Without Intuition Is Deep Healing Possible?

In this guest article professor Andrew Hague, a man of science, if ever there was one, makes a case for the importance of getting to the root cause of whatever symptom or dis-ease you may be experiencing, and he explores the role of medical intuitives and your own intuition, in this process. Biophysical devices open up a new world of healing possibilities but NEVER underestimate the power of your own intuition, and be mindful that whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever challenges you are facing, the more you see these as opportunities for personal/spiritual growth the more you will be able to access true/deep healing:

A doctor to me was always a respected and knowledgeable person. They could sign an application for a passport as a witness. Even the government would trust a doctor. When I was ill as a child, the doctor was called. He came to us, listened to my chest, wrote a prescription which someone took to the chemist and came back with medicine which was given to me in a spoon every few hours until I got better a few days later. That was my early experience of medicine.

At the age of twelve I had started cycling. A motorist caused a crash knocking out a front tooth and smashing my mouth. Five plastic surgery operations followed in the next three years during which time I learned about another type of doctor and discovered how useless are the police and the law.

It is therefore surprising that I find myself immersed in medicine because my real interest is engineering and psychology, apparently separate subjects, but they come together in biophysics and so, by starting from a non-conventional medical background I keep discovering new things.

Having found that biophysics is the only way to heal chronic disease, I observe by watching my customers using CellSonic machines that the best of them are different to modern doctors who were trained at medical schools. They are not even like the old man with a black car who smoked cigarettes and came to listen to my chest in those childhood days before I discovered the pleasure of cycling and its health benefits. We now have to describe the new type of healer, a medical intuitive.

A New Type Of Healer

This is a person who senses spiritually what is wrong. Some can do it remotely from the other side of the world. I do not know how but I have observed it and what is done is a fact. Science is based on facts so their spiritual insight is fact. The difference between how and what has to be understood lest you refuse to accept facts. [See related article Electro-hypersensitivity a Gateway To ESP?]

How And What

Most scientists, including doctors, insist on knowing how something works or they will not accept it. I ask them if they ever bought a bicycle and they say “Yes.” When they asked the sales person how the two-wheeler balanced, what were they told? Surely that had to know how a bicycle would not fall left or right, mile after mile. Every doctor to whom I put this question has never asked how. They accept that a bicycle balances. “But how,” I insist? “Well it does. We accept it.” Such is the scientific mind of a robot.

The answer is that a bicycle balances with micro-wobbles, not gyroscopic force as some believe. Tiny wheels on a child’s scooter allow a tot to balance as they ride down the pavement with a parent running behind screaming to stop them flying into the road. I am fascinated how children who can hardly walk are also able to ride small bikes without pedals. They push on the ground with their feet and can balance on two wheels at about the same stage in their growth as they balance on two feet. This is amazing because it could never be predicted in evolutionary terms. We do not have a potential to use wheels because wheels do not exist elsewhere in nature. Only homo sapiens has invented wheels and by some skill of balance, one wheel in front of the other can be balanced but never two wheels side by side unless complex electronics is deployed as in the case of Segway (now ceased production).

So what are micro-wobbles? These are the slight turns of the handlebars left and right continuously during a ride countering a fall to left or right and we do it subconsciously and the wobbles are so slight that we think we are not steering at all. Tighten the bearings of the steering and a bicycle is unrideable. In fact, we can ride a bicycle without holding the handlebars and then we are actually steering by controlling the bicycle from the saddle. Those tiny tots on pedal-less bikes were riding with nappies on. Fact. How they do it is all in their mind. No one taught them. The mind controls the body. We cannot unlearn how to balance.

Power Of The Mind

The phenomenon of mind reading used to be feared to the extent that those who could do it were probably branded as witches and even now are treated with suspicion. I contend that we need them, millions of them, because they can help get to the root cause of the anxiety that causes chronic disease.

It is not enough to stop cancer which CellSonic can do in seconds or arthritis in days and diabetes in weeks because if the cause of the disease is not removed, it will return. By conversation with therapists treating cancer, I found that they were always stopping the cancer. This was verified by the swing of a pendulum. In most cases, the voltage correction became permanent but in a few cases the patient would relapse within a few days and be back at the clinic for help. Descriptions of that patient’s body language, general demeanour and what they were not saying as well as what they were saying all pointed to a deep-seated disturbance from years before from which they have never escaped. It was usually caused by a person, often a spouse, sometimes a parent or a sibling, a person from whom escape was difficult. The immune system is also blocked by poisons from pollution and pharmaceutical drugs. Tobacco is a major culprit as is alcohol and excess caffeine (opposites on the mind-bending spectrum).

