240 volts or 110 volt depending on what part of the world you live in) and you got electricity. End of story.

Well things are not quite as simple as that. Because there is also something called the quality of electricity. That’s to say two houses in the same street can have the same 110 volts (or 230 volts) running through their internal wiring system, from the same source, but the quality of electricity can vary by multiples of 10 or even 100. The variation occurs because of very brief irregular changes in the voltage, known as ‘transients’.  They can be caused by external sources such as cellphone masts, or by internal sources, like your own electrical equipment. These transients can be measured by using something called a GS or STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter.

Using a Microsurge meter and installing a collection of STETZERiZER® Filters is a means by which your electricity can be rendered ‘safer’.

Watch this short video by Magda Havas for an explanation of GS units:

What Do Stetzerizer Filters Do?

Stetzerizer® Filters are a means of transforming dirty electricity back into good quality power. They filter out electromagnetic pollution in the range 4 to 150 Khz (that which Russian research has shown to be the most dangerous) carried in your power supply.

The human body is an electrical being. All the cells, tissues and organs in your body communicate with each other via small electrical currents. Dirty electricity perturbs these communications which makes the body vulnerable to disease.

Studies show that there is a biological impact to electromagnetic pollution. Cell phone towers and cell phones produce one form of this pollution, but dirty electricity produces another. Just as deadly.

Dirty Electricity As Explained By Sam Milham

Sam Milham in his book “Dirty Electricity : Electrification and the diseases of civilization ”. defines dirty electricity as high frequency voltage transients on electrical wiring.

Dr Milham analyzed death records from electrified and rural areas in the early part of the 20th-century and compared them with statistics from areas where there was no electrification. He discovered a correlation between electrification and such diseases as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, suicide, neurodegenerative disease. He found that where electricity had been introduced the disease rates were much higher.

Interestingly he also found that the Amish community, who don’t have electricity, have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc

Stetzerizer Filters – What I Have Learned

Having Stetzerizer filters installed in my home for several years and having observed the readings from my GS meter over a period of time and in different locations, I’ve noted the following:

  1. Dirty electricity seems to be higher in urban areas than in rural areas
  2. the more electrical appliances you have in your home the more your exposure, especially these devices; flat screen TVs, dimmer switches and CFLs
  3. the level of dirty electricity fluctuates constantly

I think it could well be that many of the problems associated with cell phone towers and radiofrequency radiation are in fact, as Sam Milham suggests, due to the RF radiation being carried down the power lines.

Do You Need To Install Stetzerizer Filters?

I would start by asking myself the following questions:

  1. do I live in an urban area
  2. do I have a lots of electrical appliances in my home
  3. do I live in proximity to a cell phone tower

If the answer is yes to the above three questions then it is quite likely that your dirty electricity levels will be high and you need to test.

How To Test Your GS Levels

Stetzerizer microsurge meterFirst, you measure the level of dirty electricity in your home with a GS Microsurge meter with EVERYTHING switched off and unplugged in the house. Then compare the reading to that when everything is switched on. This will tell you whether the dirty electricity is coming into the house from the outside.

If the GS levels are high with everything switched off and unplugged then the source of the problem is external. In which case you need to filter where the supply is entering your home. If the problem is internal you can identify the problem by a process of elimination (see below) and install filters/eliminate the device accordingly.

Is a Microsurge Meter The Only Way Of Finding Out If I Have Dirty Electricity?

One quick and easy way you can get an idea at whether you have dirty electricity in your household wiring is to use an AM radio. Tune your radio to the white noise between the stations and move round your home holding it near your electrical sockets. If your radio gives extra hiss as you are doing this its an indication that there is dirty electricity.

With this method, at best this can only detect if you have dirty electricity. You can’t measure it. To be able to do anything meaningful you need to be able to measure your GS levels. And you need to be able to do it on a regular basis because they do fluctuate. With every new appliance you introduce into your home there is a risk that you are creating more dirty electricity.

If you want to deal with this problem effectively measuring your GS levels with a GS Microsurge meter is your best solution. Here’s what to do:

  1. plug the Microsurge meter into a wall socket to measure your GS levels without the filter
  2. if your GS reading is high, then plug in a Stetzerizer filter
  3. plug the meter in again, if the reading is still high you might need a second filter on another wall socket in the same room

Go through your home. Install filters where necessary particularly in rooms  where you spend long periods of time.

Interestingly this issue is considered so important in the Republic of Kazakhstan that the country introduced a law in 2003 legislating on the maximum permitted levels of GS units allowed in workplaces. Stetzerizer filters are used commonly to ensure that the GS levels do not go beyond the maximum permitted level of 50 GS units.

This video shows how to use a GS meter:


Will Installing Stetzerizer Filters Guarantee A Healthier Electricity Supply?

