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  • Joseph said,

    If you filter the “dirty electricity” only at the outlets, what about the possible thousands of feet of wiring throughout your household? The wiring in your house is many wavelengths of the high frequencies you are directly measuring at the outlets and is therefore emanating, nay, enveloping your whole body long before your lamp cords and such. Also, if you can only directly measure these frequencies by plugging in a module is the human body really in any danger? Better to show how much radiation the individual is receiving before and after you plug in your device. That would be a true test.

  • Lloyd said,

    You are right the electricity in your home has an impact on your whole body. You are not filtering only at the outlets, you are filtering throughout your electrical supply, at least that is how it works in my house. I can put a filter on a socket at one end of the house and it brings down the GS units at the other end. Is the human body in any danger? Yes I believe so, and there is research to support this – -I can feel the electricity as can other electrosenstives

  • joanne said,

    I have seen a flood light smoke for a few minutes. excess external power I believe caused this am I correct? also our hot water system’s fuse kept breaking, is this also excess power being sourced through our power system? Is it possible to capture these radiation charged particles on camera? Ernest Rutherford scientist captured radiation on a photography plate!Is this possible on our digital cameras? as I have many images of round various sizes of pattern particles, some green some red but mostly white. I am yet to get a radiation detection! an ancient model red up to 30 to 100.
    Also dose surveillence and tracking give out significant radiation? Can you get a reading of these types of signals?

  • Lloyd said,

    The flood light “smoking” sounds more like steam, ie. condensation being evaporated. The fuse blowing on your hot water system is probably more to do with a faulty element (possibly a short) than anything to do with your electrical supply. If you are worried about power surges then I would suggest you protect electrical equipment like computers and TVs with a power strip with surge protection. I have not tried capturing radiation with a digital camera. An AM radio can be used to detect RF radiation very cheaply see

  • Larry said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    We really appreciate all the information here. First of all, we live in Southern Oregon, USA. My wife is very sensitive to many types of emf. We recently purchased a Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter and tested our 35 year old house today. We were astonished at the readings. Initially, our outlets were averaging approximately 400 with all our commonly used household items plugged in. Here is the strange part. We unplugged everything in our house (not the fuse board-circuit breaker) and the readings shot up to approximately 700. We had read to do this in order to determine how much dirty electricity is coming from the power grid verses how much is caused by our plugged in items. We plugged everything back in and the readings dropped back to the 400 range.It seems like the more things we plug in, the lower the readings go. I realize that 400 is unhealthy but what would cause the readings to go up so high with everything in the house unplugged? I would have thought the opposite would have happened.
    We have the following questions:
    1) Why would the readings be higher with all our in house items unplugged?
    2) Where should filters be installed given the situation mentioned above?
    3) We normally turn off our electronics at night as well as all our lights which causes the readings to go up. We are concerned about how this is affecting our health. Would it be better to leave them on or will the filters take care of the increase at night?

    Thanks for all your help. Larry

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Larry
    1.Some electronics have filtering components inside them which can reduce the reading. Or it may be to do with the balance of your electrical system, unplugging everything upsets this balance. The filters will lower your readings, hopefully down to 50 or below. Start by installing a filter (or even 2 if needed) next to the fuse box. If your readings are still high get an electrician in so that you can determine where a separate circuit is and install 2 filters on those
    2. Install filters onto each circuit in the home (every room). Not every outlet needs a filter, but every outlet should be checked and we should not leave any outlets with high readings. Anytime you install a filter and it reduces the reading at least 20%, leave the filter there. Filters also work best when installed into the same outlet as the device that is generating dirty electricity
    3. Shut off the power to your bedroom and nearby circuits at night.

  • Larry said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for the helpful information and suggestions.

    After receiving your response a few days ago we turned the circuit off to the bedroom and have left it off all day and night. This gives my wife a place to go for a break from DE during the day as well as a safe place at night. In the past she always felt just as tired when she woke up as she did when she went to bed. Now she is already beginning to feel refreshed upon waking and has more energy throughout the day.

    We don’t have outlets near the circuit box but now have an appointment with an electrician to install one on each of the two phases entering the box. We plan to start filtering at that point and then filter the house as needed according to your suggestions.
    We are very excited about the improvements she has already experienced.
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond and also for maintaining this site.

  • Nonlinearity said,

    We recently got Stetzerizer filters w meter. We installed them. For 2-3 days we felt slight dizzy (I wonder why???). Today I received Cornet 78S and when measured Low EMF around socket it shows higher with filter (filter is installed in another socket but the same circuit). Did u try to measure dirty electricity radiation after installing filters? what is going on w us?

  • Lloyd said,

    These filters are known to generate magnetic fields where the filters are plugged in…..but its a small price to pay…at 30 cm from the filter the fields are negligible…. so as long as you are not sitting right next to the filters this is not an issue. But you should not be measuring a higher magnetic field at other sockets (where the filters are not plugged in). I suspect that your electrical installation may have a fault…an electrician can easily check this for you.

  • sylvie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have a question, I live in Michigan, and recently DTE put a advanced digital meter on my home with radio off. Ever since theirs a high frequency electrical noise in my home that is caused by dirty electrity.
    Will greenwave filters work for this issue or do I need something more?I heard of some kind of filter that you put behind cuirquit breakers? But not sure how we would do that? Please respond? That noise is real and DTE has done nothing for me and I have called numerous times.

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