Can Raw Foods Really Help?

You've heard the saying “you are what you eat”. This's not a new idea. It was Hippocrates back in the 5th century BC who first made this observation about nutrition.

Many people now dismiss this idea as just another saying, an old wives tale.

But there's a lot of truth in it.

What you eat has a huge impact on your well-being and moreover a huge impact on how your body combats the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.

EMFs – The Environmental Toxin

EMFs are an environmental toxin.  They are an invisible attacker on your body’s natural defenses.

Countless studies, stretching back more than 30 years, show that EMF exposures affect the functioning of our brains. There's no question about it.

Surrounding your brain is the blood brain barrier (BBB). The BBB is made up of a network of vessels that form a structural and chemical barrier around your brain. The role of the BBB is to filter your blood supply. To keep toxins out of your brain and let nutrients in.

The studies tell us that EMFs affect this BBB permeability. The BBB can no longer do its job properly. The toxins leak into your brain. The effect may be a simple headache or much worse.

So it makes sense to ensure that your blood is low in toxins. What's the primary determinant of the level of toxins in your blood? The quality of your food. What goes on your plate.

 The video below extols the virtues of raw foods (It’s a fun video which talks about raw foods helping you to be more “sexy” and “fit” these are not the most important arguments for me!!).

Here is the transcript:

Is Your Body Starving Of Nutrients?

“We are living in the unhealthiest culture in the history of humankind. People are getting cancer and dying early while other cultures in the world are living well past a hundred. 3 billion baby boomers are looking in the mirror and freaking out. They are getting wrinkles, losing hair, gaining weight, and realizing that dieting pills, lotions, plastic surgery and injections do not work. Your body is starving for nutrients and the foods that we have nowadays make you keep eating and keep eating and keep eating and are void of all nutrients, but what doctor is going to write malnutrition on the death certificate?

Nevertheless, you can turn your life around right now, never get sick, again lose weight, regain our youth and become sexier than you have ever been in our life. The answer to this transformation is simpler than you think. People are doing it and one by one they are beginning to see a change in their well being.”

Less “Civilised” Cultures Live Longer

“The most primitive people on earth are outliving us by up to 50 years. They have no medical plans, no pills, no X-lays, no electricity, no freezers, no stores and yet they are 100 years old and still having sex, you tell me who is better off! You can go ahead and sit there in your huge SUV, sucking on sugar and cholesterol wondering why your hair is falling out or whine about how cellulite just showed up for no reason in your body. Come on people; take some responsibility in your life. Your body is a living organism and it therefore needs living food to survive and do the job that it's meant to do. Once you start eating raw food, you become more beautiful, sexier, thinner and definitely have more energy, tons of energy.

Do We Need To Eat Meat?

“Eating raw food is easy: it is so easy. This is no rocket science; there is no deep profound thing you have to know. Everybody always asks about the relationship between meat, protein, strength and muscle. The biggest and most powerful animals on the planet don't eat meat. Some of the top professional body builders don't eat meat. It is a fact that there is more usable protein in greens. We have all been brainwashed, we don't need to eat meat.

Food Heals Your Body

“Your body absorbs what you eat and uses it to build new cells. Your body makes millions of new cells every hour. The pizza you eat becomes part of you and those cells are not going to function properly. Why do you think you are always right on the edge of getting sick? Why do you think you are so tired all the time and your concentration is so muddy? If all the scientists in the world got together they could not make an apple, they cannot take hydrogen, oxygen and carbon and make a single living cell but your body can. The only thing that can truly heal your body is what you eat. It is all about food as medicine, not just food for the sake of food.

You maybe have inherited a body that isn’t so hot, so do a lot of people out there who take old junk cars and turn them into hot rods and win awards at car shows. They didn’t do it by just giving the old junk car a paint job. They had to strip it down to the bare chassis, sand blast all the rust away and start over from bare bones. That is what you need to do with yourself. If you want to be sexy, it is time to start to start over and I mean really start over.

While on a raw foods diet, you eat things that grow on the planet. I am talking about nourishment that can get you through and entire day just having a handful of something. You don't know you are not healthy until you really get healthy. Make this change in your life, you can change right now and give your body what it needs and watch the miracle start to happen by going on a raw food diet. Take the next step and don’t let anybody ever tell you are too old for anything.”

Raw Food And EMFs

Eating a raw food diet can be highly beneficial. It's not my own personal nutrition choice because I prefer a more reasonable, less severe approach. Introducing raw foods, preferably organically grown and local, into your existing diet can be a very effective way of helping your body fight the effects of EMFs.