GS filter for dirty electricityNot necessarily. Some experts contest that introducing dirty electricity filters can cause unwanted effects. These filters do generate magnetic fields, but at 30 cm these fields are negligible. So as long as you’re not sitting right next to them this is not an issue.

Stetzerizer filters do increase the currents in your house wiring. If your house contains any wiring errors installing filters can generate high magnetic fields, which is counter-productive.

The most important thing you can do to create a healthier electricity supply is to eliminate device/s susceptible to be causing the problem (namely things like dimmer switches, compact fluorescents, fluorescents with standard lamps) and notably DECT cordless phones and WiFi modems. You can identify these devices by plugging them in and switching them on one by one, while keeping an eye on the reading given by your Microsurge meter. When you see your readings spike, you can either eliminate the device in question or insert a filter/s.

If in doubt about your house wiring get it checked by a qualified electrician.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Stetzerizer Filters?

Stezerizer filters are produced in different versions, for different countries. For the US version (110 volts, 60Hz) I recommend this company. They offer good deals on the original Stetzerizer Graham Stetzer filters.

If you live in the UK (230 volts, 50Hz), click here. This company sells another brand of filters which are suitable for use in the UK which I have also tested..

You can start by just buying the Microsurge meter and then add filters individually or you can buy the GS filter system which is a pack with 20 filters and the meter.

Most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you. If you install filters and find that your symptoms deteriorate, you know that with your current installation filters are not the solution.

  • Shaun Kranish said,

    In 2008, I was working in a large office building as an IT consultant. I had been working on computers all my life, but this was my first time sitting in an office building all day every day. I was 22 years old at the time, and I was experiencing severe fatigue on a regular basis while sitting at my desk in my office.

    It could be the middle of the day, before or after lunch it did not matter. What I ate or drank did not affect it. I would feel so tired that I felt like I needed to lay down on the floor of my office and sleep. I knew something was wrong. Luckily my best friend mentioned the Stetzerizer filters to me. I did a little research online and ordered the meter and a set of the filters.

    The reading from the socket on the wall 1 foot from my body was 1650!!! A good reading is 30 or below, and the meter only goes up to 2000. So this was a VERY high and dangerous reading. With 1 filters this went down to about 125. With a second filter it went down to about 65. There were 2 separate circuits going into my office, so I put 2 filters on each circuit. Obviously I could not filter the rest of the building, but filtering just my own personal office was enough to make all the difference in the world.

    After getting the numbers down from that level, I NEVER felt tired like that again. It was unbelievable what a difference these filters made for me. I’ve been sharing them with everyone I can ever since. I also think that having the filters in my home has made me less sensitive to EMFs in general even when I’m out in public.

    I would encourage everyone to research dirty electricity and give the filters a chance. You will be glad you did. I’m glad there are people like Dave Stetzer who are finding solutions to this problem and helping us all. I’m also glad that my friend knew about these and shared them with me.

  • Stella said,

    I found your website thru the health blog and really appreciate all the research you have completed & provided here for the general public.

    As I have been suffering from tinnitus for the past year, fibromyalgia, depression and other conditions for many years previous, I believe this could a major cause of my health challenges.

    Since I have lived in a 3rd floor apartment for 16 years opposite hydro-electric lines at the same level, have used cellular phones since 1988 and have been exposed to everything else in this metropolitan city, I hope it is not too late to reverse the damage and risks for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc.

    I have bookmarked your site and tweeted your link to anyone else who should read about EMF pollution and the danger ~ and will be protecting myself with GS filters for every single electrical outlet at home.

    BTW, when our TVs were switched from analog to digital, I bought a new digital screen with large (outside) antenna which was “temporarily” kept inside my bedroom window for 2 mths. A week ago, I realized my tinnitus getting worse, blurry vision, itchy forehead, extreme dry mouth & greater fatigue than before. That was so telling that I moved the antenna OUTSIDE, pointing upwards & away from the bldg and actually feel a difference in just 48 hours (ie: sleeping 4 hrs straight for the first time in months). I hope I haven’t caused irreversible damage to my brain but I am grateful for your valuable information, especially since those medical “experts” have not been very helpful beyond a diagnosis, including causes, treatment, prognosis or protection.

    So it pays for us to be our own best advocates, when it comes to our health and well being. Thank you also for your free newsletter which I will share with friends and colleagues.

  • Lloyd said,

    It sounds like the power lines and digital TV antenna exposure have a lot to answer for but its impossible to know what might have caused any illness because its usually a combination of things. No matter, just focus on what you can do to put things right. I believe disease is reversible and you can get better – that’s my own personal experience with electrosensitivity. You need to reduce your exposure to emfs from all sources (the GS filters are a good start)all the while working on improving your health in other ways. If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter you will get information on this.

  • Yuval Dahan said,


    We live in a duplex (so we share one part of our house with our neighbors).

