Radio-Frequency, Microwave radiation, Electromagnetic fields, Dirty electricity – Is this getting out of control?

Beth Greer: Today’s show is about the subtle and not-so-subtle effects on our health from electromagnetic fields, or EMF pollution that surrounds us 24/7 from our cell phones, our home wireless network, cell phone towers, and WIFI which is being installed in schools around the country.  My guest today, Dr. Magda Havas, is here to enlighten us on the topic.

Dr. Havas is associate professor of environmental and resource studies at Trent University in Canada, where she does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants.  Thirty years ago she went from researching the effects of acid rain and metal pollution and now focuses on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution.  Her research helped pass legislation on safety guidelines on radiation exposure.  She’s given talks in more than a dozen countries on her research and provides expert testimony on the health effects of electromagnetic pollution.

She’s an advisor on several educational and non-profit organizations and wrote, with Camilla Reese, the book “Public Health SOS, the Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”. Camilla was on this show on July 31, and to listen to that, go to the archives.

Welcome to Your Supernatural Life, Magda.

Magda Havas: Thank you very much, Beth.

Beth Greer: So, let’s talk about the growing exposure to radio-frequency and microwave radiation, which includes electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current.  How bad is it?  Tell us.

Magda Havas: Well, I think it’s becoming worse, almost on a monthly basis as more and more antennas are erected and as people continue to use microwireless technology.

Beth Greer: Huh.  So, every month it’s just getting expotentially like worse?

Magda Havas: That’s right.  We’re so reliant on our cell phones these days, wireless computers, you have WIFI hot spots in coffee shops, airports, they’re beginning to install more WIFI in schools, for example.  And so, it’s not only adults who are being exposed, it’s children, and we know they’re very sensitive to this radiation.

Beth Greer: So…

Magda Havas: So, they’re going to have a much longer lifetime exposure.

Beth Greer: Ah ha, so they’re more vulnerable.  So, what sort of symptoms might they experience when they’re exposed to it?

Magda Havas: Well, there are a number of students now in schools in Ontario after WIFI went in, they came home complaining about headaches; to the point where they need medication.  And, they didn’t have the headaches on the weekends, and they didn’t have the headaches when school was out, so we don’t think this is necessarily a reaction where they’re trying to get out of school.  Um, they come home sick, rather than saying they’re sick before they go to school.

Beth Greer: Right.

Magda Havas: They have difficulty concentrating, some of them feel very weak.  Many of them say they have something called the ‘foggy brain’, where they just can’t think clearly.  And, unfortunately, a few of them have actually had heart reactions where their heart goes either arrhythmic, or they develop really rapid heart rates, to the point where they’re seen by cardiologists.  And, I know two students at a number of schools are now taking heart medication.

Beth Greer.  Oh, that’s awful!  Wow!  So, what percentage of schools have installed WIFI?  Do you know that?

Magda Havas: I don’t know.  And this is something that’s really changing as we speak.  Um, I know that as of five years ago, there were very few schools with WIFI, but now it’s becoming very popular, and school boards are actually allocating more money for WIFI connections.  So, the number is going up exponentially as we speak……..

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  • Pete said,

    Along with Smart meters, what do you think about Wireless Rain Gauges. One was just installed to turn on the sprinkler systems in the house I am living in. It is fairly close to where I sleep. Are they a potential hazard and do they emit all the time. Would really love to know. Lloyd thank you for work it is so important.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Pete
    There is a radiation issue (radio frequency radiation) with wireless rain gauges. Most of them work at 433 MHz, whether this is digital or analogue you need to look at the user manual. To know your exposure you would need to measure with an RF meter (the Cornet ED75 measures from 100 MHz and so would be good for this). In the meantime make sure your bed is as far away as possible from both the outdoor sensor and indoor display.

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