How To Overcome Chemical And EMF Sensitivity

“You don’t get it until you get it”, explains Ann.

It's hard to understand multiple chemical sensitivity unless you've lived it.

Here’s Ann’s potted explanation: “multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a medical condition where people have a heightened sensitivity to chemicals, many of which are found in everyday life like perfume and car exhaust and cigarette smoke, pesticide and things like that”.

Ann was the healthy, athletic child and young person.

A gifted student too.

She trained to be a medical doctor in internal medicine specializing in women's health.

It was after she was out of medical school and training that Ann just started feeling more tired than usual.

Then certain foods started to bother her.

She changed her diet.

And then over a two week period things took a turn for the worse.

I dramatically developed a very severe case of MCS over about two weeks”.

She’d been taking a supposedly hypoallergenic protein powder which, inexplicably, she had a violent reaction to.

It just felt like I'd stuck my finger in an electric socket”.

From then on it was if Ann reacted to everything around her.

She felt as though her nervous system was fried.

She would pull out her pen, the same pen that last week she could write with and she was okay, she’d get a little whiff of the ink and start feeling dizzy, woozy, even nauseated.

It was very dramatic.

Food was a big part of it.

She could only eat a few foods.

And the foods she could eat were just kind of going through her without really getting digested.

She also had a serious back problem, like a protruding disk in her lower back that no matter what she did, stayed inflamed.

The pain was so great that for about 5 years she was forced to lie down most of the time

She say’s, “some people, they get ill after they remodel their house or they move into a new house, or remodel the office. Or there was a significant pesticide exposure or crop duster or something like that. But I would say I’m kind of the scary story for everybody because there wasn’t anything obvious.

Ann slowly started winding down and then had these dramatic drop-downs.

The icing on the cake was when she went for an MRI scan.

When I had an MRI scan – and this is of interest for people with EMF issues – I got very ill after that.

From that point on Ann couldn’t even breathe in fumes from certain foods without getting ill.

Today she still admits to being careful but thankfully her condition has radically improved.


Thursday, 5th April at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing environmental illness consultant and leading MCS advocate Dr. Ann McCampbell.

Dr. Ann McCampbellovercome mcs and emf sensitivity is author of the booklet: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Dr. McCampbell is a medical doctor who trained in internal medicine and worked in women’s health until she became severely ill with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) in 1989.

She’s been a leading MCS advocate for over 25 years. She’s co-chair of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’s Task Force, New Mexico and was a founding member of the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation.

In 2005, Dr. Mccampbell worked with other MCS advocates to help create an indoor environmental quality report to the U.S. Access Board which included recommendations for increasing accessibility in public buildings for people with chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity.

The theme of my interview with Dr. McCampbell is how to overcome MCS and EMF sensitivity.

Listen to my revealing interview with Dr. Ann McCampbell and learn:

  • the link between MCS and EMF sensitivity – a recent study has found a common pathological mechanism for both sensitivities
  • how Dr. Martin Palls work is relevant to MCS – and how this can be tweaked to get better results and be less of a burden on the body
  • how Annie Hoppers brain re-training protocol may be used to complement an environmental medicine approach
  • the mechanisms that come into play in the body which create chemical hypersensitivity – and how this can be detected by blood tests
  • who you should try and consult if you think you are MCS – most doctors have no training or experience with MCS
  • Ann’s top 3 tips (borne out of 25 years of experience) for dealing with MCS
  • hidden infections can be a root cause or contributor – Ann recommends 3 other types of analysis work that can help get to the bottom of MCS
  • an inexpensive heat and light treatment that can be used to improve blood flow and circulation and increase oxygenation of the tissue so waste products are able to move away
  • a little known rescue remedy – just 30 minutes a day can leave you feeling much better
  • Ann’s top 4 tips for EMF protection – she discusses EMFs with almost everyone who consults with her
  • why she believes EMFs are such a big issue – in the 25 years that she’s been dealing with these issues the chemical world has been quite stable
  • the book she now recommends for MCS sufferers – it's the book she wishes somebody had handed her when she got sick and there seemed to be no answers

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  • Adrien said,

    This says your interview with Dr. McCampbell is March 3rd so I’m confused as I received this notice today??

