Can The Tawkon Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation?

Let's not forget, there have been many conditions attributed to cell phone use;  fatigue, headaches, disturbed sleep, tumors, high blood pressure, Parkinsons, Alzeimers and even brain cancer.  These are all critical problems, with the last also being fatal.  As more children and teens now use cell phones, parents will be especially concerned to protect their children from damaging radiation.

As someone who has been following this issue over time I have noticed that as reports of potentially serious medical problems linked to cell phones have become more widely known, users have begun to look for ways to protect themselves while still having access to their phones. This is really good news.

While it is impossible for anyone to tell exactly how much electromagnetic radiation their cell phone beaming into their body at any given moment, a new application by Tawkon can help somewhat it would seem.  The Tawkon application, by monitoring the SAR is designed to alert you when radiation levels are high.  As the amount of radiation fluctuates during phone use, the application will allow you to use your cell phone without worry.  This application can be downloaded onto your phone from the internet.  Although at the time of writing this application is only available for Blackberry, there are plans to have it available for other models of cell phones in the near future.

The Tawkon application automatically keeps track of how much radiation your phone is emitting, and if the levels rise, you are alerted.  A screen icon changes to red when radiation levels are high, and you are given suggestions on how to reduce these levels without interfering with the use of your cell phone.  There are various factors that can cause electromagnetic radiation levels to rise, such as how near you are to a cell tower, environmental conditions, and even the position in which you are holding the cell phone.  Sometimes, just changing the angle at which the phone is held will reduce the output of radiation.  Squeezing the cell phone can also increase the amount of radiation as the antenna will have to strain to receive the signal.

This all sounds great does it not? But let's look at this a little more closely, how does Tawkon analyse the radiation? According to their website :

“Tawkon achieves this with RRI™ (Real-time Radiation Indication) patent-pending technology. RRI collects and analyzes your phone’s dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels, network coverage, location, environmental conditions and phone usage at any given moment. RRI leverages unique smart phones capabilities such as GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensors and more to help minimize radiation exposure during mobile phone usage.”

So it seems, Tawkon does a cross analysis of your phone’s antennas strength, direction and angle and measures this against the quality of signal from your network, which will be dependent on things like distance, weather and terrain. Then through the color coding it tells you how safe it is to use your phone.

Is The Tawkon Reliable In Measuring Radiation?

I am sure that if you were to use a good quality emf detector, the readings would be much more accurate than what the Tawkon is giving out. Nevertheless I think the Tawkon is a great idea. It is the first, I hope, in a long line of similar applications which will bring transparency and raise awareness on this issue.

The danger is that people are given a false sense of security by this application and increase their cell phone usage and that overall their exposure is increased. I think until we have an application that also inputs biological data from the cell phone user we need to continue using cell phones only very sparingly.

Below is a video with more information on this product :

My viewpoint is based only on research, I have not used the Tawkon and nor am I likely to, because I no longer use cell phones.

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