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  • Colleen said,

    We carried out the following test on our microwave oven: We placed a cell phone inside the microwave oven and closed the door. We then dialled the cellphone number. While the door was closed, we were unable to contact the cellphone! In your opinion, does this mean that the microwave oven does not ‘leak’ microwaves? It is a very old oven – about 20 years old. Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    I don’t think you can interpret “not being able to contact the cell phone” as meaning that your microwave oven does not leak. A better description is that “it does not leak sufficiently for the cell phone to work”. If your microwave is 20 years old it will be miraculous if it does not leak!

  • Jean said,

    Do microwave ovens leak if you don’t use them at all?

  • Lloyd said,

    If you don’t use your microwave oven it is perfectly harmless. Its when its switched on that the magnetron generates microwaves – thats to say radiation.

  • Jean said,

    I’m so happy to hear that. I have a very old one piece GE stove with microwave oven on the top. I NEVER use the microwave; in fact, I DO use it to store pans and cookie sheets in. Thanks, Lloyd!

  • Laura said,

    Can you tell me what it means and how to measure the radiation from a microwave? I have the Cornet ED85EX. In the mW/m2 ??mode??, directly in front of the microwave, it spikes at 1827. Obviously, the further away, the lower it goes, but it does still pick it up in every room of the house (1400 sq. foot 2-story).

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Laura
    To measure the radiation from a microwave oven across the EM spectrum you would need a meter (or meters) that measures magnetic and RF radiation. Because RF radiation travels further it’s considered more of an issue. The readings you are getting suggest that your microwave oven is leaking RF radiation, you don’t need to do any more testing to show that. If I were getting these readings in my home I would be concerned.

  • Laura said,

    As I expected you would say. I tested a friend’s microwave and it did the same exact thing. If I decide to replace it, how will I know if it won’t have high levels? I’m guessing you would say to not replace it and live without.

    Since discovering that I’m electro-sensitive, my poor family has had to make so many adjustments. No more Wii for the kids, back to the old analog, corded phone…tethered to the wall, no wi-fi. I feel like I’m taking all their fun away.

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever pin-pointed a “reason” for being electro-sensitive. I’ve had tons of tests done and so far the only minor possibility is the mercury in my old fillings. I don’t have major high levels, but I do have some.

  • Lloyd said,

    I’ve got kids, sometimes it can seem as though you are taking all their fun away, but if the only way they can have fun is by interacting with some electromagnetic radiation emitting device there is a problem. It is detrimental to their health. Knowing what you know about EMFs its your duty to protect them. This does not necessarily mean a blanket ban, my kids don’t abuse of these devices and they don’ use them around me. I believe the real cause of electrosensitivity is a whole series of factors, your mercury fillings, the food you eat, the pollution in the air etc and your EMF exposure.

  • Cindi B. said,

    “…..if the only way they can have fun is by interacting with some electromagnetic radiation emitting device there is a problem.”

    Let’s see if I can leave a comment this time….haven’t had luck so far.

    This is a great quote.

    Unfortunately, we live in a society that literally worships machines. For any religious types, if you find this offensive, that’s too bad. It’s my belief that what you say and do counts—actions count, what you spend money on counts, what you believe counts. And when people believe that without electronic items their life is without “fun” or meaning, we are living in seriously troubled times.

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