    Our neighbors have solar plates on their roof which cause high level of dirty electricity during the noon hours.
    We measured the dirty electricity and found out that indeed in the noons of sunny days the reading can reach to 800. The rest of the day is around 150-200.

    We are now using gs filter which reduced the reading to 35-45, but I keep thinking that the dirty electricity can reach to our house through the shared walls which we share with our neighbors.

    Could you please let me know what is your opinion in this matter?



  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Yuval
    It’s not through the walls that dirty electricity can be transmitted it’s through the wiring principally. What counts is the proximity, obviously these neighbors are very close so it seems you are being affected. You can talk to them about it, take your meter round and show them, maybe print-out this page so they can see for themselves what the dangers are – they can talk with the company that installed the solar panels to see if they have a solution. Maybe they will be encouraged to install some filters at their end, failing that you can just plug in an extra filter or two in your home to get back down to safe levels.

  • Stephen M. Hall said,

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. For the next 6-7 years I was pretty sick, having a bad relapsing – remitting Multiple Sclerosis condition and having moved to an area on the north side of Sydney, next to a Railway Line, 3 TV Stations and plenty of Mobile Tower booster stations, it became worse. Eveything I did, in terms of rebuilding my immune system, stopping free radical damage with nutrition and other things worked, and then only temporarily.
    In 2007 I installed around 15 Grahem-Stetzer Filters (these were the Australian/NZ Prototypes, we now have the Australian approved Victorian Energy Authority production models available – +61 0411372210 contact/can’t use the US/Canada GS Filters. They are only 1 amp and good for USA/Canada only 110 volts/60 HZ))
    The MS improved considerably. able to walk better, improved balance and less fatigue. Now I have the MRI scans to prove that this condition has changed, from definite lesions(plaques)readily seen, to very reduced plaques in both the size and prominence. It is my conviction, MS and many autoimmune disorders are affected by environemtnal EMR. The Neuroloigist was shocked, but showed many other neurologists the difference in the scans from 2001 to 2008. It should have been worse! Stetzerizer Filters and a low EMF environment certainly aided this healing process as nothing else was changed. Stephen

  • Lloyd said,

    Thank you for sharing your story Stephen.

  • ANTON said,

    Hi Lloyd
    About four months ago I started investigating what is going on with these Smart Meters. So I came across of allot of information (including your website which is very educational and easy to follow) which I didn’t know anything about before. So I am studying very hard to learn more and more about these very harmful EMFs.
    Lately I bought a GS meter and filters and I was going to buy some more for my son who is works in a office and my daughter who doesn’t live at home any longer. I haven’t bought them yet as I came across this website.
    **and scroll down to sub-heading -WIDEBAND EMISSIONS
    (Which I think is very informative). Under the heading “Wideband Emission” the author is saying that unscrupulous marketers are selling “filters” which can do more bad than good.
    I wonder what is going on with this, and what the facts are. I would appreciate if you have a look at this article and give me your opinion on this topic.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Anton
    The article does not challenge my thinking on the subject: installing filters without making any attempt to measure if filters are needed is not advisable. Measure first with a GS meter, then install filters as and only if necessary – this is important.

  • Anton said,

    Hi Lloid
    Nice explanation. Many thanks.

  • Dom said,

    Hi Lloyd

    where can I buy GS Filters in the UK?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dom
    For a UK version of the GS filter you can contact: [email protected]

  • Dom said,

    thanks Lloyd, keep up the great work


  • Pernille de Boer said,

    Could you please tell me what meter would be best to buy for measuring dirty electricity here in Denmark. The Stetzeriser Microsurge Meter seems to only come from US.
    Does the plug on the GS filters come in a fashion which fits Danish standards ? The US plugs do not fit in Denmark.
    I have a meter measuring mobil phones WiFi etc, but would also like one to mesure the Volts in the air from lamps and machinery in the house.
    Please recommend a product and if I can get it through UK to Denmark.
    Best Regards Pernille de Boer, Denmark. I am highlty sensitive to EMFields for many years now and would like to protect my new house as well as possible.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Pernille
    For GS filters for Denmark you can contact Antoon at his email is [email protected]. If I understand correctly you want to measure electric fields, which are measured in V/m. Lots of meters will do this, in terms of value for money the Trifield meter is difficult to beat, see

