How To Stop WiFi From Being Introduced Into Your Kids School

Both of our kids are still at school.

They’re lucky.

I’m not talking about the quality of the teaching or the awesome sports facilities or even the long holidays….

I'm talking about WiFi.

Both their schools are on a hired wired Internet connection.hard wired internet connection

I know because I checked this out last time I was up there for the parent/teachers meetings.

I know some of you are not so lucky.

One of my readers, Jenna (name changed), is not so lucky.

Her kid’s school just introduced WiFi. It's difficult trying to convince the “skeptics”. But Jenna seems to be doing a better job than most.

What Jenna Did

She wrote a terrific letter outlining the case why WiFi should not be introduced into her child’s school. Jenna very kindly offered that I share her letter with you so that anyone finding themselves in the same situation could use it.

Here is the letter Jenna sent to her school headmaster:

John Doe, Head of School

Members of Safety Committee

I recently learned that your School uses wifi to connect to the Internet. I am very concerned about this, in view of the evidence that wifi is dangerous to the health and safety of children. (More about this below.)

Of course, I realize that it is not your intention to harm children. Wifi is a relatively new technology that has caught on like wildfire — it’s in airports, libraries, restaurants, bars, hotels, and even in many homes. Surely our government would not allow this if wifi were not completely safe.

Would they?

Think again. For many years the wireless industry and our government assured us that cell phones were completely safe. Today, few people believe this given the increased incidence of brain tumors associated with the heavy use of cell phones.

As a result, the World Health Organization was forced to admit (in 2011) that cell phones — which, like wifi routers, emit microwave radiation — may cause cancer (Cell Phones & Cancer: WHO). Shortly afterward, Italy’s Supreme Court ruled that cell phones do cause cancer (Italian Supr Ct ruling-1), opening the floodgates for a barrage of legal suits worldwide.

Not enough time has gone by yet to implicate wifi routers as a specific cause of cancer, but they too generate microwave radiation, just like cell phones and cell phone towers.

At a private school in Plainfield Vermont, which had a wifi installation, measurements taken inside the school were found to be comparable to measurements taken in the immediate vicinity of a cell phone tower. Measurements of children leaning over their laptops were 3X higher than the radiation that someone would be exposed to standing right next to a cell phone tower!

Certainly no one would permit a cell phone tower in a schoolyard, yet due to a lack of awareness, the school was allowing 3X the equivalent of a tower’s radiation inside their building. (To watch the video, please click on the link below.)

What will be the long-term consequences of this exposure? As noted in the above video, today’s children are the first generation to be exposed to constant, long-term microwave radiation.

An authoritative video on the biological effects of wifi by a Canadian researcher, Dr. Magda Havas, is also well worth watching:

Other informative videos are listed below: (Wi-Fi Dangers, BBC Part I) (Wi-Fi Dangers, BBC Part II) (British newscast covering wifi) (Canadian newscast covering wifi)

(By googling “danger of wifi to children,” you can find many other resources.)

Bottom line, a growing body of scientific research indicates that the microwave radiation emitted from wireless devices creates adverse biological effects. These include —

· permanent DNA damage

· increased risk of cancer

· damage to the reproductive system

· heart and circulatory problems

· weakening of the blood-brain barrier

· changes to melatonin levels

· insomnia

· thyroid disruption

· neurological and behavioral problems

· decreased cognitive function

Some of these studies are listed at scientific-research under “EMF Research.” (You’ll have to scroll down to see the list.)

Given that there is a safe alternative for connecting to the Internet, is there any good reason to have wifi at your school?


Thank you Jenna.

Comments welcome below.

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  • Louise said,

    Please would you tell me how I can write this to a Spanish school. All the you-tubes and references are in English.
    I think it is a wonderful letter and agree with you 2000% Well done!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Louise
    Unfortunately you can’t change the language on the videos but some videos may have had a Spanish version created – do a search on Youtube with the keywords in Spanish. To convert the letter into Spanish you can use Google translate, see

