Cell Phones: Cancer, Cover-Up, Cure And Dr Carlo

This short film does a good job in succinctly filling in some of the background on the cell phone radiation cover-up.

Announcer: This man had disappeared for five years from the surface of the earth.  The American scientist Dr. George Carlo was regarded as the biggest whistle-blower on the risks associated with cell phone radiation.  For six years, from 1993 to 1999, he was employed by the industry and was being paid twenty-eight million dollars for what they later regarded to be unwelcome scientific data.  Today, six years later, Dr. Carlo is meticulously preparing his comeback, and has engaged himself as expert witness for American attorneys who are in the process of claiming several billion dollars in damages from the cell phone industry.  The former industry “guy” is now their biggest nightmare.

Dr. George Carlo: Almost every study that has been done shows some evidence of danger.  Now, the other side of the coin here is that there are no studies that have been done on people who use mobile phones that provide conclusive evidence of safety.  So that on the human epidemiology side, you have studies that show problems or potential problems, and studies that are inconclusive.  Now, the industry spins the science, and they put it out there for public consumption as though these studies are evidence of safety.  It is scientific fraud.

Announcer: The difficult times seem to be forgotten.  One by one, Dr. Carlo puts together a scenario that could serve as witnesses against the industry in an American court.  He sees a court case as the last chance to make his warning heard.

Today, Dr. George Carlo is no longer alone, research teams in Europe have found similar problems in their studies.  So, in a way, the first meeting with the head of the European Cell Phone Studies is an historic moment.  European studies have confirmed the worst fears of researchers – namely single and double strand breaks in the DNA, which could lead to cancer.

Dr. Franz Adlkofer: To run with open eyes into a field experiment, not knowing the outcome, isn’t that a catastrophe?

Announcer: The University Clinic in Vienna, one of the biggest European hospitals…when they began their research, they believed there were no problems, but, equipped with the most sophisticated research facilities in their laboratories, they discovered the geno-toxic changes in human cells.  Because of what they found, they joined the cause to alert consumers to the danger.

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