A memorable comment was made during a treatment for liver cancer in a 56-year-old lady. Our intuitive therapist remarked that the lady had been criticised by her mother for causing a difficult birth and all her life had carried the burden of guilt so that now she had cancer. The lady was amazed that a stranger should know this history and yet it was true and affected her. By bringing the story into the open, the nonsense that she as a baby had caused a difficult birth was exposed and the lady now had to accept that her mother’s vindictiveness was not her fault and she has to look forwards and not harbour guilt. [See related article Using Intuition To Discover And Heal Environmental Illness]

We Learn From Failure

When it was confirmed that the cancer in a patient was stopped, to find a few days later that the cells were back to rapid replication with a low across-membrane voltage, what had gone wrong? It became obvious that the patient’s psychological trauma had not changed. One early case seemed to us that the patient really wanted to die and she did. The oncologist pumping her with chemotherapy told her she would die and by the predicted date she was gone. Could the psychological trauma have been removed?

This case was repeatedly analysed and we came to the conclusion that the patient could have been saved had we known what was her real fear and anger. It was between the patient and her daughter. The new husband did not help because he did not understand.

For future cases, I managed to bring an intuitive into the circle. In one, the patient was in Pakistan and the intuitive in Turkey. He only needed a photo of the patient and the address in Pakistan. This granted the intuitive permission to enter the mind of the patient. He said that two angels were now at work in his mind and the man would get better. The message I got from the clinic in Pakistan was that the patient’s daughter had come to him from England and she and he had an intensive conversation, something that had not happened for years. Thereafter, the patient recovered. Two angels and a daughter! The patient was a medical professor who had lectured in Manchester in England. Academia did not insulate him from the fragilities of the mind. How the intuitive initiated the cure, I do not know but the fact is the patient recovered from a prostate cancer that had plagued him for years. CellSonic had been used exactly as instructed. The clinic sent me a photo of the old man sitting out in the sun smiling. He had a glass of wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other and overhead were high voltage power lines. You can only go so far telling them what’s right and wrong even when the patient is a medical professor.

Inadequate Species

Mind reading and erasing memories cannot be done by drugs or machines. That humanity needs this help is clear. We are an inadequate species with a brain capable of disrupting our environment and ourselves. We kill each other and bear as much hate as love. Look at entertainment. Is it more about violence or about love? If you were starting again to design a species, would you build in such volumes of aggression? They disturb the mind which controls the voltage of cells in the body so with negative thoughts the voltage falls from 75 mv to 10 mv, cell replication becomes profuse and the mutant cells proliferate until the tumour causes death. Lift the voltage to change the behaviour of the cells and the immune system will remove the now benign, unwanted cells but let the thoughts return to fear and sorrow then no amount of dieting, chemotherapy and other concoctions will help.

The Intuitive

We must now look more closely at this intuitive person. They do not know how they can read a mind but at an early age they found that they could and were surprised that others could not. For this reason they kept their insights secret, usually. I suggest that this skill is a vestige of our pre-sapiens days when, as a community without spoken language, communication was by thought transfer as it is with many other species, flocks of birds for example.

Intuitives invariably are kind hearted. I have never met a malicious one. It may be impossible to be empathetic and cruel. They are equally male and female although most of them with CellSonic are female. There may be something less masculine about being empathetic although that is changing as men are allowed to cry, push a pram and change nappies.

What I cannot explain is how often these people with exceptional intuition are often useless at business. They do not want to charge for their service. It has cost them nothing to say what they see and they cannot justify charging. What they are doing is using a CellSonic machine to switch off the low voltage cells and for that payment is required because a machine with the consumable heads incurs a cost. Concurrently, the patient’s mental state has to be monitored for which we need the intuition so this has to be rewarded in the charge for the CellSonic treatment. The answer seems to be to have a business person run the clinic, work out a scale of charges and ask for payment whilst employing an intuitive to do the treatments or be present during the treatments to converse with the patient. In a Sapiens Shield plan, the intuitive meets the person after the diagnose and cure session. It is there that the insight into troubles takes place and handled carefully can provide a release from vendettas of hate and fear that plague so many communities especially now that people are separated from their roots by social and geographical mobility. They carry their fears with them and encounter xenophobia at their new resting place so for them there is no rest. Not belonging is where disease starts. Psychology begins in sociology because no individual is alone and politicians willingly stir up the mess. Religious leaders recruit followers to form congregations that become competing groups. Humans want to belong but all they see are differences, competitors, superiority, mockery and hatred. Did I mention the police? In Britain, at last, the truth about the self- righteous attitude of the police is emerging and I believe there are the same issues in other countries. [See related article Using Intuition To Discover And Heal Environmental Illness]


Education is a manufacturing process. Children are the raw material. Teachers are the workers making the product. The designers of the product are rulers demanding workers of a certain specification that will keep them in power and prosperity. To understand this process, which you and I have been through, see it in a historical context. Before industry and job specialisation, the rulers needed fighters. Between wars, the men were left to grow crops and the women to breed and keep a dwelling. The best men were the strongest and most vicious, a lot of muscle, some brain.

