Radiation from Baby Monitors – Would You Blow Smoke In Your Babies Face?

As if cell phone radiation weren’t enough of a threat to children, it has now become apparent that we have to consider the danger of how radio-frequency-emitting-baby monitors are affecting infants while they sleep in their cribs.  As a conscientious parent, you may be using a seemingly harmless baby monitor as a safeguard for your infant–to let you know how they are doing while you aren’t in the room.

Well, guess what?  Your kid may not be doing so great. The baby monitor next to their slumbering form is emitting radiation similar to the kind that is given off by a cordless phone and bombarding their not-yet-fully-formed skull with electromagnetic frequency radiation.  These emissions are a known cause of childhood brain cancer.

A Potent Form of Radiation That Endangers Your Baby’s Health

Baby monitors use “Dect” or digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication technology to transmit signals. This kind of pulsing radiation is also used by cordless telephones and has been shown to be more harmful than the kind given off by cell phones.

Powerwatch, a watchdog organization for radiation danger, says:  “A Dect monitor placed in your baby's bedroom will expose them to more pulsing microwave radiation than living near to a mobile phone mast would do. We have had a number of reports from parents that their babies did not sleep well and cried a lot when they used Dect monitors.” The organization pointed out that a wired monitor does not cause the same kind of problems.

Vulnerable Infants Fall Prey to Technology

If you use a “Dect”-type baby monitor, your sleeping child in the next room, is absorbing radiation.  This is cumulative over time and, although the effects may not show up for years, their bodies and especially their more vulnerable brain tissue is taking on that radiation.  This exposure can show up later as a brain tumor or other cancers.

Predictably, marketers of the baby monitors have stated that they do not think there is any danger from their product, saying that they meet international safety standards.

Some laboratory specialists in this kind of radiation have recommended placing the monitors at least 10 feet from an infant’s crib.

Unfortunately for both my kids, who have now been out of nappies for a good many years, we used Dect type baby monitors, just out of ignorance. With the knowledge I have I recommend not using them at all. Instead use a non-RF, wired monitor.

If it has to be wireless, prefer a low-band 35 to 50 MHz analogue model which does not pulse and remember to keep any baby monitor as far from your baby as possible, I recommend at least 1 metre away.

Why introduce a known carcinogen into your home? Would you have a cigarette in your baby’s room and then blow the smoke in their face? I don't think so…….

Click here to establish the level of electromagnetic pollution in your home.

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  • Tamara Gerace said,

    I tested my baby monitor with my Extech. The levels show an average of 500 w/m2 (about 4 feet away) where my baby slept. and an average of 500 mVm. How bad is this? It sounds high to me. The uw/cm2 were .07.
    Im so sick that both of my children slept under this for 1 year to 1.5 years each.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I suspect you are referring to mW/m2 when you say 500 w/m2… a mW is one thousandth of a watt….so even 500 mW/m2 would be very high. You also say you had a reading of 0.7 μW/cm2….just so you can appreciate how high this is….the BioInitiative 2012 report recommends a precautionary level of 0.0003 μW/cm2 to 0.0006 μW/cm2….around a thousand times lower than what your baby monitor is emitting! Whats done is done, now you need to focus on what you can do to reduce your childrens daily exposure to all EMFs (not just RF radiation) my Free Report and newsletters can help you with this – if you’re still using the baby monitor throw it away NOW!

  • Shannon said,

    What brand baby monitor do you recommend that meets the description above? Right now we are currently using a net cam that plugs into the wall and access to view it from an app on the iPhone or iPad. It’s across the room and the wifi connection is so bad it doesn’t work or is delayed. I also tried the babyfon German made analog monitor and they do not work. Any suggestions would be great at this point. I do not have a whole bunch of time to research and call every brand that makes monitors because I need to buy it now. I have major anxiety when I leave to go downstairs in a huge house to finish chores or do whatever I need to do. Please help. Thanks!

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