  • Stacy Rodd said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I live about 400 yards from a major cell tower with ever-expandng rings of dishes and receiver/transmitter/booster mechanisms. I count about 13 levels on this thing and growing. The county has authorized it and ecourages the owner to make maximum use of the tower so that they dont have to authorize more towers. I know it is affecting us because remote controlled fans and fan light mechanisms and our remote adjustable bed operate by themselves on an ever increasing basis. The huge dc cables on the trunk of the tower must be putting dirty electricity all around this neighborhood and i believe we are getting a heavy dose. I also have a 12kw solar system because the power company here is a monopoly that increases rates 2-3 times a year and i had to break their strangle hold on my wallet. How much do you feel that these two factors are affecting what’s going on with our electrical problems based on yor experience. Will installing these filters if ncessary affect the solar system? any suggestions for solving multiple issues? Thanks in advance.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Stacy
    With a cell tower in close vicinity you are right to assume that you have high levels of dirty electricity in your home. But this remains an assumption. You need to get some readings to be able to take any action here, either get an EMF consultant in or buy a GS meter…if you buy it through Amazon and you find your GS levels are low you can always send it back providing you do so within the 30 day return period.
    You need to test if the dirty electricity is created in your home or is coming in on your power line (see explanation in the article above). If its from internal sources you need to install GS filters if its coming in from the outside it would be more effective to install a bigger GS filter at the point of entry (where the consumer unit/fuse box is). You can contact your electricity board for a local supplier.
    Is the cell tower creating your electrical problems…possibly….your solar power installation could be another source of problems. These units are fitted with inverters which are known to create dirty electricity – again a GS meter is the first step. I wouldnt be surprised if your home had high radio frequency readings also…

  • Kate said,

    Awesome article. We installed the GS meters in our home after using a meter to test levels. Bio-safe is 30-50 and our outlets were mostly 1,100-1,300! The GS filters brought it down to a safe level – and we have all noticed a difference.

    Now we’ve found that our son’s classroom has levels even higher than our home.

    We need to order filters for his classroom. I have recently found GreenWave Filters, and they market that their filters cover a wider range of Khz (up to 10,000 I believe). Do you have any knowledge of them? They are less expensive, and each filter has an outlet in it, so from a practical standpoint that looks very appealing.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

    I found another filter at EarthCalm but my understanding is that they actually introduce a new field in the home that replicates the earth and your body then reads the EMFs as being at a safe level. Or – that’s my understanding of it. Our son is very EM sensitive, so I don’t think this will provide a good option, however EarthCalm has pendents and cell phone protectors that might. Do you have any insight on these or other products that can be used to protect against Cell phones?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kate
    The Stetzerizer Filters are the original dirty electricity filters…I have them in my own home and I know they work. I know Greenwave claim their filters are better….personally I’d rather not take risks with this kind of thing.
    I do have experience with Earthcalm products. I’ve tried them and they don’t work for me. One thing to be clear on, the dirty electricity filters rely on what I consider to be tried and tested technology. Earthcalm pendants, charms etc are quite different. Many experts regard their claims with suspicion and some people have said that these kinds of products have made their symptoms worse.

  • Eva said,

    “Issues with dirty electricity “filters”
    The behavior of devices marketed as “dirty electricity filters,” which are nothing more than capacitors, when exposed to a changing waveform, is to convert the impressed Voltage to Current flow, the amount of current flow determined by its electrical capacitance value. Additionally, since no capacitor is perfect, such a conversion will add harmonics that are solely generated by the capacitor. This Current is then impressed onto the Electrical System Ground (ESG) / Neutral, which, albeit “grounded,” will develop a Voltage directly proportional to the amount of Current used (whether from capacitor filters alone or other devices), due to the physics relationship described by Ohm’s Law, that is now made available through every cable within a residence.

    So a capacitor filter, by whatever name, will Not make your electricity cleaner, but dirtier.”

    Just trying to get full perspective.



  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eva
    A few years ago I was very electrically sensitive….I studied the work of Sam Milham and Magda Havas and so it was important for me to deal with the dirty electricity in my home…I stand by what I say in the above article.

  • sarah said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’m not sure where to post this, but I have a question about Giron material. Do you have a source where to buy it by the linear sheet? We are going to wrap the motor of our IQ Air Health Pro Plus air purifier, we’ve just learned they give off a fair amount of EMF’s due to the fancy electronics. We found LessEMF, but they sell it $44 per linear sheet, wondering if there is a more economical source? Thank you! Sarah

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sarah
    I only recommend companies I’ve bought with myself…which in this case is lessemf…

  • Sheri said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Would you happen to have any insight on the potential risks of using a wifi booster antenna? I have searched around online but cannot discover whether or not these devices (this one in particular- pose a significant increase in radiation.