But if you want to effectively deal with your EMF exposures, you need to do more than eat raw foods. A rounded holistic approach to EMF protection is required. First and foremost you need to minimize your EMF exposures and a good place to start is with the EMFs in your home.

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  • LEO G YOUNGER said,

    Regarding raw foods, & especially the vegan and vegetarian arguments against meat, please read the book, Beyond Broccoli, by Susan Schenck, a former vegan, but still primarily a proponent of raw foods. Thank you.

  • Chris Hunt said,

    Thanks for your newsletters, always full of timely info!! This is great news about food/diet. Essential oils (Therapeutic Grade!) may also help with this too.

  • Paul Von said,

    Thanks for posting this information, as quality food is an important way of resisting EM damage. Allot of people take food for granted, or don’t know that industrial food is mostly poison to the body. Combine it with EM radiation exposures, and the body system begins breaking down very early in life. Many of our modern diseases are autoimmune related, and taking more band-aid medicine is not the answer.
    Mankind needs to seriously get back to non-industrial farming methods, and insist that food producers become educated about herbicides and pesticides. Sorry, but I must take issue with a strictly vegetarian diet. There are just too many differing metabolic requirements to make any blanket statement on human diet. We need to insist on banning prepackaged industrial swill, and completely BAN any genetically altered life forms. Our pseudoscience and run away industry is killing every living thing on the planet.

  • Miriam said,

    I have to agree that food is one of the big factors in our environment that we must be much more careful with – individually and as a society.
    I have been so convinced of the importance of food and water quality, combined with exercise and our living environment that my life is now devoted to teaching others all about it.

  • Marie Louise Roy said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I do know all about food and strengtening the body. I am a graduate form the Ann Wigmore Institute in Porto Rico (like Hippocrate). I have been raw food and sprouting and wheat grass juice for 9 years now. I understand the importance of good food for the body and its clensing.

    Marie Louise Roy from Québec, canada.

  • M Schultz said,

    The most powerful animals don’t eat meat? Hmm. I guess the author does not consider the lion a powerful animal.

    These people professing a one diet fits all protocol are unfortunately misinforming the public. One diet does not fit all and while some do well on a vegetarian diet there are other who absolutely need meat to maintain good health. You can find out more about diet individuality by reading up on Metabolic typing.
    See: THE METABOLIC TYPING DIET by William Wolcott

  • lori ann garza said,

    Marvelous, thank you

  • Farrell Winter said,

    Hippocrates lived in the 5th century BCE. I support raw foods, not Christianity.

  • Paul Von said,

    I’ve read and commented on many pages devoted to diet and health issues, and (unfortunatly) the reader comments are often similar to the comments above. As usual no one is connectiong the important dots. EM radiation is destroying your food supply. I repeat: EM radiation is destroying your food supply.
    I’m not the only one who is aware of this. Click the first link below, and page down to the sobering comment by B. Blake Levitt regarding electromagnetic induction effects in natural systems. Ms. Levitt paints a definitive picture of the true situation at hand. Mankind is indeed destroying the entire ecosystem of planet Earth. The addictive presense of electromagnetic remote control devices, rather defines our intellectual hands-off’ paradigm of cognitive processing over the last 100 years. Human inability to even correctly interpret or predict the environment around us, is consistent with the research of many scientific articles regarding EM radiation damage to human sensory systems. This cumulative amd on going damage is inherently combined with a large constellation of cognitive and dissociated behavioral attributes. Thus ‘remote’ or invisible control has become THE behavioral imperative. This is no joke. >

    When there is no food left for you to eat, perhaps then you’ll have the time to read the studies above…

  • Susan Kangas said,

    I found this article somewhat encouraging. In the Electric Universe, by David Elliot, now out of print, the idea that we are electrical beings was new to me. With the added idea that a lot of things are not electrically correct for the human body. In the book Electrical Nutrition, by Denie and Shelley Hiestand I think, the point is made that everything has vibration or electrical makeup. The higher the life, the higher the frequency of that makeup. Moss has a higher vibe than a mountain, for example. Plants have their electrical makeup. So do animals, who have higher vibes. The human has very high vibes. Unfortunately, so do microbes and parasites.
    That said, the Hiestands feel that eating meats is the way to go because animals have the most vibes or energy to nourish the human body. I have read a book that indicated that when it comes to meats, there are 12 steps of ability to digest, starting with someone who can eat raw meat, to someone who cannot eat any form of meat. So, there are different metabolic types.
    I’ve heard the expression that GMO’s are “against nature”, and I wondered about that for some time, until it hit me that such foods are “not electrically correct for the human body”, hence, against “the human nature.”
    Still, it is encouraging to see that getting what is correct for our bodies, electrically speaking, can help us deter the negative effects of such as EMF’s.

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