  • Mary Adkins said,

    I wish it were that easy, to simply write a letter. Two years ago I wrote a very similar one to my school district. I mistakenly thought that any rational, responsible adult–upon hearing the evidence of risk about WiFi–would never continue using it. But I got nowhere with the school department Superintendent. So I went to the School Committee, then the state Dept. of Education, then the state Dept. of Health. All turned a blind eye. In fact, my school district added EVEN MORE WiFi to all their schools after I notified them of the dangers. And now–in what I consider to be a horrifying course of action–they are planning to put an access point INSIDE EVERY SINGLE CLASSROOM at the high school. I’ve heard reports of children and teachers getting sick at all the area schools, including this high school (symptoms like headaches, anxiety, ADHD, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, respiratory problems, etc.) A beloved teacher (my neighbor) first became sick when she started working at the high school and now she has died of liver cancer (hmmmmm…..the free radical damage from radiation must be processed through the liver….coincidence?). She was a beautiful, 35 year old mother of three. Before she died, this teacher told me she personally knew six teachers at the high school who were on anxiety medication (see Magda Havas’ study about 2.45 GHz–same frequency as WiFi–causing heart arrhythmia). Are these children and teachers getting sick from the radiation emitted by the wireless access points? Did this teacher develop cancer because of the WiFi? You decide. I’ve made my own decision–I refuse to send my child to this school.

  • Lloyd said,

    I published this letter so that others may use it but I am not suggesting its easy…I know it’s not easy. But that does not mean you shouldn’t try. There are lots of cases where people have been successful in having WiFi removed from schools….

  • Joel Garson said,

    Hi Lloyd: Very interesting and well informed aspects that wifi’s have in schools. The videos were enough to bring about a change in the the wifi’s dangers. I found more then enough evidence for this. Again, thanks for your research and posting of these reactive and dangerous agents in our schools and wherever wifi’s are installed. Joel S Garson

  • Jean said,

    Just a suggestion, why not print out all the info on WiFi radiation and blitz the school parking lot (under windshield wipers) and hand out to all the kids and mothers/fathers picking up kids, etc. I would think you should be able to get enough support from other parents to get the job done, I hope!

  • Debbie Hepplewhite said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’ve only recently been more aware of this issue since my husband and I have become increasingly aware of various ‘effects’ we feel in our home – so we are conducting our at-home investigations.

    Please can you give me a quick update on the situation in the UK. I’m very concerned about this issue as I find it so very insidious and highly worrying – and I don’t trust people in the industry one jot! I work in the teaching profession and I’m horrified to think of wifi in all our schools.

    Kind regards

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Debbie
    Things are locked down in the UK by a body called the HPA (Health Protection Agency) which unfortunately only considers the heating effects of low level EMFs…WiFi does not create a heating effect…they consider it as safe.

  • MARILYN LANE said,

    Iand my dental implants are sensitive to scanners whether wifi or hardwire, have any of you noticed
    that many department store and supermarkets are scanning
    their customers?

  • Paul Von said,

    To all readers,
    I’ve researched this issue time and again, since 1979, and for many years warned people of the dangers of radio, television, and radar frequency broadcast. Look up Tetra frequencies, VHF and citizen band broadcast technology, cell tower radiation effects on plant health, wi-fi and DECT phone systems, and how these technologies destroy human cellular biology and directly cause multiple cancers.

    I’ve read over 100,000 pages of data over a period of 30 years, and the result is a conclusive link between blood leukemia, multiple cancers, heart arhythms, learning, cognitive, and behavioral disorders such as ADHD, degenerative neuron disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and exacerbations of epilepsies and diabetes.

    Your children’s lives are directly at stake, and I’m tired of hearing this incessant stupidity regarding the EMF radiation issue. EMF is a lethal POISON to biological systems. I repeat: EMF is a lethal POISON to biological systems. Your cowardice and complacency on this matter is ULTIMATLY TERMINAL.

    It is just plain foolish to rely on your incompetent and arrogant government agencies to reduce or eliminate this WORLD WIDE health disaster. ALL communications companies need to be directly attacked with serious physical force, their equipment utterly destroyed, and this technology permanently banned from use.

    These companies are destroying your future, and your governments are LYING. Your governments have been lying for over 60 years, and your schools and administrative agencies are in collusion with the communications companies. They either need a major shake up, or all personnel should be completely eliminated.

    Get off your duffs, and destroy the companies who manufacture this technology. High frequency broadcast technology has effectively reduced your collective behaviors to abject retardation. I’m not exaggerating one bit. You people have no idea how much your intelligence and behaviors have shifted these last 50 years, because you no longer have a reliable control group. EMF proliferation is a behaviorally addictive and fatally dangerous substance. Get rid of it.

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