  • Lloyd said,

    If this device is boosting your WiFi then connecting it directly to your laptop can only mean that your EMF exposures are higher but I see it can be used with a 16 foot USB extension cable – this will be the best way of reducing your exposure whilst using this device.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Eva and all readers:
    There are many situations wherein the electrical feed to your home or business contains many harmful high frequency artifacts. In some cases these artifacts are combined with poor power regulation and transient spiking from outside interference. When this is the case, no amount of GS filtering will yield better power factor or reliability.
    I once ran into this problem in an audio sound control room setting. This was a very unique lab setting, and local line filtering was not helpful.
    The cost and functionality of multiple GS filtering – such as mentioned in the above article, could quickly approach a point of diminishing performance returns, as even a modest sized home can often require as many as 20-25 units.
    In this case I strongly suggest the purchase of a whole house “line conditioner”. These units are often used in laboratory settings to protect delicate equipment from line surges, and/or to clean up the line input for precision measurement equipment. A properly sized line conditioner will not only correct power factor, but will greatly eliminate line distortions and high frequency ‘dirt’ from the entire electrical system.

    I’ve used Sola line products for many years, and there are several other commercial companies that supply similar products. The CVS series would work fine in most household settings. If you need higher commercial output, or find you wish to optimize line current for lowest noise, the MCR line would be an excellent choice.

    Sola power conditioners: Comparative performance of CVS and MCR line conditioning products
    MCR high output with improved line filtering

  • Lynton said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Perhaps you would comment on the following?

    The effects of GS filters + bad wiring: how does one measure this?

    LED flat screen tv, monitor; since they don’t have flourescent lights they might be safer?

    LED lights that work off the mains (they probably have ac->dc converters).

    Thanks for your website.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lynton
    GS filters + faulty wiring can be measured with a gaussmeter (Trifield for ex.) take measurements before and after installing the filters and compare, go through your property room by room running your meter along the walls where you think there may be wires. A GS microsurge meter will tell you which devices are creating dirty electricity.

  • Teresa said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’ve obtained a Stetzer meter to measure dirty electricity, but the readings fuctuate wildly on the screen and this makes it hard to actually get a fixed “reading”. The jumping numbers go from really low to just a 1 in the left hand corner (meaning over 2000). What should I interpret from this. Are the harmonics fluctuating that wildly?


  • Lloyd said,

    Its possible these variations are caused by harmonics and transients (dirty electricity) in your electricity supply, its also possible that your GS meter is faulty. Start by unplugging everything in your home you can and what you can’t unplug (dishwasher etc) make sure its not switched on. Take some readings, take readings near your electricity box and away from it, do this at different times of the day and night. If the readings are still fluctuating erratically contact the vendor with a view to sending the meter back for a replacement (some small fluctuation is normal – see my videos).

  • Cynthia said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    What about EMF’s in cars..they are now built to recieve WI-FI.. ?

    Thank you,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Cynthia
    More and more cars are being equipped with bluetooth, GPS, internet connectivity….. EMFs in cars are a particular issue because the metal structure of a car creates a “Faraday cage” effect, see

  • Dom said,

    Hi Lloyd / Cynthia

    Car EMF’s, Bluetooth, GPS, internet,in any transport (cars trains planes) etc are an issue not just for the ‘electro – sensitive’ but for the well being of everyone.

    I found some products and had really good results, they don’t get rid of radiation or EMF’s but they neutralize their effects.
    Here’s the website –

    PS i have no involvement in this company, but i have bought a home transformer, wifi, phone & car products.

    hope this helps


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dom
    There are many websites selling neutralizing devices… and some people that claim they work….but there are many that say don’t work and they also claim a worsening of their symptoms over time….. I fit in the latter category…. if such a solution did exist I and thousands of other electrosensitives would already be using it.

  • Dan said,

    Is installing 1 GS filter per room enough? Or won’t 1 GS filter on an electrical outlet in a certain room reduce the dirty electricity from other electrical outlets in that same room?

    Does anyone know?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    A GS filter in one room can reduce the GS levels in another room but be methodical in your approach….you test with a GS meter in the room in question….if readings are high you add a filter….test again….if readings are still high, you filter again and so on….installing a filter in one room may bring down readings in other nearby rooms….this depends on your electrical installation and on what devices you have in your home.

  • Dan said,

    Thank you Lloyd :) !

  • Peter said,

    One question about DE which someone (Lloyd?) may be able to answer. The Stetzer meter measures electrical activity in the wires, but tells you nothing about the effect in the environment. Given that EMF’s attenuate with distance does anyone know how far away from the wires these fields are active? A crude test with an AM radio suggests that the distance is relatively short, but the research (eg from Sam Milham) suggests otherwise. Field strength within the environment does not seem to be quoted in the studies – just the GS meter readings.
    Is there a reasonably priced meter for measuring AM field strength?

  • Tino said,

    Please help with this problem that I have. After switching off the main breaker I measured with a GS meter and got around 170….with regular spiking to around a thousand!! As soon as the main switch is turned on, the level drops to around 20!!! Almost like the dirty electricity gets dissipated into the house. All sockets then test low. Do I need a filter by the main breaker?

