Radiation :The Electronics I had On My Working Space Gave Me A Stroke

This lady's story got my blood boiling:

Rhodasianna Lally: What is electromagnetic radiation convergence?  It’s the new national problem we have to fight.  I’m Dr. Rhodasianna Lally.  I am a victim and survivor of electromagnetic radiation convergence.  Who would ever have imagined that all the electronics I had on my working space or desk would turn into an assault weapon, give me a stroke, and send me to the hospital with a 40% radiation burn to my breast?

Who would imagine that I would spend a life savings to buy a home and move my family into it, and all of a sudden my son would lose 60% of his brain fade away when he had a promising career ahead of him in martial arts.

I’m here today to tell you about a national problem.  It’s not unique to your city or mine, its in every state, every city in America.  The problem is surmounting such that the Food and Drug Administration convened a conference May 2010.  I was marveled at how many home care agencies were there, begging for information and guidance, because the medical devices were are the patients’ beds converging and creating problems.

This new silent weapon, electromagnetic frequency, is so diabolical because it’s magnetic and your body’s magnetic.  Your body naturally spins to the right, forward, your cells do the dynamics of magnetic radiation spins to the left, or backwards, and it’s the magnetic spin that is the silent assault weapon against us in our homes because when you’re in a radioactive field of radiation, it hits hour body and makes your little cells spin backwards.  When those cells are spinning backwards, they offload vital minerals.  Don’t you know, don’t you ever feel when you get up in the morning so tired, you’ve slept 8 hours, but “Sleep, somebody let me get more sleep longer”, it’s because while your brain is sleeping, three feet, two feet from a wall, the brain, the vital minerals that sustain brain function is being slowly offloaded and you wake up feeling tireder than before you went to sleep, so what are we going to do about this problem?

I’m doing something, I had to travel the world, to England, to Germany, to Canada, across the United States, and had to interface with nuclear engineers and people who understood how to rebuild tissue after a radiation assault.  I came up with my own technology because after everything that I found nothing would work for me, so I developed the world’s first bio-harmonic.  It’s a one inch shield that goes on the body – it’s so dynamic you can take it off and put it on your electronics.  What it does is sustain the cell in a forward spin when you’re exposed to an electromagnetic field in the body, and when you put on your harmonics, what it does, it spins the radiation forward, it doesn’t mess with the function of the electronics, it just takes the current, the energy around it and spins it forward so it will help you not to offload your minerals and so this is an exciting time, America, because you can get involved with me.

I took it one step further when my grandbaby was born because she was a little teeny baby.  It was fine when a one inch shield when she was layin’ down, when she got up to walk, she was always in front of the plasma TV, and always in front of electronics and that electronic and she began to offload minerals and enzymes so fast she spent 9 weeks straight in the hospital.  I had to get in a hurry about building this Bio-Shield because people think a baby is born with autism, but research is showing that a baby can develop autism up to age 5.  It’s a new battle to keep your toddler from developing autism.

So, I developed the Bio-Shield.  It looks like absolutely nothing, it’s working on free floating radicals in the air, it harmonizes.  Maybe I should change the name and call it the Energizer because it energizes radiation forward…….

(Please note I am in no way endorsing her product, I have never tried it and so cannot comment on it.)

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