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  • Colleen said,

    Please can you tell me why the new-style fridge gives off rf radiation, and the old-style one does not? Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Many new appliances (cookers, washing machines, dishwashers etc) are being fitted with RF transmitters so that they can send information to the new smart meters. Unfortunately this is not just a “fridge problem” …..

  • Sandra said,

    Dear Lloyd, I purchased a new Sub Zero refrigerator two years ago. Is there any way to protect ourselves and the food we consume? Thank you. Sandra

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sandra
    If you are worried about RF radiation from your refrigerator then the only way that you can be sure that you are not being exposed is to test with an RF meter. If after testing you find that your fridge is emitting RF radiation then there is really not much you can do except to look to replace it with a radiation free model…most skilled electricians would have difficulty removing the smart transmitter.

  • Kathy Hubel said,

    Is there a listing available of transmitter-free kitchen appliances? I am electro-sensitive and am putting in a new kitchen.

  • Lloyd said,

    Currently there is no legal requirement for this information to be disclosed but the Energy Star rating will soon have provision for new generation home appliances that have wireless connectivity it will say “connected” or words to that effect. In the meantime measuring with an RF meter is the only way of knowing if the device your are wanting to buy emits radiation, see

  • Dale Zilar said,

    I have done EMF readings on refrigerators. I will get a reading between 14 to 50 milliguase dependent on the refrigerator. But… when I measure a little while later it reads zero. Is there a reason for this?

  • EJ said,

    Dale Zilar–I have the same experience when measuring the magnetic fields from our refrigerator. At first I thought it was only high when I could hear the fridge running, but that doesn’t appear to be the only time that the fields are high. I also do not find it emitting RF–only ac magnetic fields.

  • Christine said,

    Do you know the year that they started putting in RF Transmitters into the new appliances, that send info. to the new smart meters? And this means that the newer appliances give off higher EMF’s then the older appliances?? Thank you!

  • Christine said,

    I would like to receive your newsletter if you do not share my email address with anyone else. Thank you!

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