How To Reboot Your Body To Break The Cycle of Illness

Dr. Nathan always wanted to be a healer.

“I didn’t realize that going to medical school would not teach me to be a healer.”

Because the reality is that in medical school aspiring doctors study mostly medical technology.

Dr Nathan very simply wanted to know ‘how do you take a human being, figure out what they need and give that to them?

Looking back today, he recognizes that these years of medical school still gave him a lot of useful information.

But this was only a ‘beginning process', nowhere near comprehensive enough to satisfy his personal needs.

When he went into medical practice, he began to look around and study every healing modality that he came across.

He remained open-minded and worked with many different experts.

I worked with chiropractors and energy healers, people who did emotional release work, a hypnotist, people who did homeopathy.”

He truly wanted to expand his understanding of what healing entailed, so he could bring to each patient what they needed, because ‘we are all different'.

Everybody is genetically and biochemically unique.”

As he was working as a family physician, he slowly started to utilize tools to help him solve the problems that his medical knowledge didn't encompass.

He found that using homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, etc. all added to the tool-bag he had to offer people.

I realized that if I chose correctly which tool for which person, my ability to help them get well improved dramatically.

And then in the 80's, more and more people started having multi-system complaints that didn't fit into any model created.

At first, doctors believed it was psychological because for them nothing could affect that many different systems.

But the psychological treatments, psychotherapies and drugs, didn't work.

It was obvious that we were looking at a different creature.

Over the years, we began to realize that many of these diseases had multiple causes – it wasn’t a single-caused entity, which medicine really likes.

“It also became very clear that the world that we live in is unbelievably toxic on every level, so that not only does this become a very important way of helping those who are really sick, but it was also a wake-up call for the planet.”

Dr Nathan has now developed a unique system-by-system plan for rebooting the body to break the cycle of illness.

Interview – How To Reboot Your Body

Dr Neil Nathan MD.Thursday, 31 December at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT)  I'm interviewing Neil Nathan, MD.

Dr. Nathan has been practicing medicine for 48 years and has been board-certified in family practice and pain management. He’s been treating chronic, complex medical illnesses for 25 years and Lyme disease for the past 15 years.

He’s the author of several books and has hosted an internationally syndicated radio program and podcast on Voice America called The Cutting-Edge of Health and Wellness Today.

Dr. Nathan has been working to bring an awareness that mold toxicity is a major contributing factor for patients with chronic illness, and lectures internationally on this subject, and is the author of several books, including: Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Nathan and discover:

  • Dr. Nathan’s top 7 healthy attitudes and practices – which are the best protection you can get from any infections and viruses
  • the direct connection between toxicities and EMFs, and the impact on our bodies
  • Dr Nathan's 2 step approach to dealing with EMFs – which involves re-booting the limbic system
  • how the vast majority of Dr. Nathan's patients that have EMF sensitivity also have mold toxicity
  • the most common symptoms of mold toxicity, and how and where you can get tested for mold toxicity
  • how to know if you have mold in your home, “you can’t always see it, can’t always smell it”
  • 2 simple (but scientifically tested!) solutions to check mold toxicity in your environment
  • the first step you should take in the process of fixing any mold issue
  • how the current health crisis may be indicating that we are already paying the price of our love affair with technology
  • how when your body feels threatened, it mounts a cell danger response – 1st step is to switch off your CDR alarm to restore biochemical balance
  • the important difference between toxicity and sensitivity, and why they may appear together

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