Cell Phone Industry Sweating Bullets – Scientist’s Research Cancelled

Swedish Royal Institute of Technology Professor Olle Johansson,  Nobel Prize winner, is a brilliant man. I admire him for many reasons but mainly because of his pioneering work on cell phone radiation. His latest research was to study the effects of cell phone radiation on human health in his laboratory.  His plans were interrupted when he was informed that his lab at the Karolinska Institute was needed for other purposes, effectively halting his privately-funded research to determine whether electromagnetic frequency radiation causes cancer in the human body.

For ProfessorJohansson, who is noted for his work on the harmful effects of radiation from computer monitors that led to the development and implementation of safer computer screens for workers, this is a low blow, but for people like me and you, its even lower one. This is the publics health we are talking about.

Scientific Research Is Being Hobbled by the Cell Phone Industry

The cancellation of Johansson’s research is suspect because of Prof. Johansson’s long-time criticism of wireless communication technology. Could the wireless communications industry be responsible for convincing the Karolinska Institute that “other projects” should occupy his laboratory instead of his scheduled and privately funded study? Your darn right they could.

A study like that might uncover data proving cell phones cause cancer, that would put a multi billion dollar industry at risk. Maybe the cell phone industry decided to throw money at Karolinska (who have declined to comment on the cancellation), am I being unduly skeptical?

The termination of his research project is also questionable because it follows on the heels of Professor Johansson’s recent activism in support of curtailing Ireland’s “Test and Trial” program. Cash-poor Ireland adopted the program, which offers other countries a chance to test their equipment in a real-live community, in order to raise money. Do the people of Ireland realize that testing in a real-live community makes them real live guinea pigs?

In an effort to help stop the proliferation of cell phone masts in Ireland, Johansson was quoted as saying: “No level of radiation is safe.” Children, whose brains absorb a very high ratio of the radio frequency emissions from telecommunication towers, are especially affected. Cases of cell-phone-caused brain cancer in children are well documented, you've heard me go on about them enough.

Cell Phone Manufacturers Villains Of The Peace

It is widely accepted that more research is needed to conclusively determine the extent of cell phone radiation danger to human health.  When an expert in the field of wireless telecommunication's effects has the chance to conduct valuable research that would contribute to a definitive answer to the question of cell phone safety, it should be universally supported…not hindered.

Cell-phone-industry-funded research has resulted in biased and ambiguous results.  Because Professor Johansson’s project was being privately funded instead of being funded by cell phone companies, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the telecommunications industry had a hand in terminating the research.

The cell phone manufacturers are the villains of the peace. I know this, you, I hope are beginning to know this, but how long before Joe Public knows this and something is done?

Remember Big Tobacco?

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