Can We Rely on SAR to Protect Us From Cell Phone Radiation?

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the rate at which your body absorbs cell phone radiation, or at least that is how it reported in the media. This measurement is purported to tell you how much radiation is absorbed into your body when you use your cell phone. Recent claims suggest that knowing the SAR of a particular cell phone is especially valuable so that you can make an informed choice about which phone is best in terms of the lowest exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Studies on blood have shown that DNA is damaged from exposure to mobile phone radiation and that this damage can cause serious health problems, even certain cancers.

Why SAR Should Not Be Relied On

There are several reasons why SAR cannot be relied on to protect us from cell phone radiation. Click here to read more.

Are Alternatives to Labeling SAR on Phones Helpful?

It has been suggested that the cell phone industry offer an option for a “low SAR mode” for devices, so that people can manually adjust the setting. This reduction would mean that your phone may not work without a minimum signal, leading to the obvious conclusion that you will need to be closer to a cell tower in order to use your mobile phone.

I have already reported that proximity to cell phone towers is a dire health risk. Using a cell phone that has to work harder when it is farther away from a cell tower isn’t protecting you from cancer risks. As a matter of fact, the “lower SAR phone” may be causing higher radiation danger to your health because of the variables mentioned above.

It is obvious to me that cell phones are not safe, in any setting. If you think that you can just buy a cell phone with a low SAR posted on the package and be safe, think again. It’s just not that simple.

The FCC adopted radiation standards developed by the cell phone industry. Clearly these standards are flawed, the standards should have been based on independent testing. You can't ask the cat to watch the pigeons.

Current SAR warnings are not a magic bullet–protecting you from the risk of cell-phone-radiation-caused cancer. Even if you taken the precaution of buying a phone with a low SAR you could still be exposing yourself to considerable electromagnetic radiation.

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