Electro Magnetic Protection And You!

Not that many years ago it was only those people working in the military or living in close proximity of airstrips who used to be exposed to some amount of radiation.

Nowadays you hardly can think of life without your cell phone and WIFI and some exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

How things have changed.

Electro Magnetic Radiation Is All Around

Electromagnetic radiation is now omnipresent.

In fact a better description is that this radiation is all pervasive and all intrusive.

No matter whether you’re in your home or in your workplace, strolling along a beach or driving down a highway, tendering your baby or simply playing games on your computer, you are being constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation.

Even babies-to-be-born are not safe in their mothers’ wombs. So children that are not even yet born in to this world are being subjected to electromagnetic radiation.

I have already talked about how we are jeopardizing the future of our children by giving them mobile phones to use when they are young, in complete defiance to basic health fundamentals, in an earlier post.

Why Electro Magnetic Radiation Is Taking Over Our Lives

The buzzword today is convenience.

You and I, all of us, are running after convenience. We all are in a state of perpetual chase, running after things, gadgets, devices that will make our lives easier and smoother than what they are now.

So, more and more of these gadgets and appliances are coming in to our lives. Many, if not all of these communication devices, use electromagnetic technology. It seems we, as a race, don’t care much about the radiation that these appliances emit. This is probably unfair, it’s more that we are completely oblivious of the inherent risk that is there from such electromagnetic radiation.

Long term, we are heading for a public health disaster. Remember cigarettes?

Be Cautious With EMFs

We have to be cautious, if not for us, at least for our children.

True, radiation cannot be eliminated entirely, and I would not want to do away with cell phones and the like. But we can certainly minimize our exposure to them.

And it’s no rocket science. It’s common sense or electricsense, if you will.

Here are some simple tips to limit your exposure to emfs:

  1. As far as practicable, make sure your home is away from military establishments and airstrips.
  1. Avoid living or working close to power lines that carry electricity, mobile phone base stations or masts and other such transmitting infrastructure.
  1. Make sure your home electrical layout keeps electric wires and cables away from places where you spend long periods of time, for instance reading desks, beds, play or workstations etc.
  1. Completely restrict children from using cell phones unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
  1. Limit your own use of cell phones, BlueTooth devices and WiFi gadgetry .
  1. Use screening nets on windows and other screening paints on your walls, ceilings and other entry/exit points in your home to cut off radiation from outside entering inside.

I have a given a more full list of my EMF protection tips in another article.

And finally, one good tip:

Spread The Good Word!

Try to make people aware. Electromagnetic radiation is deadly. Not only is it a silent killer but it passes itself off as other diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy.

Many deaths that are attributed to these diseases are in fact a consequence of electricity sickness.

So take care and help others to take care.

I think everyone should do their bit, in their way. As I’m doing my bit. What do you think?

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