EMFs and Health Interviews With Experts – Special Guest Alasdair Philips

He first encountered electronics and wireless at school in the 60's.

He thought it was “just brilliant”.

He became a radio amateur and used little walkie-talkies to talk to his school friends.

Not surprisingly he trained to become an electrical engineer.

In the 1980s he became involved with a protest group called Electronics for Peace (ECP).

NATO had decided to site nuclear missiles at Greenham Common, an American airbase in the UK. ECP were protesting (peacefully) against it.

The protestors, many of them mothers and grandmothers, claimed they were being zapped.

He went over and took some electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements.

There was no doubt about it. They were being exposed to pulsed microwaves from “funny things on poles around the periphery of the airfield”.

It was written up in the papers as a ‘zapping of some women on Greenham Common’.

In that age of EMF ignorance the public didn’t ‘get’ just how inhumane, dangerous and totally unjustified the treatment was.

Some years later he was talking at an industry conference on ‘Mobile Phones and Their Health Effects’.

On the second day, he happened to find himself sitting at the breakfast table with a very senior person at the Ministry of Defense.

They got talking about the Greenham peace protestors.

It turns out the MOD official had been sent to investigate the zapping of the women.

Then the MOD man leans over and says to him, “off the record, I was sent out there with some people and equipment to test this out. When we measured the fields, I wouldn't let my men stand where the women were!”

He said, “it was bloody dangerous!”

Subsequently one of the women developed cancer, and a lot of them suffered fertility problems.


This was his first real eye-opener to the dangers of EMFs.

Then later on in the 90's, he was working at a firm developing instruments for measuring water and soil in farmer's fields for plant growth.

The instruments used a microwave frequency in the soil. He started to get headaches.

So he kept a diary.

It was clear, every time he was working on the project he would start to develop a headache 3 or 4 hours afterwards.

The headaches would last from like 12 to 24 hours. That was what convinced him.

He say’s “I’ve met a lot of people that are far more electricity sensitive than I am”.

He’s spent some 30 years studying the effects of EMFs on health. And has invented a number of popular EMF meters, including the Acoustimeter – which is still my ‘go to’ meter when I’m looking for a quick reading.

For my next interview I’m delighted to welcome the UKs leading expert on EMFs Alasdair Philips.


Thursday, 29th June at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Alasdair Philips.

Alasdair Philips EMF expertA professional engineer, scientific researcher and a founder of Powerwatch. Alasdair is seen by the UK Government and the electricity and wireless industries as a respected stakeholder and is recognized by the national media.

Alasdair has been a member of a number of UK Government and EC working groups on electromagnetic fields and health and has a wide knowledge of many other environmental health issues especially relating to the causes of childhood cancer. He has chaired and presented at international conferences on these topics. He is a Director of EMFields Solutions Ltd and designs their measuring EMF/RF instruments.

He is also a Trustee of Great Ormond Street Children with Cancer UK, the leading UK charity funding investigations into the causes and treatment for cancer in children and young people.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

We are going to discuss:

  • the Internet of Things (IoT) – what does it mean in terms of exposures?
  • strategies/ methods for dealing with the IoT
  • most common misunderstanding/mistakes people make in dealing with EMFs
  • evidence of the growing number of people being effected by EMFs

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  • richard lavigne said,


    My daughter bought a cono, ground floor with a very nice terrace,but she ear thru the wll, outside or inside wall from her bedroom,the biuse frim the 2 transformers, ans also have 38 smart meters under her room.

    Could you recommand me the type and model and mfg of meter I could buy to read the noise from the walls.
    the concrete floor is 8 inches, and probably a lot of metal conductor

    merci for your answer

  • Leo Cashman said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    What phone number do we call in on if we want to join the call on Thursday February 28th.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I will send out phone-in details shortly….make sure you are registered to receive the details, here’s the link http://forms.aweber.com/form/81/1790589681.htm

  • Caroline said,

    Hi LLoyd this sounds great Alastair is very knowledgeable – I haven’t yet seen the last one though and I am subscribed to the newsletter – telephone numbers didn’t work – any ideas what to do?

    Many thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The phone numbers should all work….. I’ve sent out the replays multiple times…I will have details on future replays shortly.

  • Dan said,

    Alasdair: In the call on Thursday 2/27, can you please cover the various EMF/RF frequencies (3G, 4G, wireless, etc.), and specifically what less expensive but quality meter can cover all of them?

    Thank you! – Dan

  • jane said,

    when I click on your links, I get error 404 page not found.
    questions for the 27th are 1- buzzing in my apartment; the electric company is causing this as per electricians but they wont fix . who do you know in Washington state is not in the pocket of electric co. who will give expert opinion on this to aide me suing them. 2- everyone in wahsington state I talk with thinks ed’s page is silliness and he’s hypochondriac; is my only choice to leave this state to get relief?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Sorry about the 404 error that was because of a problem with aweber – the link is now working.

  • jane said,

    do you know any experts in Washington state who will come to my apartment and detect this noise which electrician says is the transformers making buzzing noise and belongs to electric company who wont fix it unless I do a $10,000 injunction against them; this I was told by office head. the noise stops you from sleeping, thinking, causes ear and throat pain when is 90% at night, makes nausea….it’s like having an electric saw running all day long. witnesses can only hear this at night as daytime im next to busy road and all they hear is traffic so unless witness stays in my apt for 3-4 hours, they cannot isolate traffic vs transformer buzzing noise. attys say just move….well that costs $6000 in my case due to what I need to move and hire experts to move me. all attys here wants $3000 and up just to consider represent me for everything.

    people here think elctricsense webpage and info is silliness and make believe, not real and ed is hypochondriac and this is all nonsense and made up by people who wants to do legal action against big companies so then no one will help me on this. this place is like your worst nightmare….its crime central!

  • jane said,

    I listened to todays conference.
    p.s. on my buzzing issue, electricians conclude that the electric co must have changed something in their power lines which are within 15 ft of my bedroom and are 230,000 volts plus whole area is smart meters and all electric…..no gas so electric grid 100% here.
    the noise in my apartment coincides with the transformers buzzing very loudly at my bldg. when never did before so electrician say that is causing the loud buzzing 24/7 inside my apartment and electric co will not fix less I get a $10,000 injunction against them. any suggestion as moving is very $$$$ as well. how are things in france for relocation away from EMF’s? Gotta be rich to live there?

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