Can Organic Food Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation?

Doesn’t it seem sometimes that every time you open a newspaper, switch on the TV or surf the Internet, you hear about some new discovery proving that healthy foods can prevent disease and slow the ageing process?

When you consider the statistics, they are pretty frightening:

–          cancer was responsible for only 3% of all deaths in the US hundred years ago. Today it is responsible for more than 20% of deaths.

–          3000 people were dying in the US of heart disease in 1930. In 2005 heart attacks and strokes killed nearly 800,000 people, an increase far outstripping population growth

–          Less than 0.01% of the US population was affected by diabetes a 100 years ago, today nearly 27% of the population is affected by the condition.

I'd like to give you a statistic for electrosensitivity but I don't have one. Despite the fact that studies indicate that  50% of the population could be affected by an intolerance to electromagnetic fields in 25 years thanks to the behind the scenes work of the cell phone industry, the data on what could soon reach epidemic proportions, remains sketchy.

If you have been following my posts then you will have heard me talk about Dr Samuel Milham’s work on dirty electricity and radiation. He argues that the rapid and recent growth in radio frequency radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers towers, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, powerlines, broadband internet over power lines, and other personal electronic devices may prove to be our downfall. Dr Milham talks of an “epidemic of disease and mortality” that we may soon face because of these technologies.

So where does food and more precisely organic food fit in to all of this. You are what you eat, as someone once said, and this I firmly believe to be true.

If we follow the reasoning that cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields generally are environmental factors that create these health problems then eating the right foods is absolutely fundamental.

The food you eat is not just calories that give you energy that fuels your body. It serves to give immune support, detoxification, the free radical defense, hormonal balance….. hence the importance of eating the right foods and eating the best quality food that you can. And so am I saying that you can prevent and protect yourself from electrosensitivity not to mention a whole host of other diseases like cancer, weight gain, premature ageing, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart attacks….. just from what you eat?

Not exactly but I do believe that most chronic diseases, including electrosensitivity, that may look very different on the surface, are in fact just the physical variations of the same underlying causes. Proper nutrition, and more specifically organic food, plays a key role for two reasons:

  1. Depletion : research has shown that the deficiency of many key nutrients in our diet can cause the same damage to your DNA is that observed from exposure to electromagnetic fields. So even if we lived in a world with no electrosmog, eating the typical 21st-century diet that most people eat of processed foods which are robbed of essential nutrients,  at a cellular level, it's just as if you are exposing your body to radiation.
  2. Toxification : from the chemicals in our food and water, to the medicines we take and the creams and ointments we put on our skin, our body is on overload. Over time all these toxins damage our hormonal systems, impair immunity,  can cause you to store fat and may eventually cause disease.

Eating normal non-organic foods has a double whammy effect, because on the one hand the nutrients in our foods are decreasing, while on the other hand our exposure to harmful toxins is increasing.

Although the dangers of pesticide residues have been downplayed or ignored by government agencies, it's inevitable some of the poisons sprayed on fruits and vegetables to control insects will remain.  Even after washing produce, it is inevitable that these poisons will be present and will be going into your's and your childrens' mouths. There are no pesticides used in growing organic food, using food produced in this manner will keep you and your family safe from any potentially dangerous residues.  Remember pesticide traces will also show up even in baked goods (made from grains, after all) and baby food.

Food found in the average grocery store has been produced in a manner basically unknown to the consumer, and as so much food is now being imported, food safety is on everyone’s mind.

As agribusiness has taken over from family farms, such things as appearance, shape, and color have become  omni important.  Whatsmore, fruits and vegetables must be ‘tough’ enough to be able to be harvested mechanically and be shipped long distances.  So shelf appeal takes precedence over taste and quality.  People will purchase an apple because it is very red and has a pleasing shape, little realizing that it has no flavor and is stripped of nutrients. Organic food, on the other hand, is generally grown on small farms by people who work the soil themselves and take pride in what they grow.

When food has been certified as organic you know that strict requirements have been met. OK there is no guarantee that the food is pure and fresh, but the chances of it being so are considerably higher.

There are also no unwanted additives in organic food.  Artificial colors and flavors are needed because of the poor quality of most processed food, but you can be sure that none of these will be added to organic foods.  If you buy organic jam or other frozen or canned food, you will be assured that it will not contain preservatives, hydrogenated fats, or anything else artificial, it will be made of completely pure ingredients.  Food allergies are often linked not to the food itself, but to the additives that have been put into commercial food to make it more palatable.

As for organic meats, not only are the animals raised in a more humane manner but more importantly they are free of hormones used to produce fast growth and antibiotics. So they are chemical free. As a culture we tend to overconsume meat, I would suggest not more than 3 to 4 servings per week.

A great deal of controversy surrounds genetically modified food.  Genetic modification is a process whereby a plant’s or animal’s genetic material is changed by the addition of the DNA from another type of organism, sounds appetizing right?  This is done in the hopes of making a plant more resistant to a certain disease, or to make an food animal gain weight quickly.  But, like cell phones there has been little or no research done on whether this food will ultimately prove to be healthy or not.  Also, what about what these altered genes will do to the ecosystem?  It is not surprising that many people are concerned about the safety of genetically modified food.  I am dead against genetically modified foods. For me its' just one more reason to use organic food, it will be the natural food, without any scientific tinkering that may cause problems in the future.

I have been eating organic foods for the last 5 to 6 years and I can honestly say that my body feels much better for it. The digestive problems I was once suffering have gone away, my energy levels are higher and I find I need less sleep.

So to answer my question, can organic food protect you from cell phone radiation? Yes I honestly believe it can.

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