WiFi Radiation Free Schools List

On this page I would like to create a list of WiFi free schools – that's to say elementary, middle, or high schools, colleges and universities that have decided to use non-wireless technology to provide Internet access on the school grounds. I need your help to do this.

If you know of a school, college or university that does not have WiFi installed and its not listed here please include it in the comment box below along with the name of the town and country and I will add it to the list.

This list is intended to be a resource for mums and dads. Either so that they can move their kids to a school which does not have WiFi or so that they can use the list in trying to convince their child's' school to remove WiFi.

If you are looking for help in getting WiFi removed from your child's school click here. If you are unclear as to the dangers of WiFi in schools click here.

WiFi Free Schools List – Canada

Saanich School District, Victoria Island, BC

Winlaw Elementary School, B.C.

North Cariboo Christian School in Quesnel, B.C.

Pretty River Academy, Collingwood, Ontario

Lakehead University, Ontario

Aurora School, Ontario

Halton Waldorf School, Burlington, Ontario

Wayside Academy, Peterborough, Ontario

Aurora School in Ontario

Peterborough, ON

Meaford, Ontario


WiFi Free Schools List – United States

Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Fullerton California.

To sign a petition requesting removing WIFI from U.S. schools click here: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/get-wifi-out-of-public.fb46?source=c.fb&r_by=10527171


WiFi Free Schools List – United Kingdom

Prebandal Preparatory School, Chichester

Ysgol Pantycelyn School, Carmarthenshirem, Wales


WiFi Free Schools List – Rest Of World

Ballinderry Primary School, Ireland

Blaise-Cendrars High School, Switzerland

Hérouville Saint-Clair, France

Sainte-Geneviève University, Paris

To start your own free petition click here http://front.moveon.org/

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  • Laura J. said,

    Halton Waldorf School, Burlington, Ontario

  • Malini Menon said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    You have an excellent website, and what you are doing for the benefit of others is so very good! I appreciate and applaud your efforts. A private, Catholic school in our city, Peterborough (Ontario, Canada) is a wi-fi free (and technology- free) school: Wayside Academy (www.waysideacademy.com)

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Jan 2013 -According to the Department of Education for Northern Ireland: King’s Park Primary School,24a Avenue Road,Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The school has officially declined wifi but DENI says that it is reconsidering its position.

  • Mary Adkins said,

    Kingston Hill Academy (K-5) in Saunderstown, RI does not have WiFi as of 1/14/13.

  • Kate said,

    what is a good baby monitor with low emf?

  • Lloyd said,

    The lowest EMF baby monitor is a fully wired one which links through your electrical wiring, but these are not widely available. Next best is an analogue wireless baby monitor– again difficult to find. If you live in the US I know of no supplier for a low EMF baby monitor, in Europe Amazon.co.uk sells the Babyfon Vivanco BM 440.

  • Parents Against Wi-Fi in School said,

    Apparently Lakehead University used to have a no-wifi policy on campus – but when the Chancellor (who was a biologist) was replaced, then the policy changed. The only link I can find from the Lakehead University website is: http://tsc.lakeheadu.ca/network/

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Found the name of another wifi-free school:
    Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Here’s the BBC link to it:

  • Marcey Kliparchuk said,

    Note safety disclaimer by School at end of article!

    LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Internet and cell phone companies have told us for years that their products are safe, yet some doctors said they believe otherwise.
    Doctor Harold Naiman of Healthcare Partners Nevada said there are several potential dangers when it comes to using your laptop, iPad, tablet or other handheld devices like smart phones, explaining how these devices emit microwave radiation.

    “This exposure is especially threatening to our children because of their developing brains and thinner skulls,” Naiman said. “We know that their heads are bigger than adults, relatively speaking, and are less dense so transmission can be increased, plus there’s a lot of brain marrow there.”

    Naiman said studies have shown exposure can interfere with development, cause infertility in males and even contribute to memory loss and degenerative diseases like cancer.

    “Theoretically there are many health hazards,” Naiman said. “It’s so prevalent, that everybody has a cell phone and uses Wi-Fi. They just assume it’s OK, and we don’t know that for sure.”

    In May of 2011, the World Health Organization listed mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.
    Naiman pointed out that other countries have tested radiation exposure on animals.

    “We know that, for example, animals that are exposed to microwave radiation which are used in Wi-Fi and cell phones have fewer neurons in fetuses – in rabbits, rats that sort of thing.”

    Naiman said he realizes it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure all together, he said it’s important to limit the exposure the best you can.

    “I think we should use the airplane mode on our phones and tablets,” Naiman said. “Just putting it on that reduces a lot of radiation.”

    He also suggested turning off your Wi-Fi at night and using hands free devices like Bluetooth.
    The Clark County School District released this statement in response to Wi-Fi safety concerns in classroom.

    “CCSD’s Wi-Fi systems (50mw) transmit using less than half of the power of a single 3G cellular phone (125mw). The district is committed to the well-being of every student, employee and member of the public. CCSD will continue to monitor, review and be responsive to recommendations for standards and guidelines on this issue.”
    Here is an informative article about iPad radiation – a “must-read” for parents and teachers: http://citizensforsafetechnol ogy.org/uploads/scribd/iPads-are-they-safe-for-children-Fl yer.pdf

  • Marcey Kliparchuk said,

    Edmonton, Alberta

    Waldorf Program – Avonmore School K-6

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