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  • Renee said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I am considering moving into a house where 2 others live now. One of them has a wireless connection from his computer to his tv to get Netflix streaming on his tv. He says it’s not a router and I am not sure is what device is called. I am concerned about radiation effects. He says it’s on the other side of the house so it shouldn’t affect me. Hmmmm… your thoughts?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Renee
    Whatever you call this device, its emitting pulsed RF radiation.The adverse health effects are well documented. If its on the other side of the house, its true you will be less effected than if it was within a few feet of your bedroom. Try talking to him about the problem, print out some information, show him my free report…see if he’s willing to compromise in some way….. he could switch it off at night.

  • Tracy said,

    We JUST bought our first flat screen TV a month ago. Of course we went for the smart TV, before I did research on this issue. We do not currently have wi-fi in our house, but got the TV with plans to get it. Is there a way to turn off the wi-fi feature on smart TVs, or do I need to look into actually trying to return it, if possible?

  • Lloyd said,

    I had a similar issue with a satellite receiver which was configured on a wireless setting. I went into the menu and switched off the wireless function but my RF meter was still showing a signal….we ended up sending it back to the shop to get a different model where the wireless could be de-activated. I only knew the wireless was still on because my RF meter was telling me so.
    My advice boils down to what I said in your previous question…only an RF meter can tell you for sure whats wireless or not.

  • Tracy said,

    Thanks Lloyd!! We currently don’t have unlimited internet at the house. We have a device from verizon that I can plug straight into my computer and get online, but I am charged per MB. We need to upgrade though as we need more MBs of service. My husband was not so on board when I mentioned getting internet service with wiring. I read your article about it. I talked with him about the ports in the wall to hook up the laptop in every room, etc. I am not sure he is going to go for it. Now, I am a pro at unplugging things, as I want to save money on the electricity bill and already did this. If I can’t get my hubby on board, if I unplug stuff when we aren’t watching a movie or playing a game, etc., I know I am reducing our exposure – but is that enough? If we get wi-fi and a router and all that, can I turn off the signal when we aren’t using it? Or will it stay on at all times? My husband also wanted his first blue ray player and I just got one for his birthday next week. All of the available ones had wi-fi in them!! I am assuming I can turn off the wi-fi function, I hope (and will measure with a meter if can get my hands on one). It seems all devices will eventually have this technology. It is in the TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, they have the RoKu, etc. I want to know how to limit this exposure. I have never had internet service really, beyond this verizon card, so all of this is new to me. I am only 34 – it is just being poor that has kept me out of the technology era 🙂

  • Tracy said,

    Wow…the smart TV, the Xbox, the wi-fi blue ray player, possibly a router, my cell phone, my computer, possibly my power meter – all giving off radiation … sheesh!! That adds up!

  • Corrina said,

    Great information!
    We just purchased a smart tv today and it’s in the bedroom, I read this tonight after my husband hooked it up and we do have a wireless router upstairs. This TV has wifi but if I unplug my tv at night will it still emit radiation and try to connect to wifi all night? I know he will be upset if I suggest removing it or exchanging it so just looking for any info you could give me.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If your TV’s unplugged at the wall this will eliminate any WiFi signal coming from your TV….

  • Jane said,

    Hi Lloyd, I’m currently using an iPad, and I do so frequently, is there any way I can protect myself when I use it? Or should I not use it and stick w the computer? My eyes go red if I use it for longer than 1/2 an hour , also could you please tell me if there’s a way to protect the house from the stobie pole/ power lines out the front of our house, 5 meters away. Thankyou

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The iPad is not a particularly low EMF computer….see my video on that
    Re powerlines…the very first step is to measure your exposure with an EMF meter see

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