Indistrialisation did not diminish the need for fighters but needs arose for more qualities than had before been available usually amongst literate, religious people. Knowledge could be written to be read by others. The rulers saw a value in these skills and encouraged formal education in numeracy, reading and writing. The best had good memories.

Fast forward to our school days. The naughty ones were bored. The obedient ones regurgitated what they had learned in an exam and got top marks. Creativity and imagination were not wanted. Arts lessons were about what and how to paint or makes shapes with clay. Music was how to play an instrument correctly. Jazz and improvisation was never in the curriculum. A discordant note was a fault, not a discovery. Education was never about discovery, only obedience and memorisation.

Discovery came from those who could afford to spend time exploring. In feudal times, they were fortunate to have an income from the land in the form of rent and crops and with education could indulge in problem solving such as crop rotation in farming. There were no restrictions. Healers acquired knowledge from herbalists and experiments. The discovery of blood flowing around the body and the role of infections are now legend in medicine. These people became members of learned circles along with the universities. There had always been forums for philosophical debate for men. Were women still stuck at home? The early universities had no restrictions and their income was, like their independently wealthy students, free from government interference or the monarchy. They were not training students for a career because the students were there only to pursue an interest even if that was mostly alcohol and wenching.

Now move to today. Schools are compelled to cram students through exams with curriculums dictated by governments. Targets are set by the rulers. Teachers have no freedom and students who fail exams are scorned. Those who pass exams with the highest marks will be those who have remembered the perfect exam answers. They can go to higher education where they get more of the same, information cramming and regurgitation. That leads them to a job demanding robotic performance and compliance with regulations. The pay is at the top end of what is called middle class. These are the conditions in which doctors and lawyers are educated. Attached to these professions is a status they enjoy because it is believed the doctors have lifesaving skills and the lawyers have knowledge to safeguard freedom.

The circumstances constraining the doctors can only been understood by going back to where it began. Rockefeller made a fortune monopolising oil and saw an opportunity to do the same with factory made medicines. To control the prescribing of medicines, Rockefeller sponsored Flexner whose report resulted in all medical schools in the USA being government regulated, a system that was followed by the rest of the world.

I attended an open day at a university medical school in England, maybe the most respected in the world. They chose only those students with the highest grades at A level, insisted on chemistry and were not interested in physics. I asked what attention they paid to the empathising abilities of the candidates and was told that they assess the students at interview. It was clear that exam grades were everything that mattered.

Doctors For Acute And Intuitives For Chronic

By this process, there are two classes of doctors: firstly, huge numbers of highly educated prescribers of drugs with good memories who know the names of every body part and, secondly, very few therapists who can help with chronic disease about which the formally educated doctors know little. Many people, in what they call alternative medicine, advertise that they can alleviate pain, teach how to sleep and loose fat and some of it is good advice but only works if the patient changes their lifestyle. Only some of these well-meaning people are intuitives.

The missing therapist is the medical intuitive. They want to heal people, intuitively know the affliction and can be trained to use a CellSonic machine in a few minutes. Equipped with the right tool, they are treating people who report back after a few days that their life is getting back to normal. We need many more of these intuitives. They have the insight that psychiatrists lack. It is not necessary to know the names of all afflictions in order to cure them.

The Mind Is The Controller

Homo Sapiens has of a body that hosts bacteria and a brain running a programme called mind. Of these two component parts, the mind is the controller. Fail to correct the programme of thoughts and the body never repairs. Medical schools ignore this fact and probably do not understand it. Their purpose being to sell drugs. Only a mind that can read another mind can help a troubled mind. That mind reading ability is not taught and never assessed by exams at school or anywhere. Anyone who reads minds is put in a tent at a circus as a fortune teller and even they may be bogus intuitives because fortune telling is impossible. It is the intuitive’s lack of self-finance skills that makes them both available for hire and incapable of setting up their own business. They can be employed at CellSonic clinics where counselling patients takes longer than treating. Counselling does not necessarily involve telling the patient what to do. It is sufficient to let the patient know that their anxieties are past and their future is a new life. For example, bearing a grudge is self-destructive and people know it but do it. They need to know that they are right and their attacker is wrong and then let it go. Making an effigy of the aggressor and sticking pins in it does not work. Throw the stuffed sock in the fire, go for a long walk and do what you really want to do, write a book about the beauty of nature.


Intuitives know each other. The ability to read minds lets them recognise each other. If you want to find them, find one and that starter person will lead you to others. Welcome them to biophysics. Let CellSonic treat the body, repair broken nerves and generate new tissues. The medical intuitive will find the cause of psychological stress, remove it with words, not drugs, and help the patient see life anew.


Many thanks to Professor Andrew Hague for this guest post.

Headshot Professor Andrew HagueProfessor Andrew Hague is a professor of advanced medicine and President of CellSonic Limited, and Cellsonic Beauty he has devised an EMF protocol for healing bones, cuts, wounds and even cancer.

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