Electromagnetic Radiation Protection My Tips

When I say that you have been living a life under constant exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation, I truly mean every word of it.

You see, it’s not just your cell phone that emits this radiation. You have electromagnetic radiation coming from so many other things around you –electric power lines, fridges, TVs, electric ovens, microwave ovens, cell phone masts, military installations, WiFi appliances, cordless phones, burglar alarms and even baby monitors.

You may not have even one single appliance like the above in your home. Yet you will carry the risk of exposure.

Actually, the exact problem lies here.

You’ll Easily Get Trapped

Electromagnetic radiation from different sources can very easily enter your home through the windows, doors, walls and most building materials. And they can penetrate almost everything.

You can't imagine how pervasive and how intrusive this electromagnetic radiation is.

Just try out this simple experiment. Put your cell phone inside a microwave oven and lock it’s door. Do you think you will be able to cut off the electromagnetic signals to your cell phone? The answer is no. Simply call your number from another phone and you will hear your cell phone ringing in almost two out of three instances.

What I am trying to drive home is that this radiation can easily pierce through all common materials we see in our homes. Then they get absorbed in the objects on whose surfaces they hit.

Cell Phone Absorbtion Danger

Your risk begins when these electromagnetic radiations hit your body’s surface. Your body absorbs them. There is very small rise in body temperature, which largely goes unnoticed. But the danger lies elsewhere.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation for long periods will harm your health. Already indications are there that such long-term exposures are closely related to cell damage and cancer.

So what is the remedy?

Will you have to bear the radiation with nothing to do?

Yes, You Can Be Safe from EMFs

Well, the good news is, you can actually stop a good amount of radiation from entering your home.

Remember, you cannot eliminate them completely. You can only limit their entry.

Actually, you will have to fortify the entry points a bit. Take for example, windows. If you use a special window film on your window glass, you will be able to cut off almost 90% plus radiation.

Then there are emf blocking nets thats can be used as curtains or nets that will substantially cut down the passage of electromagnetic radiation through open windows. These curtains can also withstand sunlight and heat better than fabric curtains and so have longer shelf lives.

You can also have silver-plated nylon net curtains. They cut down almost 85% of the radiation.

Another interesting material for window shields is chromax. They are also able to cut down radiation by almost 90%.

There are also electromagnetic radiation resistant bed canopies, bedding materials, paints for walls, ceiling materials, and insulation boards.

I have been using some of these EMF protective materials for a while and the results have been very good.

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  • Bhushan said,

    hey Lloyd

    How are you? I read your article on electromagnetic radiation and the ways to avoid its effect. it is very informative. In the end u have mentioned you having more information on the subject.. I would be obliged if you could forward me the same. I am in construction business and I am developing automated smart homes under sustainable construction architecture. The above information and the one which you are going to provide is of great importance in my project.
    Thank you Buddy … hope to hear from you soon..
    God Bless You

  • Lloyd said,

    I think my article on How To Measure Electromagnetic Radiation In Your Home will interest you.

  • JAE Heaphy said,

    Where can I purchase the E.M. netting?

  • Lloyd said,

    I have found LessEMF to offer good service. They sell EMF netting and screening products.

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