Measure And Reduce EMFs In Your Life – 12 Top Tips

Smart meter protests.

5G and Internet of Things (IOT) protests.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are being talked about more and more in the mainstream media.

Last week the National Coalition for Responsible Technology gathered in front of the US Supreme Court to rally against wireless emissions.

The Coalition called on the federal government to take action to introduce electromagnetic policy that would actually protect and safeguard the public.

Wow – what a novel idea that would be!

At the same time Senate Bill 649 came to a boiling point.

SB 649 is a big story because if it had been passed the state of California would have been given carte blanche to install cell towers every couple of hundred feet.

This would have paved the way for other states, and in time other countries, to follow suit.

According to EMF Safety Network, “the bill would have allowed unlimited refrigerator-size cell equipment on utility poles, streetlights, sidewalks, in parks, on schools and public buildings with no safety oversight.

Fortunately 300 cities, 47 counties and over 100 community, planning, health, environment and justice organizations opposed SB 649.

EMFs – The Least Understood And Biggest Health Threat Of Our Time

Measure And Reduce EMFsBuilding Biologist Lee Sagula comments, ‘EMFs are actually the least understood and the biggest health threat of our time’.

Lee does know a thing or two about this.

She bought her first gauss meter back in the late ‘90s.

At the time, she was concerned about radiation coming from her computer at work.

She became passionate about the subject, not because she was physically ill or electrically sensitive.

But she did become chemically and electrically sensitive at one point, which which she put's down to a mercury exposure.

She was originally certified as a Building Biologist in 2001.

There were only approximately 6 people in her class back then and some of them were more interested in air quality, not EMFs!

In 2014 in the face of the exponential rise in wireless radiation from a multitude of different devices, including smart meters, and the impending 5G and the Internet of Things, she decided to take things a step further.

She returned to the Institute of Building Biology and acquired her Advanced Electromagnetic certification.

For her the dangers of EMFs are very real, ‘I see more exposure symptoms from radio-frequency now than I ever have including insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, arrhythmia, headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, cognitive impairments etc.

She says, ‘I know that’s a long list but I see it over and over and over again’.

For my next interview guest I’m delighted to welcome Building Biologist Lee Sagula.

We are going to talk about: 12 top tips to measure and reduce EMFs in your life.


Thursday, 26th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Lee Sagula.

Lee Sagula is Bau-Biologist (BBEC) with Advanced Electromagnetic certification (EMRS). She provides Home and Office EMF assessments as well as air and water quality suggestions, when necessary. Her approach to EMFs incorporates strategies and solutions that she herself uses and has used for years for her own family members.

Listen to my interview with Lee Sagula and learn:

  • the 4 categories of EMFs everyone should know about – and WHY
  • an easy and inexpensive way (less than $10) of determining if you have wiring errors on your home wiring – it even tells you what kind of error you have
  • how you can significantly reduce WiFi radiation exposures from your router – without having to buy another router
  • how to tell if your light bulbs are emitting dirty electricity – without using an EMF meter
  • Lee's number one low cost tip for dealing with EMFs
  • and much more

This interview has now been broadcast.

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  • Ronald GD Davis said,

    The Ocean of EM non-ionizing radiation is more a urban issue rather than a rural issue. Leaving the EM soup / city is a good idea for those who are more sensitive than others. There is a rare phenomenon that some people with cochlear implants and hearing aids suffer from constant interference / ringing. Even some with other types of cranial implants / plates / fillings / crowns have also complained about ringing or hearing radio stations. All of these people who relocated to rural areas no longer exhibit these issues.

  • Merrilyn Whitecross said,

    Unfortunately people with brain problems, like myself, have difficulty listening to an hour long speech with any comprehension.
    Ten minutes is all I can concentrate. I am better getting a hard copy, so I can read and comprehend just one paragraph at a time.

  • Penny said,

    Ditto – who has hours upon hours to listen to all these podcasts? Just transcribe them so we can print them – sell access to them on Patreon if you want – who doesn’t have $3.00 per month? That way we can be *offline*… which is the goal:-)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi, to answer your questions full transcripts exist for all my interviews plus many other resources here