Buying Your Child A Cell Phone Is Not Necessarily Doing Them Any Favors!

Recently there has been a sudden spurt in public health concern over the use of cell phones, particularly by children.

The dangers of cell phones is nothing new to me.

I have been harping on about the damaging effects of cell phone radiation for quite some time. Years in fact. Though only fairly recently at

That which I have been expressing my fears about is now slowly but surely turning into reality.

I should be gloating with satisfaction. I’m not.

I believe that even I may underestimate the extent to which cell phones are detrimental to our health, long term.

Now it is established through a pioneering study that radio-frequency emissions from cell phones severely harm the brain cells of children by easily penetrating their thinner and smaller skulls. *

Shocking. We are crippling our future generation.

There has been a hue and cry about it, but then it’s not exactly front page news every day.

Safety authorities in many countries such as Finland, Britain, India, France and Israel are already started warning their citizens of the impending dangers.

Some countries are also considering imposing some sort of ban on rampant use of cell phones by children.

Some are contemplating introducing specially designed, low emission handsets for use by children, when such use becomes absolutely unavoidable.

In the USA, a special hearing on public health concern of cell phones was held recently before the Senate Sub-Committee on Labor, Health, Human Services and Education. Experts on the subject who had come to participate in the International Expert Conference on Cell Phone and Health held in Washington DC in September 2009 testified before the Sub-Committee.

Dr Devra Davis who gave evidence at the Senate hearings argues that American children and their parents are not provided with the basic protection that is afforded to European children and are asked simply to have faith that everything is all right.

There is a dearth of debates and discussions going around on this critical issue. For instance this week the Gaston Gazette asks the question: When should a child get their cell phone?

But where is the action?

I mean specific, concrete action.

I am told many agencies in the US that offer recommendations on cell phone use do not even have a single health expert on board.

These agencies probably hire outside experts to help them, and you’ll hear it going around that many of these external experts are actually working for some of the big cell phone companies.

So you can easily understand what sort of “unbiased” recommendation you are going to have.

As Nobel prize nominee Dr. Robert Becker points out our bodies are truly electric. Electric impulses enable our brains to think and our muscles to work. Radio-frequency radiation from cell phones disturb this natural harmony and jeopardize the normal functioning of the organs, particularly the brain.

My approach is straightforward. I know what cell phones did to me, for years they played up with my bodily functions and even when I stopped using them, my body had reached such a low point that I couldn’t even travel with the radio on in the car. I haven’t had to preach to my kids about the dangers of cell phone use, or restrict their use, they saw what it did to me and got very sensible and reasonable about the issue.

Prof Gandhi when he saw that instead of introducing stricter norms, cell phone standards were being lowered by companies to fuel their business interest, showing a thumb to public health and child health issues, he made cell phones completely out of bounds for his grandchildren.

After all, no one would ever want to compromise with a child’s safety during the initial years of brain development (goes on till 20) by allowing him/her use lower quality handsets with almost double the emission levels.

Children are more vulnerable because they are still passing through various stages of brain development and have tender defense mechanisms.

Beware. Don’t go thinking you are doing your 12 year old a favor by buying him a cell phone to play with. A cell phone is not a toy it’s a powerful electromagnetic radiation emitting device.

I appeal to you to protect your children from cell phone radiation.

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