Microwave Radiation – Is It Frying Your Eggs?

Is microwave radiation from your gadgets frying your eggs?

Devices like laptops, cell phones and cordless phones emit a form of electromagnetic field (EMF) called microwave radiation or radio frequency radiation.

Thousands of studies now link these exposures to a long list of very serious diseases including cancer and infertility.

This video uses humor to raise awareness about these dangers.



I used my lap top in my lap – carried my phone in my pocket

But I heard this could be frying my eggs – frying my eggs and my lady parts

‘cause all this wireless technology uses Microwave frequency

And that could certainly be frying my eggs – my eggs and everything else 'cause


Microwave frequency is also known as Microwave Radiation

So I’ve been unknowingly exposing myself to something that can set popcorn on fire

And that ain’t good – no that’s a highly sensitive area

I need to take better care and not do that anymore

Some doctors say they need more research – they say that I shouldn't be worried

‘bout frying my eggs, frying my eggs – frying my eggs and everything else

But doctors have been wrong about lots of things – so I rather err on the side of caution

Instead of accidentally frying my eggs – my eggs and everything else


So I won’t carry my phone in my bra – I like my Ta-Tas the way they are

Won’t put my phone up to my head ‘cause I don’t want to melt my brain cells

And I won’t be frying my eggs anymore – my eggs or anything else

No more frying anything else…

No more frying, boiling, cooking, nuking, flambaying, sautéing, no no no no

Copyright 2016. Coochie-Coo Baby Cakes

Thanks to Coochie-Coo Baby Cakes for sending me this video.

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  • Judith Rae Shamp said,

    This beautifully and professionally accomplished video needs to go viral. Great work coochie coo baby cakes! You are brilliant!!

  • Angela said,

    Excellent and funny too!!!


  • ellie said,

    Free conference call June 20 about EMR


  • Pat Ormsby said,

    I love this and will share it! I saw a nice male counterpart the other day about nuking one’s Johnson. Both are great resources to have at hand when you want to show people that many others, including the artistically talented, are beginning to take this issue seriously.

    A big thank you to Coochie Coo Baby Cakes!

  • ellie said,

    Text Messaging with Smartphones Triggers a New Type of Brain Rhythm!

    “We have begun to unravel the responses generated by the brain when it interfaces with computerized devices.”


  • Barbara said,

    1/ If you use an old analogue cell phone & still has a SIM card in it, like a basic little Nokia, for a bedroom alarm clock and is no longer connected to a network, does it still emit any type of radiation?
    2/ If your the WiFi is diabled on your Laptop i.e. in ‘sleep mode’, is the WiFi frequency still being broadcast?…. Is a WiFi enabled Modem still sending out radio frequency radiation if there is no receiving device turned on within its’ range?

    Many thanks

  • Patricia Ormsby said,

    Barbara, your old analogue phone is probably less damaging to have around than a digital one, but first, how did you feel when you used it? Even if it is not connected to a network, I would expect it to still be polling for base stations every three minutes, and at full power if it is not getting a response. Minimizing radiation to the user was never a design consideration. One possible way to tell, in the absence of a Gauss meter, would be how quickly it runs down its batteries. But I’ve never had a cell phone, so I am no expert.
    To answer your second question, you really need a Gauss meter. I hear that the default mode of these gadgets is “On and Pumping!” and you have to be alert to things that might turn the wi-fi back on again. If you are experiencing signs of EHS, or if you are concerned about an unacknowledged hazard, an Acousticom can be one of your best friends. People will say they don’t have wi-fi, but they bought some new device–and lo and behold! I’ve learned to turn off our wired printer when not in use.

  • ellie said,

    Disable refrigerators.


  • ellie said,

    Italian Court rules cell phone caused brain tumor!


  • ellie said,

    Excellent news regarding cell phone warnings!


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