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Adrien, the interview is on Thursday 5th April. Apologies for the confusion.

  • ellie said,

    I recently spent time with my sister — whose home was filled with artifically-scented candles. I tried to explain to her, that not only did they create a fight-flight stress response and nauseating headache in me, they were toxic chemicals that she was exposing herself and her family to 24/7. MCS is an ‘invisible disability’. Many people don’t get it, and don’t even have compassion enough to try to understand it. My nephew told me I was ‘pathologically preoccupied with purity’. It’s hard when your own family thinks you’re crazy. Looking forward to this interview! Thank you Lloyd and Ann!

  • Patrick Jordan said,

    No mysteries here. It was MCS in myself and kidney failure in my mother that led me to a single word that changed my life: Serum Sickness. It is caused by vaccines and/or drugs. Drug Fever. Vaccines alone mutate our genes so that even something as simple a mineral necessary for Life can build up as a toxin. Once this process starts then the phenomena of ‘spreading’ kicks in. I know some of the names listed above because I have studied their work as part of my path to getting to the root cause. Eliminate vaccines and nearly all of modern disease would disappear.

  • Craig Bickford said,

    Patrick Jordan knows the truth, check out his work.

  • Patrick Jordan said,

    Hey Elie,

    the fight/flight anxiety/panic reaction can be oxygen sensors in the brain. Enclosed space, burning candles. There is no convincing someone who has made an emotional decision that they are harming themselves or others by using logic. Logic only digs their resolve in deeper. So, telling anyone that the industrial practice to put a LEAD wire inside candle wicks to keep them upright thus poisoning everyone with Lead will have no effect. Use your best skills at guilt and shame and woe of personal harm to get under the defenses. Someone who is belligerent at others and defends their toxic lifestyle is a sign of addiction. I have seen this on the farm with pesticides. A neighbor berated me for wearing protective equipment. That neighbor is now getting experimental treatment for liver cancer. Roundup, according to Seneff and crew, is ADDICTIVE. This explained to me why EVERYONE across the world uses it with impunity. They are all drug addicts. If you think I am flippant look at the patent for glyphosate that lists it as an herbicide and antibiotic and chelating agent. You are not crazy. The entire rest of the world is. All my best.

  • Peter said,

    Ellie/Patrick Exactly the same syndrome occurs when you try to explain to people that using wifi (or cordless phones etc) risks damaging them and their children. Whether its addiction, entrainment or just ………. (fill in the blanks) is debatable. No matter how much science and common sense you confront them with. As with Roundup and other chemicals the damage may be non-trivial. But they don’t appear to understand or care. What’s the solution? I’ve no idea….. Maybe this interview will provide some clues.

  • ellie said,

    Scented candles are toxic just sitting on the table. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are in everything! Candles don’t have to have a lead wick that is burning for me to be affected by them. I am a canary in a toxic world. I KNOW I’m not ‘sickly’ or ‘depressed’, other terms from well-meaning relatives. The Predator, The Cabal, The Freemasons, whatever you call the people in power… until they are disempowered, we will continue with the huge challenge to stay healthy. I appreciate people like Lloyd and Ann and Patrick, and others, who offer solutions to help us on the journey.

  • Sheena Cameron said,

    Ann McCampbell has done admirable work educating people about MCS.
    I believe being in the test group for the polio vaccine on 1954 set me up for developing MCS.

  • ellie said,

    Lots of good info! I disagreed with Dr McCampbell’s point of view about the current use of chemicals as ‘pretty good’. Chemical use is more prevalent than ever, chemicals are present in nearly everything, and chemicals are more toxic than ever! Unfortunately, as with so many other things that disempower WE THE PEOPLE, the disinformation tactics are amped up. Buyer beware. Just because something is for sale on a store shelf doesn’t mean it is safe. Do your own research. Vote with your consumer dollar. Blessings all!

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