Cell Phones And Cancer: The Big Cover Up

If you thought that cell phones have nothing to do with cancer then think again. There are even ideas circulating that cell phone radiation is good for you.

The Reality About Cell Phones

Concerns about the use of cell phones started surfacing when there were strong indications that radio-frequency emissions of cell phones are a major cause of cancerous tumors in the brain, acoustic nerves and salivary glands.

To find out the truth, a study was commissioned by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC, under the aegis of it’s’ parent body, the World Health Organization.

But as it seems, the study has failed to deliver what everyone was waiting for.

Interphone Study

The Interphone study the most far reaching study of its kind was run across 13 countries. Use of cell phone among 6420 people who had cancerous tumors in the brain, meninges, acoustic nerves and salivary glands was compared with 7658 people who did not have cancers.

The main objective was to find out whether the people who had cancers had used cell phones for longer or more intensively than the people who did not have cancer.

The data collection was completed in 2004 and the final results were to be published in 2008, as of today we are still waiting. The interim findings have come in for much criticism.

The cell phones have been given clean chit. The reports published so far say that cell phones do not have any link to cancer.

But if you look at the methodology of how this study was conducted, you’ll easily spot the lacunae in its design.

Half Truths Coming Up

Those people who were covered under the study were asked questions about their cell phone use.

Now tell me honestly – is it ever possible for anyone to remember for how many hours he used cell phone five or ten years back?

At least, if I was asked, I would not be able to remember correctly.

That’s what happened with the Interphone study. Those people who were surveyed failed to give accurate accounts.

The results are the flawed findings.

Apply Your Mind

It’s a given fact that cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation. And that this radiation has an impact on the body’s cells. A 2009 report endorsed by more than 40 scientists and officials from 14 countries independent of the cell phone industry consistently show there is a significant risk for brain tumors from cell phone use.

But 60% of the results that have so far come out of the Interphone study do not point out to any such effect.

Don’t you find this strange?

Guess who funded the Interphone study?

The cell phone industry.

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but my opinion is clear.

We are being cheated. The study is a sham.

This truth will only be exposed over time.

I can’t use a cell phone anymore. I advise my family and friends of the dangers and tell them to limit their use I suggest that you too apply common sense, apply electricsense, and do the same thing. It’s in everyone’s best interest, don’t you agree?

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