Was Ted Kennedy Killed by Radiation From His Cell Phone?

Most people, when Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer, attributed his illness to age.  However, there is actually strong evidence to link the use of his cell phone to his cancer.

Cell phones have not be in general use for very long, only about 20 years,  and their effects over the long term have not been accurately determined.  Remember this is a device on which no  safety testing  was carried out on before it was brought on to the market.

At this point in time, the only thing we have to go on are short-term studies of cell phone radiation, and also what is known generally about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human organism.  Cell phone radiation has been linked with the type of cancer called a glioma, which is exactly what Ted Kennedy suffered from.

What I find interesting to note is that quite a few neurosurgeons, who see diseased brains all the time, either do not use cell phones or use them only with a speaker attachment.  Evidently, these medical professionals, like me, are not willing to wait until conclusive evidence surfaces before protecting themselves from this potential source of trouble.  Let's not forget, a diagnosis of brain cancer is usually considered terminal.

In the case of Alan Marks, who was also a heavy cell phone user for 20 years, who also developed a malignant glioma, his surgeon noted that the tumor developed on the same side of the head as he was holding his cell phone and thereby concluded that the cancer was brought on by cell phone radiation.

Cell phone use might not bring on cancer, it may just provoke a brain tumor, as was the case with Enrico Grani, who developed a slow growing non cancerous brain tumor growing from the meningines. In both cases the health consequences are very serious.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones has definitely been linked, according to recent studies, with a 58% increase in cancer of the salivary glands, and animal studies have demonstrated that cell phones can result in changes in the DNA of the test subjects.  There can even be danger in carrying your cell phone near your head or heart while it is on standby – it will continue to give off radiation, although at a lower rate than when in use.

Even I have to admit that cell phones are very good in emergency situations, they can mean the difference between life and death in the case of an accident, but surely the current addiction to nearly continual use is unnecessary.  I urge you to take measures to ensure that you and your family obtain the best protection from cell phone radiation.

As time passes, more data will be available about the safety of cell phones.  But you need to take precautions now.  I KNOW that one day it will be proven that cell phones do cause brain cancers, such as the tumor that killed Ted Kennedy, but you need to take positive steps to keep your family and yourself safe while there is still a chance to do so.

There can not be much good to be found in the tragedy of the death of such a highly respected public figure, but if it had become public knowledge that Ted Kennedy was killed by his cell phone then this would have served as the most public of warnings to all of us as regards the mortal danger of cell phone usage.

So, was Senator Kennedy killed by radiation from his cell phone? It's an interesting question and one we will never know the answer to, I think he probably was, but what really matters is you and your family's health. Take the necessary steps to protect it today.

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