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  • Tammy Nason said,

    what if you wrap aluminum foil around the alarm clock; will this decrease or remove the radiation? (I rec’d this information from another website which a lady showed no radiation emitting from her smart meter when wrapped in aluminum foil) She demonstrated the validity of the aluminum foil protection by using some type of radiation meter (RF perhaps) – with the aluminum and without.

  • LD said,

    Thanks Lloyd, couple of questions; does the magnet in the mic register? What type of meter is that, and how is the radiation quantified? Is it like a tri-field meter?

  • Lloyd said,

    The magnet in my mic registers virtually nothing with the Trifield meter. On the magnetic field setting the Trifield registers a very small blip when I switch it on and again the same thing when I switch it off – its not really an area for concern (sorry about the delay in responding somehow your message got overlooked).

  • Kolawole Stephen said,

    thanks for making opportunity such as this available to the public. But I want to ask a few question.
    1. could it be refer to emf as magnetic field radiation?
    2. If emf is a radiation, could one estimate the radiation dose due to an electrical appliance?
    3. If such formula exist, I will like you to send the document containing the formula to my mail.

    thank you so much
    I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    1. Magnetic fields are just one form of EMF
    2. EMFs from electrical appliances can be measured using an EMF meter/s
    3. I don’t calculate formula’s – my interest is in educating the public about the dangers and encouraging them to take steps to safeguard their health

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