Why Pregnant Women Should Not Use A Cell Phone

Pregnant women are advised to keep a watch on their use of cell phones to ensure that their little ones can lead healthy lives. Personally I do make a point of warning friends and family where there is a baby on the way to be extra vigilant in their use of a cell phone.

Already there is growing concern in the mobile phone community about the harmful effects of cell phones on health due to the radio-frequency radiation the cell phones emit.

Numerous studies already published point to the link between cancer and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones.

Now there is a new dimension to this concern.

The Warning Signals

The results of a recent study indicate that even babies in their mothers’ wombs are not spared from the harmful effects of these radio-frequency radiation of cell phones.

The July 2008 edition of Epidemiology carried out an interesting study that exposed this alarming phenomenon.

There were indications that children, who were born to mothers who had used cell phones for longer periods than mothers who either did not own cell phones or used them less frequently, were more likely to develop behavioral problems.

Nearly 13,000 Danish women participated in the study and recorded their responses about their cell phone use. The behaviors of their children up to the age of seven were also noted.

I think you will agree that these revelations are quite shocking.

The Killing Truth

Nearly 54% children were reported to have behavioral issues if their mothers were extensive cell phone users.

What’s more, if these children grew up to be frequent cell phone users themselves, the risk went up to 80%.

This study would seem to suggest that 4 out 5 children born to frequent cell phone using moms could have behavioral issues if they too, in later life, are frequent cell phone users.

The Cell Phone Time Bomb

Cell phones and most other wireless appliances emit radio-frequency radiation. They are just like the ones that are emitted by the microwave ovens we use to heat our food, though of a lower intensity. It is my belief that the continued exposure to this radiation through cell phone use can damage the healthy cells around the ears, the mouth and the brain.

That is why extensive cell phone users often have cancerous tumors in the brain, acoustic nerves and salivary glands.

I admit conclusive evidence is yet to be produced on this issue. Many more studies are required to establish the link between behavioral issues of children and cell phone use of their mothers when they were pregnant, but the early indications should not be ignored.

What is more, here we are only talking about behavioral issues but I believe that there are other more serious issues for small and unborn children, like autism and epilepsy. I call this the cell phone time bomb. The cell phone menace is there all the time gradually building with each new cell mast installed, with each new cell phone sold, with each new device which adds to the electro smog pollution.

My point is we are in unchartered waters here. Most adults born today were not born into a cell phone world. Their mothers were not cell phone users and they did not use cell phones as children. The cell phone bomb is ticking we dont know when it will explode, in some people it might be 10 years in others it might be 20 or 25.

Don’t take the risk!

Especially where babies and small children are concerned. Start by controlling your own cell phone use.

I believe that we can change to have a better tomorrow. What do you think?

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