  • Peter said,

    Tino, I’ve had some strange things happen with DE.
    I don’t quite understand what you’ve done – if the main breaker is off there should be no power in the house, so how can the meter work?
    There’s a very good document on the Powerwatch website in the article library, about DE and how to deal with it. You may have to register but it’s a free download.
    In summary:
    Unplug all appliances and switch off all lights, but leave circuits on. This should give you a reading of the DE coming into the house from outside.
    Connect and switch on appliances one at a time, with the meter adjacent – eg on the same 2-way adapter. This will help identify any offending appliances.
    Do the same with light bulbs – especially CFL’s.
    Positioning the filters for normal use (ie with all circuits on) seems to be more of an art than a science – I just experiment until I get minimal readings on the meter on all circuits – typically 1 or 2 filters per circuit.
    I have seen the reading drop when I switch on certain appliances.I can only assume that some appliances may have a capacitive effect, and mimic the filter in some way.
    If the DE is coming in from outside you could try contacting your electricity supplier. I did this when the meter reading was about 1700, and they assured me there was no fault, yet 3 days later the DE disappeared!
    I hope this helps.

  • Tino said,

    Thanks Peter. I just put the Stetzer meters contacts onto the main feed to the circuit breaker box, after the meter…which is a smart prepaid one by the way. There is power until main breaker. I concluded that its the meter communicating through the power line, its that type. Somehow when I put on breakers one at a time it ‘detunes’ the DE somehow…even with all appliances off!! I reckon I will put in a main filter such as designed by StevenMagee in his books.
    I also will put in a filter or two in living in the house anyway….living room goes up when TV and DVD are on.

  • Tino said,

    Might also add that my RF levels are very low by Acoustimter. I use earthing, Helios, orgonite, and twenty other things…Geomacks…I also dowse for geopathic stress….which has a similar effect on people as EmF does btw. So I know there is DE,
    I can feel it. In fact I can feel when the
    Stetzer meter is measuring!! So somehow the Smart meter .DE is resonating into the whole house but not registering on the Stetzer meter when breaker is on.
    Magee uses CAPS up to 100000pF but EMFields and others use in the 10 microFarad range??? Stetzer filter I think are also around 20 microF. Don’t quite understand….is it a frequency effect….people targetting different freq thresholds??

  • QTino said,

    Now GS readings much higher suddenly…Thursday evening as opposed to Sunday afternoon. Hovering around 300, but still momentarily spiking to over a thousand….have to keep Stetzer meter measuring for a long time to pickup the spikes. Quite interesting.

  • John said,

    I am concerned about ‘dirty electricity’ being generated from our solar panels.
    How would I measure for this?
    Are there filters to combat this?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Its not the solar panels themselves that create dirty electricity….its the inverters that are used to convert DC generated by the solar panels into AC. You need to take readings with a GS meter (shown above)…….if you see your readings are above 50 you need to install GS filters.

  • Maya said,


    ref. John´s question above: if the solar panels are at the neighbour´s house roof (some 30 meters far from my home), is it worthy to buy GS meter (or any other) and take readings as well? I am not sure where he keeps that mentioned DC converter.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    30 meters is no great distance…..dirty electricity can travel literally miles….its well worth testing with a GS meter.

  • Yash Rungta said,

    Dear Llyod,

    Though I knew my body was sensitive to radiation, I was living fairly normally(after taking precautions) until Solar Panels were installed on a neighbourhood building about 50-70 meters away from home. Since then my life has been pathetic. Headaches, eyeaches, earaches etc. And it keeps getting worse.

    Now, what can do to I avoid this? Which GS meter should I use given that I’m in Mumbai, India? Will GS Filters help?

  • Riki said,

    We are moving into a house that has the old ungrounded two-prong wiring, and also a smart meter installed on the back. I feel I can shield the meter from the house but now I’m concerned about the dirty electricity. Do you have any advice specifically for old ungrounded houses? Would a GS filter work on such a place?

  • mike said,

    Lloyd, I have a tri field meter…do i still need to buy a GS meter or will the trifield meter do the same thing?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The Trifield 100XE isn’t suitable for measuring dirty electricity.

  • mike said,

    Wow, I will be loaded with meters..I was going to buy a cornet one as well. I guess I better budget for a GS meter as well.

