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  • Vicky Benjamin said,

    Hi Lloyd -great what you are doing.
    The fields also extend under the laptop and are affecting knees in particular.
    The dangers of the transformers and cables also need to be shown. I have been sensitized by these. I now am working with moving them as far away from the body as possible and am covering them sisalation – two layers of aluminium used for insulating roofs. Works well. Also using an external keyboard and mouse help a lot. Kindest, Vicky Benjamin

  • Lloyd said,

    Yes a lot of people have cables, transformers and power strips right next to their feet and legs which also give off EMFs.
    Thanks for your support Vicky.

  • Frank said,

    Are you sure the difference is from being plugged in or really from your power settings? If you are using Windows then you may have advanced power settings that are dimming the screen and reducing CPU frequency among other things to prolong battery life. You should try to set the same values in the advanced power settings to be the same when plugged in as when on battery and measure again.

  • Lloyd said,

    I went into the control panel to check the power settings and they are identical for mains and battery use. The screen does dim when on the battery, so I manually increased the brightness level….the EMFs are still significantly lower than when on mains power.

  • Frank said,

    If the *advanced* power settings are the same then it must be your BIOS power settings that are different for battery mode. Press Del/F1/F2/Esc during the initial powerup depending on your laptop model. The BIOS settings menu usually has a power submenu. The point is it may be possible to make the laptop settings save power while plugged in just like it does when on battery thus reducing EMF. It would be useful for electrosensitive people to be able to configure the laptop to be safer while plugged in too.

    Congrats on a great website. I’m chronically ill and trying to figure out if EMF’s are part of the cause and your site is very helpful.

  • Lloyd said,

    It probably is possible to make the laptop settings save power while plugged in, just like it does when on battery and thereby reducing EMFs. Personally I am a bit wary of going into the BIOS and prefer to use the battery. Thank you for contributing.

  • Richard Leschen. said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    All of these stupid and dangerous Microwave Technology across Planet Earth should be made Illegal from Cellphones to Smart Meters which are now seemingly Class 2B Carcinogen causing Machines to Baby Monitors etc.

  • kmt said,


    Can anyone direct me to a low emf computer. The powerwatch book refers to Dell Inspiron range having a 3 pin mains adapter and earthed mains cable.

    I would be using it connected to an external wired keyboard and at a distance of 1.2m from me.

    Would this be safe do you think?


  • kmt said,

    as an aside. I found the Tacima powerboard fantastic for reducing dirty electricity levels produced by my pc. We still had to add on filters both reduced the levels significantly.

    Hope this is useful.

  • Lloyd said,

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400, which I bought 6 or 7 years ago. There is nothing particularly low EMF about it – mine does not have a 3 pin plug on the electric cable, but I get round this by earthing with a wire. I use it with an external wired keyboard and I am perfectly comfortable with this set up. Whether this is suitable for you depends on how electrically sensitive you are – for more tips on reducing your exposure see As far as I know there are no “low EMF” computers on the market.

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