  • Robert said,

    Lloyd, I have just moved to an area where I have never lived where they must have a higher density of towers where I live, or smart meters or what. Im trying to find out. My EMF symptoms were fine as long as I didn’t use wifi or kept my computer tower 2 ft away. Now I get burns and rashes from watching tv. Anyway, the GS meter says that I have very dirty electricity (over 100), and when I plug in 2 filters, the meter says less than 20 or 15. However, I always end up taking them out because they seem to make my mind confusion even worse. I thought it could be that it was because of the sparks emitted and the small shock I get when plugging them in, but I have symptoms even when I plug them in with rubber insulation. Or the symptoms could be from something else. I get symptoms from my TV now, so it could be anything. I noticed via my 3 axis gauss meter that there is a tiny magnetic field around my filters, so I place the filters where I am not, but still get the low numbers of outlets where I am. I have an RF meter, 3 axis gauss meter, soon a biovoltage meter, and of course the GS filter, and am planning on buying a near field electric meter soon, a trifield. (I think that it is what it is called). Can you tell me if one of these meters besides the GS meter would be helpful in letting me know if the filters are beneficial to me, if any? I know that none besides the GS filter will measure dirty electricity, but I was thinking that maybe the biovoltage meter could confirm its effects on me. I have yet to use the biovoltage meter or trifield, but am getting them anyday now. Or should I just listen to my body and not use them? I am hoping that these filters will end up working for me, and what the problem is is that I sit in front of the computer for 5 hours, get sick, plug in the filters hoping to get better, and am just am sick already, or that it is one of those you have to experience discomfort before getting better. It also may be helpful for you to know that I live in an apartment complex, not my own home. I do have my own breaker box, though.
    I would love to move back to Colorado or Wyoming where I had no such problems, but that is not realistic at the present. I feel bad about the length of the question , but I felt the details will help you know what I am getting at. I also use to be a grad student and cant write short stuff any more (joke). As I read your site more and learn more, I’ll be able to get to the point faster though, and not ask stuff very frequently.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Robert
    That’s a very long question and one I can’t do justice to here unfortunately. The dirty electricity filters provide relief for some people but not to others….use your meters yes, but listen to your body. Because when you get into a state where you are highly sensitized the meters are only a part of the solution……understanding what the EMF exposures are in your environment is essential but you don’t want to focus/obsess on that… need to focus on being that healthy person. These articles might help you

  • Jean said,

    After developing EMF sensitivities several years ago, I purchased a GrahamStetzer meter and installed seven Stetzer filters.

    According to the GS meter, the dirty electricity numbers declined on circuits where I had installed the filters. However, I did not feel any improvement, and in fact, felt worse.

    Then along came the Trifield 100XE meter which is excellent for measuring the magnetic field. A lot of ES people mistakenly think that only RF is the main offender of their illness.

    With the Trifiled, I was able to see that when I placed a Stetzer filter on one circuit the magnetic field of the house elevated from 0.1 mG to 6 mG throughout several rooms of the house!

    I was later to find out that this is due to electrical wiring errors in a home and that most homes have wiring errors as building inspectors and most electricians don’t give a hoot about them.

    My advice to people, is to not install these filters unless you have a magnetic field meter – example -the Cornet78S or the Trifield 100Xe (best) – on hand to determine if you are actually making matters worse with these filters.

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd ,

    Many thanks for your noble work .

    Based on your advise I have recently purchased a Stetzer meter and am in the process of ordering a packet of filters suitable for use in India

    Few small queries please

    A ) we have a Govt owned tall Radio transmitter tower approx 700 metres away . I am not aware if the broadcast is FM or AM . Would this be a source of dirty electricity ?

    B) surprisingly I found that the GS meter readings which were hovering around 820 during the day time , surged to over 1000 at night when the entire neighbourhood had gone to sleep ? What could be the reason ?

    C) in one of your articles you had explained that distance from the source of pollution and duration of exposure is critical . Is there a safe distance from Wiring / electric wall sockets ? Ie if I move my bed away from a dirty electricity socket/wiring , but sleep in the same room , does it make me safe . or will the wiring carrying dirty electricity affect the entire room ?

    Thanks Lloyd


  • Tino said,

    Sounds like you have a similar situation to me in Southern Africa. I have measured many houses by Stetzer meter and they sometimes even if low at around 250 surge to 1800 in the evenings…..I have tried experts from the UK and one can tell me what is causing this. I ended up putting 12 filters in my not so big house to hold down the surges. They are not evenly spaced in time and seem to get through many filters before they are under control. Now my base reading is something like 6. Strange. Might be the new electricity meter that communicate through the lines. Good luck.

  • Jean said,

    If you have power line communication (PLC, BPL, PLT)- in the US this is usually TWACS (two-way-automated-communication-system) or Hunt Turtle, the Stetzer filters are not calibrated to filter out the dirty electricity produced by this PLC communication technology which purposely distorts the 60 Hz sine wave. The Stetzer meter is also not able to detect this PLC dirty electricity.

    Dirty electricity levels change throughout the day in a home depending upon the demand on the power system. Late at night and early morning reads will be at their lowest, and will steadily climb during the day as the electric demand rises, and will usually peak highest around 6-9 PM in the evenings. It also depends on what the electronics and appliances being used by you or your neighbors (if you share a transformer) are using.

    I know several electro sensitive people who have tried Stetzer filters, including myself, and all have said that they received no improvement whatsoever and some have felt worse when using them. ES are the canaries in the coal mine – if the things don’t help us, please pay attention!

    It is extremely important to use a Trifield 100XE meter before and after putting one of these filters in! If there is a wiring error on the circuit (very common) the magnetic field in your house will increase to a dangerous level 24/7.

  • Tino said,

    Thanks Jean
    Although the GS meter does measure this surge…goes up to almost max for a few seconds then drops. So maybe its not the PLC. But I have also measured very many houses around the city and have seen the same surges. With enough filters…I actually use greenwave and emfields from the uk not Stetzer…sleep improves.

  • chris said,

    i am a bartender and we have a lot of tvs…if i stand under a tv about 1.5 feet away is this an issue? they are LCD tvs not the tube tvs obviously!! i don feel a certain way at all just wondering with all this talk that i am seeing?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Chris,
    LCD TVs are considered to be safer than the old style cathode ray TVs BUT dirty electricity can be a problem with these LCDs….most TVs and other electrical devices run on low DC voltages (such as 4-9 Volts)… step down the voltage and convert electricity from AC to DC, small chip-based transformers (called “switched mode power supplies”) ……these devices are known to create dirty electricity……1.5 feet is close. Measuring with a GS meter, as described above, will confirm this.

  • Chris said,

    I cut my hair all the time keep it real short are you telling me that I have to worry about using it because it’s an electrical device? I use an electrical hair buzzer to cut and shake my head.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Chris
    There can be substantial magnetic fields with electric hair buzzers….mine emits over 20 mG of magnetic field…..which is significant.
    “I cut my hair all the time” – I’m assuming this amounts to no more than a few minutes a day….if you are concerned I suggest taking readings with an EMF meter or using scissors.

  • Emily said,

    Hi Lloyd, Thank you for all your work. I am getting part of the message. But then worried that I might be doing a patch job since I don’t get all of it.
    1)Are you aware of someone in the Northern VA area that handles these issues?
    2) I have tested several outlets in my home. In the office room the reading is around 1700 the Fios is in this room. I added coverage and was able to get it down. I also added stetzerizers to the main fuse box.
    3) We have a huge HVAC unit outside our home, and I noticed that the outlets on the same wall from the fuse box, the living room, and our son’s room all have high readings.
    So it is possible that the source of the high readings is outside our home.
    How would we address this without creating other problems?
    I just want to do things right and without too much extra cost – if an electrician is not aware of the Graham Stetzers (which one to my home yesterday was not) I am paying to teach him… I want someone that knows how to help. I was curious about what you thought of this other “conditioning” product that Paul Von mentioned above. “Solar power conditioners: Comparative performance of CVS and MCR line conditioning products.
    Thank you.

  • chris said,

    Ok, I understand that the meter will tell you how much radiation you get from LCD TV”S, but where is this coming from? The sides, the back, or the bottom, I stand under the tv while I am at work, we have like 10 around the bar on the inside of the bar and they are over head, so we do stand under them. So what part of the TV carries or exposes you to the radiation? (again LCD TV”S) and how much is a safe level and what is a safe distance?

  • mickael said,

    i got 6 of them at home i have also read those comment but decide to buy them anyway its been 3 month so far no problem at all they are not getting hot or anything,
    i am suffering from MS and i been feeling better i read an article from an hospital that show this is helping over the study ppl with MS as been stable for almost 7 year which is pretty good.

    work or not its up to you to come to your own conclusion
    as the comment watch it may be some competitor who just type bad comment just to make ppl buy other dirty electricity filter.

    im glad i buy them

  • jean said,

    Lloyd, at the beginning of your article about filters and dirty electricity you state that “Russian research has shown 4 to 150 KHz to be the most dangerous” range. Could you please provide a link to that research so that we might read it?
    Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Jean
    This document makes reference to Russian research on dirty electricity and elevated glucose levels …..
    Dave Stetzer has reviewed the Russian research but I’m not aware of it being available on-line.

  • Fox said,

    Ok, I understand that the meter will tell you how much radiation you get from LCD TV”S, but where is this coming from? The sides, the back, or the bottom, I stand under the tv while I am at work, we have like 10 around the bar on the inside of the bar and they are over head, so we do stand under them. SO WHAT PART OF THE TV CARRIES, OR EXPOSES YOU TO THE RADIATION, SIDES, BACK, BOTTOM SCREEN OR TOP, PLEASE ANSWER!!

  • Lisa said,

    I am getting ready to sell my home and move to a rural county because of the smart meters. The meters give me life threatening grand mal seizers and make me totally incapacitated. I am looking into solar because were I am going to build is installing AMI meters. Now I will have an issue with solar now? We do not use CFL light bulbs, no WIFI, no cordless phones. I was told that I needed to have the filters in our to built home. I do not like the fact that the filters create EMF. The solar panels are not going to be on the roof and we are going to build a small storage sheet to house the components.

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